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We’re Back with a New Site Design for 2011!

By Bryan Black

While we’re still working out a couple of kinks in the design, we’re proud to announce our 2011 relaunch of ITS Tactical! We hope that everyone had a safe and prosperous New Year and a wonderful holiday.

We took some downtime over the holidays to be with our families and to work on the masterpiece that is the new ITS Tactical! Allow us to give you a look at all that we’ve done with our redesign.

Site Changes

Firstly you might have noticed that we now have a fully functional navigation to quickly get to topics you’re interested in. This will hopefully make things much easier to find. A huge part of our makeover was to our Membership, where we created a dashboard to harness in all the benefits and features into one easy to locate panel. You’ll also now find easy links to Membership features in the sidebar, but you must be a member and logged in to view them.

You’ll also now see a featured articles slider on the homepage that we can use to highlight current and previous articles we feel deserve some attention.

We’ve totally restyled the comments for each article and now have a way for you guys to rate each other’s comments. There’s also a great way that we’ve developed to interlink articles in the same series. It’s a manual change though and it may take us a bit to sift back through older articles to implement.

There’s also a subtle change in the way our article URLs are structured and now exclude the date reference in the URL, which makes Google happier. A downside was that we lost all the numbers on our Facebook likes and Twitter Retweets, but hey, it’s a New Year! We’re starting fresh!

You’ll find many more changes to ITS Tactical and we hope that you like them! Please let us know if you’re finding any bugs and we’ll get them taken care of. We’ve also got a large backup of Crew Leader Memberships to process from around the Holidays, so please bear with us.

Thanks again for everyone’s support and to a great 2011!

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  • Loving the new layout. It makes it so much easier to find older articles that im telling friends about. Keep up the great work

  • Dave J.

    Welcome Back! Looks great so far.

  • Sweet!!!!!

  • Man! I didn’t think the site was ever going to get back up. My day just doesn’t get started until I get my daily dose of ITS.

    Site looks AWESOME. I’m digging the new member dash board and the ITS “300” theme!

  • Hey Bryan,
    It looks great in google chrome, but it’s pretty much unreadable in IE8 (and probably earlier versions too) due to transparency issues. Also, the load time seems to have significantly increased.

    Also, to get your facebook likes and twitter retweets back you could probably just add a line or two into .htaccess

  • Blazer

    Great Job guys! The new site looks really slick. I guess it was worth the downtime for maintenance. Thanks!

  • Didn’t upgrade to latest thesis tho? Still like the site design, nav better and more feature rich. The member dashboard is pretty slick… i know wishlist member doesn’t add anything like that by default so that’s interesting.

    One thing I noticed (bug) was on the right column in the tabs, the “Favorites” icon (heart) on hover moves up one pixel and none of the rest of them do. FYI

    Lookin good tho!


  • Daniel Garcia

    Really great job on the new site! Much easier to navigate and find what you’re looking for.
    The “Dashboard” is a nice touch to keep track of membership items and account info… it be a good place
    to include “order tracking & history” for the ITS Store.

  • Steve

    Love the new look and new sections. Great work guys!

  • Garrett

    Great design! As previously mentioned- Navigation is much easier. Way to start off the New Year.

  • Sheep.Dog

    Nice !!

  • Anders Pettersson

    You’re totally rockin’ it with the new design! It’s easy to follow and looks awesome! Good job!

  • Randall

    Check the web address associated with the Venom ad.

  • randypb

    You guys continue to find new reasons to make my Plank membership worth the investment! The look and functionality of this new site are what I expect from ITS, and am glad you delivered. AWESOME!!! 2011 is going to be your best year yet.


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