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What Do You Think about Content Geared towards Women at ITS Tactical?

By Kelly Black

Your feedback is a critical element to our development here at ITS Tactical, so I have a question that I’m really hoping to get your response to. Should there be more content for women on ITS? We’d like to hear from you no matter if you’re a female follower of ITS, or if you’re a male follower who thinks your wife, girlfriend, daughter or friend would be interested in posts and reviews geared toward them.

At the 2011 SHOT Show in Las Vegas I noticed a larger segment of the booths there that had things specifically for women. There were  even entire booths dedicated to the female consumer. Having attended the show in 2010 with ITS as well, the difference was so significant to me that it confirmed what I had been thinking before we made it to SHOT. We should have content dedicated to helping women become better prepared for self-protection and anything they might encounter.

Content for Women

Part of what led me to begin thinking about contributing more to the site is out of my own frustration. There is a consistent lack of products that will work for me. I’m a petite person, so everything needs to be scaled down in size for me to be able to use it. Take my concealed carry weapon for example, a Sig Sauer P232. It’s a smaller gun that looks like it would be a good fit for me, and it even felt good in my hands when I was holding it at a gun show.

It wasn’t until I had already purchased the gun and got it to a range to shoot it for the first time, that I noticed why it wasn’t the most efficient gun for me. For starters, my index finger can’t quite extend long enough for me to have good form when I’m pulling the trigger. Secondly, the slide is very hard for me to rack without contorting my arms into a position that isn’t conducive to a quick, emergent response. My P232 is still a great gun that’s fun to shoot, but if I needed to draw and fire that first shot in a hurry I worry that a malfunction could cost me too much time to fix with a weapon that’s difficult for me to get back into the fight.

Another frustrating element of the tactical industry is that, in my humble opinion, the clothing and shoes are just too big and unshapely. I was so excited to see a brand at SHOT this year called SHE Outdoor Apparel. Their clothing line is tailored, classy and I actually saw XS in their sizing options! For someone who is vertically challenged and a borderline midget this is great news! I haven’t had an opportunity to try on their garments on yet, but I’m looking forward to checking out the true fit and functionality of it. I also found out that Magnum Boots is gearing up to offer more clothing for women very soon, so I can’t wait to see what’s coming.

I would love to see more resources for education geared toward women, too. I consistently hear about classes and training opportunities that are full of men, but honestly I don’t want to go shoot with men until shooting in any situation is second nature for me. The thought of a male-dominated shooting class intimidates me at this point. I’ve only been properly shooting a serious weapon in the last five years, and I just don’t feel I’m able to understand the lingo or how to repair my weapon without assistance. I know not all women are like me in this regard and maybe I can get Doc’s wife Andrea at RSKTKR to sign me up for private lessons, but I would venture to guess that there are plenty of women out there who are lacking enough confidence to sign up for classes as easily as men do.

Based on the points I’m making and your own experiences with what’s available for women, would you welcome more information published on ITS that will support self-protection and preparedness for the ladies?  I appreciate you taking the time to consider this new idea and providing your feedback; I look forward to reading your responses!

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  • Alden

    Go for it.

  • Rick

    Why not gear more products towards women ? There are women in tactical ops positions as well as men. I once served with a woman sniper and i would not want to make her mad. She could shoot as well in a CQB mode as she did long distance. She wasn’t height or stature challenged but she would tailor her uniforms and kit to fit her better. She paid a fortune for it I know but it made her more efficient and comfortable. So yes definitely more gear towards women !

  • Matthew Baxter

    I know my wife would like to see more women’s content on here. Especially about She Outdoors, etc… she has the same sizing issues you do. She did find that the Walther PK380 and the S&W M&P compact’s both work well for concealed carry for smaller people. The Walther’s mainspring is about as long as the slide so when it is coiled up on the rod it makes racking the slide a breeze, and the M&P is easy to rack and the rear sight is designed to be used by placing it on an edge and pushing down for one handed racking. There are 2 versions of the M&P one that will not fire unless there is a magazine inserted and one that will. We went with the one that wont, and I have tested it many times, even with that one round in the chamber if there is no mag in the gun it will not fire. The mag falls out at most angles once the release is pressed and it falls fast and free. If you are fighting for your gun it’s a great way to go.

  • BrockB

    I would love to see some articles for women. My wife is about as prepared as a preschooler. I would like some articles that she can read that might help bring her into the light. Women can also bring insight to issues that us chest thumping he men might overlook 😉

  • Aaron

    I give it a thumbs up, love to have stuff for my wife to read. (or for me to read and tell her about)

  • My name is Karen Bartuch, I am the president and founder of the Women’s Tactical Association (WTA). Our mission is to provide training in the areas of firearms, fitness, tactics and combat mindset to female (and male — we love you too!) LE. Founded in 2009, we have been training, making the tactical conference circuit and now have delved into product development. We currently have a two-page spread in the Spring 5.11 catalog devoted to women’s tactical products. We were at SHOT show this past January as well and are pleased to see more and more women getting involved in the tactical community! Please feel free to visit our site at http://www.womenstactical.org!
    Be safe.
    Very Respectfully,
    Karen Bartuch

  • Kvall

    You mean like the “for the ladies” soldier systems already does?

  • Gregg

    I think that would be a good idea. There are some fundamental differences for women and men, it only makes sense to have some posts that are female specific, and some that are male specific, and some that apply to either and/or both.

  • I honestly don’t forsee my wife going to a .com for anything other than shopping (Sorry, but it’s the truth). Maybe in her case it’s an “If you build it, they will come” thing. I’ll definately try to steer her this way if I see something related to her. ~BD~

  • I know my wife sometimes feels left out because she doesn’t see the common ground in what I read and employ on ITS. Having women specific elements would make her feel more comfortable and knowledgeable. I can’t wait for some articles!

    Oh and my wife shares your feelings in being part of an all male anything class! Shooting is out of the question unless it’s just the two of us or her family. She doesn’t want to slow anyone down but that’s no reason not to practice. A women specific class would be perfect in that situation.

  • Jerry Morgan

    I would love anything that would help the ladies in my life to understand the “real world” and what better way than, geared for the ladies.

    • Patrick

      It would be like a tactical version of Cosmopolitan.

  • mmasse

    It would be nice to get the wife involved with my shooting hobbies. Having a site she can go to would help with the transition. There is a Canadian company the specifically caters to women shooters:


  • Jesse

    Seems silly to exclude half the population when evil hunts them just as often, if not more so, than men.

  • Alex Villegas

    You are absolutely right, Kelly. This industry is dropping the ball by ignoring women.

    My wife is extremely involved with survival and tactical training, not to mention that she is a volunteer with a military search and rescue unit. It has been so frustrating for her not being able to find gear or clothes that fit her that we are in the beginning stages of launching a female-specific line of apparel.

    It would be refreshing, not to mention smart from a business standpoint, to see ITS Tactical content geared towards women.

  • Patrick

    Yeah, you could create a whole section called “FemCon”

  • Kelly: I’m a writer, and I started following ITS because I get great ideas for escape and other techniques from the site (the zip tie video got me here). But I’m also into martial arts/self defense, and would love to see some woman-focused content.

  • Reddog

    Why not a seperate but fairly parallel site, like ITS Tacti-Chick, that has female oriented topics. Most of the survival/SERE stuff is universal, some of the gear stuff could be reanalyzed from a women’s POV, a lot of the how-to is somewhat universal but may be of limited interest, but there are things that are very pertinent and female specific (i.e. the Go Girl) that are probably not covered anywhere else. Personally, I would love to have a site like this that my wife could go to, that has solid information about things that make her survival more likely or life in bad situations easier. She won’t come here because of the skulls, so I get to interpret everything. (She was also voted least likely to survive summer camp 4 summers in a row. Really.) She rolled her eyes while I was making my Fubar breacher bar, but she would like to be able to find some rugged pants that don’t make her look like a dude, and would certainly share safety info with her girls.

  • Blade Stalker

    OK, I have to say as a male growing up with women around me and a wife that isn’t afraid to open her mail
    with Cold Steel Trail Master and mother who was a NRA award winning shooter…
    Please, get rid of the “Pink” color on the ITS logo! It very stereo typing! my wife, mother-in-law cant stand the color
    pink used to mark things “girly.” There has to be a better way to “mark” a story like incorporating the symbol for “female”.

    I’m sure the women here if any, are here already for what they like and really don’t need a gerr-animal tag.
    Now, maybe more female items in the ITS store or unisex items like water bottles or t-shirts with more color options?

    From the soapbox, my two cents.

    • Andrea

      Amen! I’ll take OD Green over pink any day…

    • Martha

      You nailed it!

  • Thanks for the mention, Kelly. As we mentioned to you before, we are definitely expanding our apparel line to cater to our female customers. We currently offer several tactical footwear styles for women, too. We would love to hear your thoughts on our products — if there is anything you’d like to wear-test and review, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Your feedback is welcome!

    • Andrea

      Can you let all the women wear test? I do a lot of tactical work and would love to have a pair of durable boots… 🙂

  • Blade Stalker

    I still think if they’re members they would enjoy anything a male would.
    That said, club gear with a fem touch or clothing, gear in female sizes or in a gift pack
    would be great.

  • Jose Soto

    Time for the ITS Crew to bring in a female writer. I know that my daughters, my wife and my female coworkers would appreciate it.

    • Blade Stalker

      Now that’s a good and simple solution. 🙂

  • Jermie

    I think that it’ sa good idea to have more content geared toward women, perhaps even written by women. It would go a long way toward helping some of us bring our wives around to the way that we think without us having to preach preparedness. Maybe by reading womens thoughts and insight other women might think more about the world that we live in and the dangers that we all face.

  • Jackel

    I think that there is an untapped market for women when it comes to tactical gear and information. I know several women that are really into tactical equipment and techniques and I know even more women, that are interested in learning and practicing the basics of self defense and firearms handling. The other point is that many of us are instructors and a big point of this site is to share information among professionals, who among us could not benefit from a greater understanding of the techniques we teach as applied to women?

  • Tim

    Here’s the deal: I think it is a great idea. But in order to get my wife to your site and reading it on a consistent basis I know her first comment will be- What’s the deal with all of the skulls? That will turn her off before she evens reads the first article.

    Just sayin’

  • Jasper Pettit

    I think it’s a great idea! Getting women on the line is hard enough as it is.

  • Lisa

    Yes Kelly! I read ITS, love it. I’m the wife of a former Marine, now tactical officer. His brothers are all active duty military and law enforcement as well. Our eldest daughter is now a Marine as well – and what I like to term, an Amazon Princess. In other words, she knows how to kick someone’s ass to protect herself, but she also can look good doing it, haha. I have recommended your site to her. This is an untapped market for you – and having a female POV is definitely a positive. Our youngest (also daughter – because don’t you know all Alpha Males get punished with having cute little girls), has a mini-Go-Bag designed with YOUR SITE’s help! So, thanks for that, and don’t change the skulls or make them stupid and pink or something goofy like that. Keep doing what you’re doing, just add some legit info on for us ladies now and then.

  • Ian Chow

    I share the view of Kelly which truly reflects the situation. Particularly, it is very difficult to find tactical equipment, garment or shoes that fit my girlfriend. Even if there is a smaller size the cutting was not tailored for a lady making the clothing, pants all baggy and loose.

    Can’t wait to see more female specific content in ITS!!!!

  • From all the replies, you have your answer – it’s a resounding yes! The fastest growing segment online is women ages 50 and older. Be there and they will come! Great question ITS Tactical and great feedback. !

  • johnyD

    Sounds Good. My local range has a quarterly program called “Woman on Target” , they promote women’s handgun familiarization and training with woman instructors. We should offer something from women for women that would provide content (articles, links, forum) for female specific, making the site even more loaded with kick- buttocity-

  • Plan B

    This is a great idea. I look forward to seeing a woman’s perspective.

  • Phish

    My wife works for a local Police department and she would love it, if you guys had more lady Tatical gear and info for her to check out! Go for it!

  • We’d love to see more content for women. We know there are plenty of women involved in tactical activities because they contact us regularly asking for TAD to make specific kit for ladies. Many have been buying our smaller sizes for years. That said, what works for men does not necessarily work for women. Specializing the fit for active women is critical–a combo of art and science were applied to the Valkyrie and Artemis Hoodies. You won’t see us doing what some others do: Dumb down men’s gear, a.k.a. “pink it and shrink it.” Women shooters deserve more respect than that, and we have enough women shooters on staff to make sure we hit the mark.

    JJ Steeley (That 1st “J” –> Jennifer)

  • Kevin Cox


  • Nick

    Hey! I totally support this. Content geared towards women, especially content for women who have not chosen law enforcement as a life but only chosen to share their life with someone in law enforcement. I know the one I choose to spend a significant amount of time with understands what I do and is interested and has adopted several habits and mindset after speaking with me. Topics pertaining to women in law enforcement is even better. As well as topics for men working with women in law enforcement. MHO.

  • spenceman

    I like the idea of a FEMCON section, my wife really likes shooting, she’s got the basics down and wants to learn more, but isn’t quite comfortable enough to go to the range on her own or sign up for a class of all guys. So as her husband I have a responsibility to teach her, at least to the point of getting to the right level of competence and comfort. I don’t know if she would really dig deep into ITS, but articles geared toward women would be helpful for me to tailor my teaching to her. Oh, and JJ’s advice about not doing the “pink it and shrink it” is worth it’s weight in gold. My wife wants to vomit when she sees a pink gun.

    @Kelly – try out the Sig P238 it’s a gem.

  • spenceman

    On the clothing note, (not trying to sidetrack the discussion), but why does clothing geared towards shooting sports have to suck? Quality wise it’s good, but all these companies sell “discreet” clothing that just make you look like a cop that’s trying not to look like a cop. Can’t someone make a Hurley or Billabong knock-off concealed carry line?

  • randypb

    Go for it Kelly, you hit a nerve!

  • Sheep.Dog

    I know my wife would love it. Keep in mind, she is a POST certified officer as am I. Now she won’t strap on a plate carrier and go kicking in doors, but she gets ever so pissed (major understatement!) when the local gun shop’s idea of a woman’s gun means pink handled.

  • Austin Kopp

    yeah, my mom outran marines when she was 45, and they were 20, and did crossfit, and ran the marine corps marathon, etc. meaning, some women are more badass than many men.

  • This is funny because in my house I am “Chief Tactical Officer” while my husband handles the tech. (Yes, I am a total Star Trek geek.) Yes! I say let’s rock some articles for the ladies.

  • Patrick Miller

    sounds like a good idea to me!

  • TacticalBraStrap

    Of course I must throw my two cents in this. The idea of bringing “women” is wonderful. I’m a single mom of 4, so I’ve been dad and mom all their lives. I learn everything i can from reading or finding a patient man to teach me. (Which i have found to be rare). I use your site kinda like a “Boy-scout manual”. Obviously, I’m on a budget. (Most women are). However, whatever i learn, i teach my kids. right down to the three year old. Security, tactical and the like, has been all men from the start. Slowly, I’ve seen women break into it as i have. I feel it’s their confidence. some women are just to girly for this and will run the other way. Some might just need that push to come out of their shell. they will be afraid of having guns in their possession or around their kids. (These were my fears as well). Knowing how diverse my area is, I want my kids to be able to handle anything that approaches them. Education, Intel, and communication is so important. I love this country I was born in. And It’s you people that I have to thank. Educate your wives, girlfriends, daughters and moms. I’m so ready for this part of ITS. Thank you.

    • TacticalBraStrap

      P.S. I hate the color pink. enough said.

  • Jason Alexander

    Do IT!
    I have been reading this site for awhile and have been sharing the info with my wife.

    I know she would love to read some post geared towards her being a lady, a mother, and a wife.


  • Amanda

    Just found this site about an hour ago and i cant seem to leave it, its GREAT! More articles geared towards women would be nice, but what is here already women are reading 🙂 well at least I am!

    Thanks for a GREAT site!

  • Sahara

    I wholeheartedly support having more content geared towards women! (Though I second a few posters who mentioned that the skull background would likely turn off some women, girlfriends, or significant others. I was actually a little thrown off when I was directed here at first, thinking perhaps I had been sent to the wrong place, until I was able to read the article.)

    I’m not typically into tactical stuff, I don’t shoot, I don’t hunt, or anything. I dropped out of martial arts when they got to sparring. What attracted ME here was the practical-everyday-skills-in-action type posts… like the duct tape, or how to escape zip ties, how best to get an attacker to lose grip of my arm or jacket. How to use my keys as a weapon when I’m walking across the parking lot after a late night at work. I have no illusions that I could be easily overpowered by an assailant between my lack of knowledge and my small physical stature. But especially after Hurricane Katrina I realized that if something happens to me and my family, (whether natural disaster or some unknown assailant or whatever) I want to be prepared, in some small way, to fight for what I care about. It’s approachable. It’s practical. You don’t have to be a super-fit-gun-wielding-hardcore anything! Sure, they’re skills, they will take practice, but it’s not intimidating like taking a tactical defense course or something would be.

    It also makes me feel like an insider. Like I have a secret bag of tricks that someone doesn’t know about which might give me an edge. Something besides “carry mace and keep it handy in your hands at all times” (which is really hard to do tbh)

  • Stacy Crooks

    Because woman are completely equal to men with minor differences in personality and interests (usually), there should be content to suit their niches and needs in the Tactical area of expertise.
    Do it!

  • redraven88

    I know for a fact that women would buy this line’s items based solely on design and again, the tactical mindset. Women have a tactical mindset just as men do just from a different perspective. Look at preventive measures taken for self defense like carry concealed and non-lethal devices. Self defense classes and practical shooting, keychain defense tools for the long, dark walk to the car after work: it’s the same mindset and practical application just in a different world. ITS belongs in both. My girl loves the ITS logo and all the awesome things I get in my boxes of awesome from y’all and it’d be great for her to get her own box of awesome in the mail right next to mine!

  • Matthew Weller

    I know this is an old thread, but my wife is a Police Officer making this site relevant to her profession, and she’s also a woman making buying “cute pink things” a second nature. I know for sure if you offered some of the ITS Tactical logo items in pink she would buy one. Especially T-Shirts, she loves T-shirts.

  • AMxTAC

    I know my wife has been really wanting some ITS stuff in Pink or Purple. She already has the one female shirt you guys make. PATCHES , WATER BOTTLES, RANGE BAGS, STICKERS ANYTHING!!! If you made a Female Honey badger shirt…..those would fly off the shelves.

  • Martha

    Please, more girl-oriented content!

  • Emmsolo

    Stumbled across your article about how to break zip ties – this is such important and information for women and I would love to see more articles and media circulation of what you guys do.

  • Emma

    I also stumbled across this site and this article through the zip ties article, through Pintrest, oddly enough. I would love to see more content and options for women! I’ve been thinking about buying a gun, getting properly trained with it, learning more about self-protection and preparedness, but the male domination of information sites, classes, etc, is pretty off putting. Please put more information out there for women!

  • hosspac

    Just saw this article for the first time today, 3/18/13. I think it is a great idea. I am not aware of any other site promoting and encouraging women to become more self aware, self sufficient and safely independent. We all have women in our lives and can not always be there for them. With recent events in our country, my girls have both decided to take their safety into their own hands. My oldest is in Krav magra and Brazilian Ju Jitsu classes and my youngest has increased her work outs and is shooting with me on a regular basis. I would certainly like to see more interest in this area so i could share it with the women in life.

  • Oakland Woman

    I’d appreciate more information geared toward women. I have a lot of problems getting clothing and products sized for me (large woman, small hands and feet), and would appreciate advice on places and brands to shop. I’m interested in getting more firearms training and would feel more comfortable working with other women. Please keep up your good work!

  • LocaAldatyme

    I am a female veteran. It does not matter to me as much if the tips are geared towards men, I am already use to that. Almost all the gear and instruction you receive in the military is through a males perspective. However, when asked to train civilian women it has been difficult for them to learn skills and tactics because they are instantly turned off by the presentation. This is a big issue for me when trying to refer them to sources to gather information on firearms, clothing, or gear. So, the majority of women will never serve but they are a vital parts of the family being mothers, daughters, sisters, and grandmas. If you look at it that way then the more we can do to help educate the majority of woman even if that means content specifically for that the better. Besides the more women who are educated in these topics the more likely they are to join in on your next AR build.

  • Wanda

    I would definitely like to see more articles and gear for women. I’m very interested in conceal carry for women with concealed carry clothing and holsters and wish Maxpedition and some of the others made tactical bags that looked discreet and lady like on the outside. I have taught my teen daughters how to free themselves from unlawful restraint and hope they never need to use that skill. Thank you for those excellent tutorials. Looking forward to learning much, much more.

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