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Why Security? Understanding the Skill-Set to Better Protect Yourself and Your Family

By The ITS Crew

Why Security? Everyone needs some kind of security in their lives, no matter what world they’re living in. I’d actually rank it amongst our basic needs with water, food and shelter. Each one of these is useless if you’re not thinking about how to protect them.

As you know, we’re all about education here on ITS and sharing real-world examples of our skill-set focus at work. In this article, you’ll find an article written by a good friend of mine, Billy Cho, whose amateur exploration of lock picking actually saved his dad’s life.

While there’s always a practical side to any skill-set, in this case, it’s not having to wait on a locksmith, or pay one. However, there are always deeper benefits to understanding a skill-set too. Continuing with the lock picking example, learning how a lock works, which is a natural side-effect of this skill, can help you make a more informed decision when buying the locks you trust your family’s security to.

Lock picking is just one sub-skill of the security skill-set and combined with others like practicing your situational awareness when out in public, making your home a harder target, or just backing out of the driveway. (FYI, stop doing that!) Take the extra time to back in rather than pull in head first, you’ll be more aware when you’re leaving. Do the work up front on your ingress to make your egress safer.

In the coming newsletters, I’ll continue sharing tips like these and presenting my favorite articles you can read to learn more. You’ll also see some products we carry that fit into these topics, as we’ve chosen to only be a provider of proven products that support the skill-sets we advocate.

Keep your head on a swivel,
Bryan Black, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Practicing: Locksport

Learning to pick or bypass locks can help you understand how they function so you can better protect yourself and your family. When bypassing locks like keyed and combination padlocks, we recommend pairing up the Combo Lock Bypass Tools and Padlock Bypass Tools.

For pin and tumbler style locks commonly found on front doors, we’ve developed the Universal Lock Pick Practice Station. When assembled, it fits onto almost any table and allows you to work with trainer locks to practice single picking, raking or other methods.

Finally, Go-Tubes are a perfect option for storing and carrying your tools. Lightweight and durable, these small tubes use rubber end caps, making them virtually silent when opening or closing.

How Lock Picking Saved My Dad’s Life

Billy Cho gained an interest in lock picking like many of us did, from the movies and TV shows he grew up watching. After picking up a set of lock picks, he began to carry them in his wallet, thinking that there may come a time where he’d need them. He ended up being right and in this article on ITS, Billy details how the knowledge he gained and the lock picks he carried with him saved his Dad’s life.

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