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Win an ITS Tactical BOK!

By The ITS Crew

It’s been brought to our attention that a company has a registered trademark on the product name “Blow Out Kit.”

So, out of respect for the trademark, we’re holding a contest for the renaming of our kit.

We’ll be using the comments on this post to accept entries and narrow them down to our top three choices, letting you guys vote on which we should choose.

The winner will receive a free ITS Tactical BOK with free US or APO/FPO Shipping.

We’ll choose our top three choices on Monday 1/11/10, so Crew Members get your entries in soon via the comments!

Entries will only be considered from our Crew Members, so sign up here if you’re not a member.

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  • LM4300

    How about the IMAK?

  • Raymond Milligan

    How about “Plug That Hole” … Very Stand up of you to take care of the issue this way.

  • Infantryman Emergency Care Kit

    Not quite as catchy as BOK, but it could work.

  • Mark Tabor

    First Aid Kit = FAK

  • Mark Tabor

    TAK = Tactical Aid Kit

  • David Stachlewitz

    How about:

    Keep yourself

  • Lee

    IRK – Immediate Response Kit
    (onsite first response)

    SAL – Save A Life
    (Defining the kit as a one man, lifesaving and positive)

    TFS Kit – Temporary Field Stabilization Kit

  • Lars Dahlin

    What do you think about:

    GN – Going north

    Instead of things going South…

    Keep safe!

  • adriano ciciotti

    Immediate Tactical Medicine Pack
    Immediate Trauma Treatment Pack
    Individual Medical Advantage Pack


  • Southpawtact

    Immediate Trauma Pack

  • Jeff Ridgeway


    Oh Shit Kit!

  • C S

    I vote for the “Oh Shit Kit”
    Nice one Jeff

  • danneskjold

    Kit, Blow Out.

  • Emil Lassen

    How about one of these:
    ITSK “In The Shit Kit”
    FLK “First Line Kit”
    SIK “Serious Injury Kit”
    SWK “Serious Wound Kit”
    STK “Serious Trauma Kit”
    CWK “Common Wound Kit”
    CTK “Common Trauma Kit”

  • Personal Trauma Pack (PTP)
    Personal Aid Pack (PAP)
    Personal Aid Kit (PAK)
    Emergency Trauma Pack (ETP)

  • Matt Fiddler

    ITM Kit
    “Imminent Threat Medical” Kit 😉

  • tnegiet

    Immediate Action Kit – IAK
    Emergency Trauma Action Kit – ETAK
    Imminent Trauma Med Kit – ITMK
    Imminent Threat Trauma Set – ITTS

  • Mike

    OSK! I like it.

  • Justin

    Vitality Sustainment Kit

  • Håkan Wirén

    Personal trauma kit – PTK

  • I like the Oh Shit Kit.

  • Ephraim Rogers


  • Bail Out Kit = BOK

  • Roger

    SCREW = Sucking Chest Reseal & Emergency Wound kit

  • Jeffery Manzer

    Warrior Survival Kit

  • PTK – Penetrating Trauma Kit.

  • Michal Jablonicky

    Hey all,

    I found this webpage when I was doing research for my LEO friends who are looking for compact BOK.

    Lot of good info here.

    I have couple of ideas:

    Flash Wound Tactical Kit (FWTK)
    I Got Hit Kit (IGHK)
    Flash Wound BOK

    From above mentioned I really like:

    Lee´s idea January 9, 2010 at 3:16 pm:

    SAL – Save A Life
    (Defining the kit as a one man, lifesaving and positive)

    and also Emil Lassen´s January 9, 2010 at 4:06 pm:

    FLK “First Line Kit”


    As it can be used as FLK BOK, which
    IMHO role of ITS BOK, too be carried
    as first line gear.


  • Mark Seltzer

    ETAK, based from the premise of the BOK:
    Extremity hemorrhage
    Tension pneumothorax
    Airway obstruction

  • Juggernaut

    Operator Medical Kit

  • Mark Seltzer


  • Juggernaut

    Emergency Trauma Kit

  • Kirk Shriver

    PIP- Personnel Injury Pack
    PIK-Personnel Injury Kit
    PIRK-Personnel Injury Recovery Kit
    QIRK-Quick Injury Recovery Kit

  • Brockb

    Immediate Self Aid Kit-ISAK
    Post Attack Kit-PAK
    Death Prevention Action Kit-DPAK
    Death Prevention Kit-DPK
    Direct Action Kit-DAK
    Direct Action Pack-DAP
    Direct Action Trauma Kit-DATK
    Trauma Action Kit-TAK

    My favorite,
    Trauma Action Pack-TAP

  • Sam Richie

    statigic aid for tactical emergncies
    And Pronounced like “Safety”

  • Paul

    Here are some ideas.

    *Immediate Action Kit/Pack
    *ITS Shock Pack
    *Zero Hour MedKit/Pack
    *Stay Alive! MedKit/Pack

  • spenceman

    Warfighter Repair Kit (WRK) for patching up any cuts, tears, punctures, etc. that your warfighter may sustain.

  • Jack

    Field Medical Kit
    Medics Field Kit

  • Liltinc

    Did anyone suggest the “BBK”?
    Boo Boo Kit

  • Juggernaut

    Operator Trauma Kit

    ETA Kit
    Extremity Hemorrhage, Tension Pneumothorax, Airway Obstruction, Kit

    ITS TK
    ITS Trauma Kit

  • disposable

    CUK Corpsman Up Kit
    MUK Medic Up Kit (even though i have never heard someone say “Medic Up” before, but it would work)

    I Really Like OSK. It will get peoples attention and it’s unique also.

    But Going North and Boo Boo Kit are hilarious.

  • Terry Trahan

    Trauma Response Kit

  • tacboy23

    I think they should be
    TCP Kits
    Tactical Casualty Prevention kits

  • Terry Trahan

    Immediate Trauma Solutions Kit or:
    ITS Kit.

  • AGENT000

    “Immediate Trauma and Stabilization “Kit
    AKA the “I.T.S Kit”

  • Spartan

    OSK! the best!!!!

  • MIKE25

    SEAK- Severe Emergency Aid Kit
    later versions could include
    BEAK-Backcountry/Backpacker Emergency Aid Kit (with SAM splints, Epi pen, and other far-from-help items)
    VEAK-Vehicle Emergency Aid Kit (with one-way breather mask, flares, and other items for automobile emergencies)

  • Keydet

    FUBAR Fixer

  • TacZen

    I love some of the enteries, but to keep things simple, basic and universal… how about simply:

    Tactical Trauma Kit

    Explanation: in the medical field injury/illness is defined as “Medical” or “Trauma”. “Trauma” can then be broken down into sub-catagories as to cause etc… (this kit treats trauma, not medical).
    “Tactical” describes the type of trauma (not the operator or kit per say) because the specific wounds are trauma related to tactical injuries (could be combat, LEO, civi etc… tactical is non-specific enough as to operator but narrows the trauma). “Kit” because it is too small for a Pack (a pack would be large, able to treat many more type of injuries and multiple people).

  • william bratkowski

    ballistic injury kit

  • TacZen

    I don’t like “Individual” because it could be used for self or others (though i understand the individual refers to the kit owner as opposed to a team kit).
    I don’t like “Medical” because as an EMS provider i think of medical as sickness, not injury.
    I don’t like “pack” becasue i think of something with much more gear.
    I don’t like “First Aid” becasue, while it does describe it correctly (the First Aid provided), again, as an EMS provider i think of “First Aid” as basic layperson aid (as in band-aids), just my perception (basic lay-person classes are usually refered to as “first aid” while other courses are “Life Support”, “causualty care”…). I know the military adopted the IFAK, didn’t like the name.
    I don’t like “life support” as this usually refers to Cardiac arrest (BLS, ALS…).
    I don’t like using “Combat” because i think military and this kit would be used by LEOs and Tac-Civis as well.
    I do like TCCCK but for the “combat” and it would infringe on the TCCC course name…

    Maybe TCCK (Tactical Causualty Care Kit)… it describes the kit by it’s guidelines (the TCCC guidelines etc…) without being an infringment or military specific.

  • TacZen

    Did anyone suggest:

    ITS Kit?
    Imminent Trauma Solution Kit.

  • Josh Tucker

    I propose the ARP kit

    Always Readily Prepared Kit

    P.s good luck everyone 😀 I love all the other ideas

  • Immediate Trauma Suppression Kit

  • UGH Kit
    Unwanted Gaping Hole

  • 91B30V

    BOK- Bleeding Operator Kit

  • er doc

    RTK: Rapid Trauma Kit
    FTK: Field Trauma Kit
    TAK: Trauma & Airway Kit
    BAK: Bleeding & Airway Kit

  • er doc

    Some more:

    ETS: Emergency Treatment System
    TTS: Tactical Trauma System
    TAB Kit: Tactical Airway & Bleeding Kit

  • Isegrim

    Why not simply “Life Kit”?

  • ericfine50

    Nice giveaway! Great review on MM by the way !


  • How about the

  • MAP

    Please enter me in the drawing for the blow out kit! Thank you.

  • Riaan Rossouw

    Buddy Trauma Reponce (BTR) Kit?

  • Ivan Fiodorovitch

    Oh Shit Kit


  • how about:

    Critical Injury Care [CIC] kit
    Critical Wound Management [CWM] Kit
    Emergency Medical Standby [EMS] Kit

    this could go all day… good luck!

  • steady

    I second UGH and Oh Shit Kit. But if you are looking for a more dignified name I like FTK- Field Trauma Kit.

  • David Berardinelli

    ITS. Immediate Treatment System
    ITS: Immediate Trauma System
    PTK/S: Personal Trauma Kit/System
    LFK/S: Life Extending Kit/System
    GSCK/S: Gun Shot Casuality Kit/System
    GSTK/S: Gun Shot Trauma Kit/System

    System can be relplaces with solution

  • Jeffrey Miller

    1) TSK: Tactical Solutions Kit
    2) TMK: Trauma Management Kit
    3) GSW Kit: Gun Shot Wound Kit

  • Well, here’s a spinoff of oh shit kit

    SCAT kit


  • Thomas Morton

    Keep Safe Kit

  • Dennis Ballentine


  • john montanez

    Tactical Trauma Treatment Kit

  • john montanez

    Tactical Trauma Treatment Tools

  • Uhm..,
    Bug Out Kit = BOK

  • Nathan Thai

    SNAFU Kit

  • C3 camaleon

    Hello, I propose: “ITS Medical” or “ITS Medical Kit”

  • sign me up!!!

  • Bushman5

    Post Trauma Kit ?

  • lpdswat

    We call our kits on the team a ‘Delta Kit’, but someone has probably registered a trademark on that too.

    ‘Immediate Trauma Survival Kit’ or ‘ITS Trauma PAAC’ (Prevail At All Costs).

  • eastendmedic

    Imminent Trauma Response Pack

    Trauma Rapid Intervention Pack

  • George Page

    How about:

    LSK – Leak Seal Kit

  • Geoffrey Stout

    ITS Fix Me Now Kit
    Combat Effective Repair kit
    by the way, great videos!

  • pyrotech

    SMA – Save my arse

  • ktg748

    Operator Down Kit

    Kit for Bullet Stoppers

  • Cory Longenecker

    The ITS RAK – Rapid Aid Kit

  • ktg748

    Aeration Control Kit

    POT Kit
    Perforated Operator Trauma Kit

  • J Wakley

    Well, Pro-Med has a trademark on “Blow Out Kit”… but do they have “Blow Out Pack”? It’s a variation that fit’s the small little pack’s name and purpose – and is different enough (I believe it has to be like 10% different)
    Besides, I like Blow-Out Pack better because it’s an essentials grab-pack you add to a slightly more thorough Blow-Out Kit.

    Or “Blow-Out Module” (you drop the module into… a cargo pocket, a FAK, a backpack, a Go-Bag, etc.

    BOP – blow-out pack
    BOM – blow-out module
    CTK – critical treatment kit
    ITK – immediate treatment kit
    IRK – immediate response kit
    IRP – immediate response pack
    CRP – critical response pack
    CRK – critical response kit

    Thanks for all the awesome content guys. Keep up the great work!

    – Mav

  • Chris Rogers

    OSHI kit,

    also called O ,SHI… kit

  • R Easton

    POP Kit – Postponement Or Prevention (of expiration) Kit


    POPE Kit – Postponement Or Prevention of Expiration Kit … a bit of a Hail Mary

  • mat warders

    WOOPS kit
    Wounds Or Other Problem Support kit

    FUCC kit
    Field Unit Combat Care kit

  • jason lopez

    FUBAR kit
    Field Use Battle and Resuscitation kit

  • jason lopez

    By the way…i hope dead line doesnt stop on east coast time …

  • creding

    Probably to late, but I propose the Suck Bag. No fancy acronym, just for sucking chest wounds and other injuries that suck.

  • Richard

    ORK- Operator Repair Kit.

    Also screen whatever final three to make sure no one else has copyright on those lest you need to do it again. 😉

  • pyrocat

    Sorry forgot to login:
    I’m a less is more kind of guy, so how about something simple:
    It’s a field-trauma-stabilization-kit

    Other options:
    ITS-Trauma Kit.
    Trauma stabilization Kit

  • Wrender

    If it’s not to late:

    TIK: Trauma Intermediary Kit

  • JPate

    Save My Ass Kit

  • NEWWT55



  • Larry Rocha

    I’m in Thanks!

  • Tom Trask

    why not B’ITS Kit – folks would remember it as the former Blow out kit from ITS

  • r1p_c0rd

    CRP – Combat Respawn Pack

  • Allen

    BRO: Buddy Revival Optimum
    Optimum: Noun: the greatest degree or best result obtained or obtainable under specific conditions.

  • Jon Gucinski

    Tactical Spackle. Good for patching up all combat-related holes.

  • Rolsby

    Hail Mary Kit (HMK)

  • Billy

    EMK =Emergency Med Kit

  • pyro

    Triple CK

    Combat Casualty Care Kit

  • fuspar

    Come Back Rather Alive or CoBRA kit
    Smooth Operator’s Supply or SOS kit

  • nice and plain from me


  • SYAK: Save Your Ass Kit

  • Keith

    I know I’m late to this…

    but here’s mine;

    Boo-Boo-Kit or ” ’tis a flesh wound” ( TFW)

  • Keith

    sorry got one more to add

    ITS – JASK
    ( ITS – Just A Scratch Kit )

  • Joe

    FTK = Field Trauma Kit
    CTP= Combat Trauma Pack

  • dgcolin

    EMS = Emergency Medical System
    ELSS = Emergency Life Saving System

    Could replace any of the “Systems” with “Kit” to get EMK or ELSK. I like the idea of a system better.

  • It seems rather simple, but the EMP – Emergency Medical Packet

  • BLS kit (pronounced “bliss”) – Blood Loss Stop kit.

    SCM kit (pronounced “scum”) – Simple Care Medical kit

    CWC kit – Combat Wound Correction kit

    SCR (pronounced either “scar” or “scare”) – Simple Casualty Remediation kit

  • WRK (pronounced “wreck) – Wound Response Kit

  • One more:

    CUT kit (Combat User Trauma kit)

  • My second suggestion:

    HLP: Hemorrhage Limitation Pack

  • Militis Malum Sano (MMS)

    “To heal a soldier”

  • ltcomp

    My favorite thing to write on my blow out kits is “Repair Kit” so that is my thought.

  • Gregg

    I’m too late, and not a crew member (if i knew i’d have signed up, this would be a primo prize to add to my medical gear.)


    i’d call it an “Oh Sh*t! Kit” because if you’re using the components in it, that statement, or a similar one, is bound to be uttered.

  • Jerry

    I thought this was supposed to end on Monday?

    • Jerry,

      It did. We’re not taking any new suggestions, just trying to get through making our choices. It’s a lot harder than we thought! There’s some great ideas here!

      Thanks for the comment!

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