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Win the Travel Prize Pack from Huckberry and ITS! *Update*

By The ITS Crew

Huckberry Giveaway

See below for winner announcement.

ITS Tactical has partnered with Huckberry to give away this Travel prize pack! With exclusive sales and original story-telling, Huckberry is our go-to online shop for awesome new gear and apparel, etc.

While members of ITS get a special deal of $10 free credit for their first purchase on, we’re giving everyone a chance to get in on an awesome prize pack. Grab your good luck charm and get ready to enter!

What’s Up for Grabs?

One lucky individual will win the Travel Prize Pack from Huckberry that includes:

This contest is only running for one week so make sure to get your entries in!

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Click here if contest widget doesn’t load.

Good Luck!

Contest Fine Print:

  • One winner will be selected at random and will receive prize pack listed above.
  • Winner will be notified by email. Once contacted, they have 24 hours to claim their prize. If we do not receive a response from within 24 hours, we will select a new winner.
  • Contest ends at 11:59 PM CST on 5/26/15

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  • cybersomatix

    This’d be a cool addition to Ye Olde EDC.

  • BWillis45

    I’d pack it in my goruck and keep it as part of my travel bag!

  • Jojima

    It’s gonna be part of the cross country road trip to matches kit.

  • Cap11C

    Another great giveaway from ITS and Huckberry.

  • belovedveritas

    day hike style upgrade!

  • SteveO63

    Could have used several of these things for the trip I went on last month!

  • Teraax

    Woot! I wants one.

  • DaveSchuster

    When I tried to do the blog post it would let me type anything but accepted the text that was in the box to start with. To answer the question. I mentor adolescents coming out of therapeutic programs and provide secure transports going into programs. I would keep the flask and cocktails for trips to the inlaws, the rest of it would be used on the weekly or more flights I take transporting kids or helping the reaclimatize to home after being away.

  • ws05242014cg

    This would be great for my cross country road trip to my buddy’s wedding in San Diego!

  • hrddrv

    Oh. That would be nice addition to my preps.

  • ThadiousNemo

    Sounds like some good EDC stuff.

  • lazyedt

    Huckberry x ITS Tactical = AWESOME

  • DouglasLee1

    Nice Selection.

  • 0bs3rv3r

    Very cool stuff

  • Gabriel Hagstrom

    Here’s Hoping

  • EDCNeed

    First thing I’d do is go for a hike, re-charge my phone battery with that battery pack and then recharge myself with a flask full of scotch.

  • techvudu

    sweet gear. of course I would take it with me on my worldly ventures. doesn’t hurt to travel in style at times, even if it doesn’t match my combat boots.

  • europaeuropa

    This would be great for my international travel plans!

  • Chief

    I’d definitely be traveling in style with this swag!

  • atravis

    All of this would find a good home in my backpack for hikes, shoots and travel!

  • Michael

    Europe here i come

  • Rex

    Nice collection of stuff. Looking forward to adding it to my EDC kit.

  • EricSecor

    This will be great for an upcoming road trip!

  • Squires

    This would be awesome to win and add to the adventure gear.

  • I need to give my travel gear a facelift.

  • vrsanches

    Gotta update my travel gear!!

  • danielthegreen

    drink myself silly

  • Vinnie

    This would be a nice accompaniment on my travels to Israel to study counter-terrorism.

  • exile259

    Update my travel gear.

  • exile259

    Update my travel gear

  • ChrisB5

    Definitely need to update my travel gear, this would be a great place to start.

  • Texas12

    Need to build my travel gear

  • hcm004

    Wedding season….

  • StephanieGrant

    I would be using these on our camping expeditions!

  • Johnny1885

    These will accompany me on my next trip, canoe camping in June.

  • Akimbo Jimbo

    Would love to win this prize pack – looks like a really solid gear set!

  • Njmat

    Seriously, that carry on cocktail seems pointless.

  • roughkat

    Everything at Huckberry is legit.

  • lamplighterport

    i will be taking these items on my next hike!

  • slinkycomments

    These look super slick.

  • Matt Hidyn

    If I win I’ll be buying a suit to replace the one that went missing in action recently and go back to travelling in style!

  • AlexUrbina525

    I’ll use it during my next trip to Colorado.

  • AKWintermute

    I’ll be using it while flying with my one year old for 20 hrs.

  • Morgan

    Fantastic kit. I’d take it with me on a long weekend.

  • Ottouberalles

    Go to all the places!

  • Spartan235

    All of this gear would definitely jumpstart me to go camping this summer.

  • Raymond

    I will upgrade my EDC with these nice items!

  • Jacob

    Changing things up, tired of having a lot of cheap crap and want to less things of better quality.

  • Q

    Summer Camping will be much better.

  • About half of it will become part of my EDC, the rest will go towards kits that each piece will fit perfectly.

  • mkajimoto95

    Couple will go into my EDC, the others are going to my work tool bag

  • rradulescu81

    good stuff

  • wongloon

    time to go for an adventure

  • Bravokilo17

    Use this to enjoy my upcoming african adventures

  • Niquorice

    Find something more fun to do than I had planned so far during block leave

  • I think flying with kids makes the Carry On Cocktail Kit a no-brainer.

  • JS

    Thanks guys

  • dustydash

    Awesome package!

  • meyerstephen

    good stuff

  • crworth

    Awesome set, It would give me an excuse to get out the door for some sort of adventure.

  • jb373

    This would be great for my yearly beginning of November camping trip with the guys.

  • fullduplex14

    Cant wait to start using this set

  • Bret

    This would make my Yellowstone camping trip better

  • CFhiker

    This kit would definitely come along with me on some road trips.

  • Dan Baxter

    There are several products here that I’ve been interested in.  I’d happily use them in my travels.

  • John L Coulter

    Pretty sweet.

  • papi

    Great selection

  • Johntgray32

    This is the perfect set for me…I travel weekly and look forward to trying this gear out!

  • Sohail Ahmad

    I’ve been thinking about doing my first camping trip and would love to take this kit along for the ride!

  • dzehner2

    I’ll finally ditch my 10 year old travel toiletry bag that’s really falling apart at the seams!

  • ITS teaming up with Huckberry-What could be better?! This would come with me next month to my buddy’s wedding and would help me through my best man duties for sure!

  • EarlHerman

    What an awesome giveaway!! Maybe I will be the lucky one. Thanks for the chance.

  • JohnnyTToxic

    Looking forward to it.

  • ghostrider

    Awesome! Backup power source would be great in an emergency situation.

  • Hodor

    Would love to get a hold of this pack

  • Earl Herman

    Aweseome prize pack. Could keep this in my new Truck!! Thanks for the chance!!

  • ZRudolph

    The flask looks great.

  • caytonjones

    Pretty awesome giveaway!  I’d like to replace my dilapidated travel kit.  By the way, livefyre wasn’t working for me in Chrome.

  • WesleyD

    Pick Me, Pick Me.

  • Embyrr

    I’d go camping with my missus.

  • waustin0525

    I’m your Huckberry.

  • Zabrewolf

    A long weekend and a fist full of Huckberry swag thanks to ITS,….. that’s a GOOD way to spend my time.

  • sacRyan

    Swag Grab Bag Woot Woot!!

  • Looks like some good stuff!

  • masternave

    I just lost all my keys including my keysmart… so that new keysmart would be handy right now.

  • Bman

    I’d use the Keysmart to tame my keys and then go forth with the flask, cocktail mix, and canvas roll (wrapped around a pipe) to enjoy a nice time by the lake.

  • Frost162

    Perfect kit to help my survive wedding season.

  • earlthomasreagan

    Perfect kit for my jeep.

  • Sergio Almeida

    Looks like a nice kit, thanks guys!

  • Joseph Martin

    I don’t drink. Would it be a sin to put something in a flask other than alcohol?

  • MAYutzy

    Good kit for my daily pack.

  • Medic2016

    A luminously respledent kit for the refined gentleman and after a hard week at work; I’ll be heading out to the hills and enjoy the cocktail in good company watching the Scottish sunset.

  • Jeff

    Would love to break this stuff in on some camping trips and festivals this summer!

  • jcw122

    I would use this kit on my next solo trip to Seattle and stash it in my backpack!

  • neverdeadned

    I would take this on my solo road trip from MN to CA in August with my grandfathers ashes, and then release them into the ocean

  • kevin

    plan on using this regularly in my work travel

  • JustinAche

    I’d use it going between my girlfriends house and mine. Not glamorous, but it’d be used as it’s intended.

  • GageJ

    Probably add this to my EDC somehow or for camping

  • 91B30V

    Put the flask to good use with a very old bottle of wiskey I have!

  • Al

    These will make some great companions on my adventures!!!

  • JasonRoberts2

    What a cool setup! I’d love to put it to use. Thanks Huckberry and ITS!

  • ewalk

    Awesome stuff I would love to try out!

  • boris400

    I’d give the flask and cocktail kit away as I don’t drink, but the rest would be put to good use.

  • allenduan120

    I’ll use the power bank and dopp kitt for traveling. Will probably gift some of the items to others that I wouldn’t use.

  • Arickeg

    I would swap out my old dying wallet, and add the tool roll, powerbank and keysmart to my edc.

  • whereisanthony

    Wow, I could add some amazing versatility and as well as some fun to my EDC pack.

  • Mitchell

    I’d go camping and field test this gear

  • A mendoza

    Live and love the wild!

  • thedavidbeach

    man I need a getaway travel pack. Do you remember how badly you treated sub teachers? I remember being horrible… and now… I am one. Sigh..karma… BUT SUMMER IS COMING AND I WANT TO TRAVEL!!

  • Acacia

    I would give it to my dad as a birthday gift.

  • backyardsniper

    Would love to win this prize pack.

  • Tiburcio

    Much Oblidged

  • pavobailey

    I would travel like Kino

  • csummerson

    Most of this kit would become a part of my EDC backpack.

  • MacGyver

    Half for me, half for my dad for Father’s Day

  • Ezra the Great

    I’ll be your huckleberry

  • Yavor Hristov

    I’ll use this to travel all over my couuntry of Bulgaria and get all the mademoiselles pantaloons moist ;D

  • Cron

    I’m going to be doing some travelling this summer, and I’m always on the lookout for new gear

  • dcstewar

    Love this website! So many useful things.

  • Shawn G

    Some of these items I would use every day, others would be more for traveling. Either way, they all look nice.

  • Jubalsheir

    Hopin’ to visit some loved ones out in LA, these’d be perfect!

  • aarington

    Looks like a sweet package of goods.

  • jmscnt

    The websites always have cool things.

  • toth47

    I’m going to survive holiday get togethers with this

  • Virius

    Looks awesome

  • MattDelRocco

    fingers crossed!

  • sixpointfivemm

    I’ll keep it on my bike

  • LisaSatterfield

    I would love to have this!

  • K9kazoo


  • GuyDownThere

    Sweet giveaway. Def use these items for EDC and bag.

  • kevinamarkle

    Thanks for the opportunity, could use all of these items for an upcoming adventure with some long time friends.

  • Chas

    Hopefully I’ll be traveling quite a bit in my future as a marine biologist! This kit will definitely be going with me.

  • utini420

    My goal for the year is to explore as much of the Western US as possible.  I’m sure this stuff would help out, somehow.

  • AlexBottorff

    nice giveaway

  • WillP

    I’ll use this gear for upcoming camping and scuba trips.

  • TraeNyman

    When I can

  • JhonnieB

    These goodies will help me explore the great outdoors in new ways. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • sitnstew

    I’ll use it to make myself more manly

  • Chris

    I’ll use them as the tools they are, to adapt and overcome.

  • Gen.Anesthesia

    Id use this gear to replace the worn out crap im using now. Im frequently travelling with my scout troop and my gear takes a pounding.

  • runningdog822

    I’ll use some of the items daily.

  • Joshawotts

    I’ll give some items to my brother!

  • Carmen D

    I’ll use the items as essentials to journey into the pacific east trail and hike towards self discovery.

  • TarekAb1

    One simple thing for sure, use it for it is intended for while hiking, hunting or fishing.

  • AndreaW

    While hiking everywhere

  • Robert

    Carry it with me on weekend trips.

  • Rockysan

    I travel a lot. this will come in handy.

  • Rockysan

    I travel a lot. this will come in handy.

  • EValdez

    Perfect TDY kit!

  • VictorGuerrero

    I’ll use this gear to enrich my travels to training events over the next year.

  • Max

    Huh? I’m going to be awesome with this stuff. Not that I need tools and things to be awesome, but sometimes it helps.

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