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Win Big in the 1st Annual ITS Tactical Pumpkin Carving Contest!

By Bryan Black

In the spirit of our Tactical Snowman Contest, and last year’s ITS Pumpkin, we present the 1st Annual Tactical Pumpkin Carving Contest!

We’ve got some fantastic prize packages to give away to the top three entries that can carve a pumpkin with tactical flair. Get your kids in on this too!

Even Zombie pumpkins are fair game for this contest, we’ve got to prepare for them too right? Let’s get into what can you win!


We’ve got a ton of great prizes to give away for this contest!

1st Place will receive (1) Original SOE Vehicle Med Bag AND (1) Original SOE Medical Satchel stocked with the medical supplies seen in the photo, (1) ITS Challenge Coin, (2) ITS Tactical stickers and business cards and (2) Revision Eyewear stickers!

2nd Place will receive (1) Mil-Spec Monkey Mega Patch Book (black) w/ Secret Squirrel PVC, Pimps n’ Mercs, Zombie Hunter (fitting right?), MSM Logo and ITS Logo patches! You’ll also get (2) MSM Loop Panels, (2) ITS Tactical stickers and business cards and (2) Revision Eyewear stickers!

3rd Place will receive (1) Pimps n’ Mercs Solid Operator T-Shirt (Large), (1) PNM Hat, (1) PNM Beanie, (2) PNM Koozies, (1) PNM Keychain bottle opener (2) ITS Tactical stickers and business cards and (2) Revision Eyewear stickers!

Are those great prizes or what!! We’d like to thank all companies involved for donating these items for review/giveaway and allowing us to give back to our readers! ITS would not be where it is today without each and every one of you! This is just a small token of our appreciation for all that we’ve been able to accomplish here!

UPDATE! Magnum boots has just let us know that for each of the already awesome prize packages, they’ll be throwing your choice of either a pair of Spider 8.1 Urban or Elite Force 8.0 WPi boots! How awesome is that? Thanks Magnum!!


There’s a great resource out there I like to visit this time of year called where you’ll find some cool patterns and carving tips. You can also download the ITS Tactical Pumpkin Carving Template from last year if you’d like to carve that up. Here’s the .PDF pattern to download!

It’s a fairly simple pattern that you can use to shave off the outer skin of the pumpkin, or impress us and find another way to carve the logo into a pumpkin!

Rules and Deadline

There’s really not much in terms of rules for this contest other than getting your photos in before midnight (central time) on October 30th, we just want to see your photos! Winners will be announced on Halloween!

To submit your photos, use the image attachment feature of our contact form and send in those pumpkins! Please try not to send huge images, an 800px x 600px or something similar will work just fine. Heck, take a photo with your camera phone and send that in!

By submitting a photo of your tactical pumpkin, you agree that the image is good to use here on ITS when we announce the winners and can be added to our ITS Reader Photos Flickr Group.

Happy Haunting!
~ Bryan

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