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Help ITS Tactical Carry The Load this Memorial Day

By Bryan Black

CarryTheLoadITS Tactical is teaming up with our friends at MADCAT Aviator Operator and whomever would like to join us this Memorial Day here in Dallas, TX for Carry The Load.

Carry The Load is a 20-hour Memorial Day event honoring and thanking members of the military, law enforcement, firefighers and their families for the sacrifices they make.

It’s a life-changing journey for people as they walk or run as long or as little as they can in the 20-hour period. Like the service members they honor, they carry more than they have to, longer than they think they can.

Carry The Load

We’ve organized a team to participate in the event and are calling on you to show up and help us Carry The Load. As mentioned, there’s no commitment to the whole 20 hours that we’ll be there, to register for free on our team we’ve dubbed the ITS Tactical Joint Task Force, click here. Even if you can’t make it out, you can help us reach our goal of raising  $2,000 for the event. To donate to our team, please click here.

As a GORUCK Tough member, I’ll be carrying my weighted GORUCK GR2 pack in honor of my friends that have fallen. We’re also still finalizing what team weight we’ll be carrying. Throw up a suggestion in the comments if you have one. Please also share this post with anyone you think might be interested in participating or donating.

Even if you don’t think you’ll be able to stay long at the event, we’d love to still have you on the team. We’re also calling on any Texas-based businesses in the industry to join us in coming out and participating on our team. We’d like to get everyone together that we can for this event.

Carry The Load – Dallas starts on  Sunday, May 27, 2012 at 3:30 p.m. and goes  through Monday,  May 28 at 12:12 p.m. It’s being held at Reverchon Park in Dallas, TX. If you’d like to participate and join our team, sign up here.

Help ITS Tactical and MADCAT remember our fallen this Memorial Day!

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  • Jon Gucinski

    I’m already registered as I was going to rock it solo. Happy to toss my hat (and fundraising dollars) into the ITS group.

    • That’s awesome Jon! Looking forward to having you aboard, let me know if you have issues joining the group. I think there’s an option of adding an already registered individual manually to a group.

    • Jon Gucinski

      Got it squared away. Looking forward to this one; hopefully I don’t need to get towed out of a mud pit like at the RSKTKR pistol class. 🙂

  • Have a question for you Bryan. If I was to fly in from Chicago to DFW to join your team on this, how far is it from the airport/what is the hotel situation near the Park? Thanks!

    • Jon Gucinski

      Reverchon Park is about 20 miles from DFW Airport and 5 from Love Field. There’s a bunch of hotels within a mile of the park…some more reasonable options over on Market Center Blvd, for example. The Stoneleigh hotel (a boutique joint) is like right there (just east on Maple), but no idea how expensive it is. You can stake out a tent during the night of the event, if you want to catch some z’s. GoogleMap of the area here:

  • Matt H

    This is great I wish I was State Side I would so fly out from So Cal to join this! Donating right now though to the great cause.

  • Martin

    I am a non-American reader from the other side of the world but I thought I may have a useful suggestion. Maybe as a team you can carry the standard log/pole you see in photos of special forces training. On the log people can carve the initials of those they are honouring. Turning it into a Name Totem pole.

    You could also erect the Totem somewhere afterward or use it again next year adding more people to honour, letting the Totem grow over time.

    I have been reading ITS for some time now and also want to say thanks, you guys are doing some wonderful things. I enjoy reading the site and I find many of the posts either very educational or inspirational.

    Regards, Martin.

    • Kaitlyn M.

      I like the totem pole idea. I’ll mention it to the guys and see what they think about it. Thanks for the idea.

    • Martin

      Hi Kaitlyn,
      Let me know if you guys use the idea, I would be so chuffed.

      Regards, Martin.

  • Schultz

    Really great thing. Why isn´t there something like this in Germany? Most of the people I know wouldn´t do something like this in Germany to Honour the soldiers that give their life for freedom.

    Great thing that something like this existes.

  • Chalk

    Is there anyway to do this in San Antonio aka Military City as well?

    • Kaitlyn M.

      Maybe we can work on it for next year.

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  • Fred Piquette

    Argh! If I wasn’t already going to be on a backpacking trip in the Cascade foothills for 4 days, I’d be all over this.

  • Greg Natsch

    I routinely throw a ruck on and hike for my health and conditioning for a trip overseas to the mountains. This year, my son and I will carry the load in Missouri since I can’t come to Dallas. This is a great idea. How can we organize in other locations?

    • Kaitlyn M.

      What locations did you have in mind?

    • Greg Natsch

      I live in the state capital. We have a huge veteran/military population in Jefferson City. Of course its HQ for MONG And we have 2 major bases 80 miles away. We’ve got parks , the “KATY” trail, areas to have a gathering. What do we need.

  • Cain Schuler

    All right the wife and I are signed up and looking forward to supporting the ITS team. Emails and texts have gone out, gonna help you guys reach your goal.

  • Folks – humbled to read your comments. Honored to have you carrying with us. ITS Tribe – see you next weekend. Couple of datapoints:
    * We had a family carry a log last year. It was motivating to watch a father come in and take the weight from his sons as they fatigued, rested, then reloaded. It was truly a powerful thing to watch. The route is 3.5mi up and 3.5mi down this year – so you could have Teams set at each point. Last year we the Dallas Firefighters made 3 hoses with names of fallen DFD Firefighters, NYFD Firefighters, and SEALs. Again – humbling. Our mantra for this is “carry more than you have to, further than you think you can”. That looks different for alot of folks – but it’s all good when you’re carrying someone else.
    * Next year’s Carry the Load is going to be much like this year – but we’re expanding as well. Next year we will have (1) The National Relay, (2) The 20hr13min Event in Dallas, (3) 20.13 mile events in other cities. Stay tuned for a release describing that after we AAR this year’s events in June. Our mission last year was to take back Memorial Day in Dallas. This year was to (1) take back Memorial Day along the relay route, (2) take the whole month of May to honor our fallen DoD, LE, Fire and Rescue.
    * Some have asked us why we focus on Fire & Rescue and LE too on Memorial Day. The bottom line is – we’re able to be brave downrange – to put on body armor and hook and jab downrange – because men and women are willing to be brave at home for our families while we’re gone. That a man or woman is willing to run into my home when it’s on fire, to run into my home and protect my Bride and children while I’m gone – that gives me the ability to deploy and know mine are cared for while we “get at ’em”. It takes a Nation to fight. Until our fallen Police, Firefighters, and Rescue Heroes (and intel) are remembered well and appropriately on a national level – we got ’em. Because they have us. This is a “woodshed” issue for me – happy to meet anyone behind the woodshed if they disagree.
    * Carry the Load started because we felt our Nation was forgetting our fallen. When someone is willing to protect and sacrifice all for those they don’t know – those protected should remember them – and remember them well. That wasn’t happening. Here’s what we would tell you after carrying the load more than halfway – America wants to remember her fallen, they just didn’t know how. Go to the Facebook page and look what La Vergne, Tennessee did for us. Folks – that’s worth fighting for.
    * Carry the Load is an event. There are already incredible organizations making a difference. We wanted to (a) take back Memorial Day, and (b) highlight these organizations. Our SOF ethos and mentality are embedded in Carry the Load. SOF’s purpose is to go to bad places, fix them, turn them back over, and go to the next bad place. As we remember our fallen, we make a difference for those remaining. Groups like Heroes on the Water – who take wounded veterans kayak fishing – they’re making a difference for those remaining. We Remember Them in May, we Carry On the rest of the year. Remember Them, and Carry On…that’s Carrying the Load.

    This group has an answer to the question we ask everyone….”Who are you carrying?”. Well done, warriors.

  • Chad Krzyminski

    I’d be there but I’m at Security Forces school in San Antonio. I’m bumming I can’t make it to ruck with you all. My thoughts are with you all.

  • Paul W

    Is it too late to get in on this? I would like to join y’all!

    • Brad Walker

      It’s not too late, Paul. Follow the link in the article above that says “ITS Tactical Joint Task Force, click here” and join our team and link up with us on Sunday for the event.

    • Paul W

      Mr Walker I tried to join but it says registration is closed. I am disappointed I waited so late to try to join but I’m glad you met your fund raising goals! Good job guys!

    • Brad Walker

      Paul, if the registration is closed, you can still meet up with us and do the relay on Sunday. You don’t have to join the team on the website to participate. If you’re in the area, bring your pack and hang out.

  • Cain Schuler

    Is there a certain time and spot to link up?

    • Cain, did you get the email that was sent out yesterday?

  • Cain Schuler

    My family and I had a blast walking with the ITS joint task force, in Dallas TX for Carry The Load. Thanks for making us feel like part of the team. Thanks again for everything that you guys are doing.

    Cain Schuler

  • El Jeffe Bryan Black was indomitable during Carry the Load. Proud to see ITS Tactical at 1600, 2000, 2200, 0000, 0200, 0400…all the way through. Two flags flying. Represented ITS Tactical and his fallen brothers so well.
    Well done, Warrior.

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