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Thank Who We Truly Owe This Memorial Day

By Bryan Black

While you’re celebrating this weekend during the Memorial Day Holiday, please take the time to remember those that have fought and died for all that we have as a nation.

There may be turmoil and unrest within our country, but our veterans and service members continue to fight for our safety, protection and freedom. Thank someone this weekend for all they’ve sacrificed to allow us to spend this time with our families, and don’t forget those who can’t be with us.

Let’s all virtually visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier this weekend, while the Commander-in-Chief is on vacation in Chicago.

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  • Badkarma

    “You do not stand alone brother. We are with you. All who ever held the line and fell alone, facing the enemy. We are with you, and when your end comes, you will join us. And we will stand with the next brother….who stands alone.”

    Rest In Peace My Brothers

  • Raymond

    Hey, some of us have better things to do.

    That being said, I know where i’ll be, enjoying the time with my family and making up for the time spent away.

    All gave some, some gave All.

    Semper Fidelis

  • Bill – Jackel

    It makes me sick that he is on vacation. There is one President, one Arlington Cemetery, one Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and one Memorial Day. Couldn’t have his barbeque next week?

    God bless our men and women overseas, and the families of those that are no longer with us.

    • Agreed Bill. Yes, the liberals are going to argue that Reagan and Bush did it too, but what kind of excuse is that? None, as a veteran it pisses me off that they did it too.

  • Will Comptis

    Planning on visiting the Navy UDT SEAL Museum in Ft. Pierce this weekend. God bless all our service men and women everywhere on the globe – past and present. This article makes me proud to be a part of ITS.

    • Thanks for the kind words Will, we’re glad to have you around too 🙂 Have a great time at the UDT/SEAL Museum, always wanted to get down there myself someday.

  • fuspar

    Not a fan of “Bush did/didn’t”arguments, but this CiC took the time to honor the fallen heroes coming into Dover AFB.

    Me personally, I’m running a marathon tomorrow in honor of those who didn’t come back. I’ll be happily wearing my “Infidel Strong” hat.

  • Mike Fegely

    Presidents come and go; heroes live forever.
    God bless those brave souls who ran towards the battle and lay down their lives so that we may reap the benefits of the freedom and liberty they fought and died to protect and preserve.
    Let us not forget their sacrifice, and work in every way to earn the sacred trust they passed to us: to defend freedom and liberty for future generations of Americans.

  • rkuntz

    On this Memorial Day, I will be thinking especially of Sergeant Major Robert Kuntz, U.S. Army Air Corps, 1941-45. On 8 December 1941 he went into work, listened to FDR on the radio at lunchtime, and told the boss he’d be back when it was over. Next day, Tuesday 9 December, he and his buddies were at the induction cente…r in Public Square. By war’s end, he was a top non-com. No one meeting this sweet, mild-mannered man later in life would have suspected.

    Rest in peace, soldier. Thanks, Dad, for saving the world.

  • Richard Case
  • tgr

    Respect your opinion but as long as the CiC is honoring Veterans shouldn't make a difference WHAT National Cemetary he visits just as long as he does! More than I can say for so many others, especially COngress!

  • Sorry, but yes it should. I don't doubt that members of Congress don't honor the holiday like they should, but I'm going out on a limb here and would probably say you haven't served your country. If you had you'd feel differently about the President visiting Arlington National Cemetery.

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