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Thank a Veteran Today

By The ITS Crew

Veterans DayToday is Veterans Day, and all of us at ITS Tactical are currently serving or are veterans ourselves and would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that each one of our fellow brothers and sisters in the service does for this country.

We’ll never forget those who came before us, those we’ve lost along the way, and those still fighting the good fight.

A wonderful article was posted by someone we follow on Twitter, titled “101 Ways To Thank a Veteran.” We encourage everyone to check out the article on MilitaryAvenue and thank a veteran today!

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    I would like to say to all of you at ITS and any other Veteran that will read this, with my deepest gratitude thank you! I support what you are, have done, or will do for this great country. -Mike

  • Thank you for mentioning our “101 Ways to Thank a Veteran”. Our team at MilitaryAvenue is made up of veterans and family as well. (I am the spouse of a soldier and an Air Force ‘Brat’) From the deepest parts of my heart I say “Thank You!” to all of our Veterans.

    • Leanne,

      You’re more than welcome, and thank you for putting together such a great list of ways to thank a Veteran!

      Thank you to all those at MilitaryAvenue for your service, and even though you haven’t directly served yourself, we still feel that spouses serve.

  • A very poignant post. And a Happy Veteran’s Day to you, too.

  • Thank You to you guys at ITS and to all our Veterans! You have my utmost respect and appreciation for what you do in serving our great country.

  • TacZen

    I know I’m a day late… but just want to add a Happy Birthday to all the MARINES as well.
    Thanks you (all Vets) for the freedom we have.

    • Here, Here! Happy Belated Birthday Marines!

  • CdtGillies

    Glad to see that you guys look after your vets so well. We had Rememberance Day on the 11th in Ausstralia

  • Larry Rocha

    The pinnacle of human achievement and the example of service, humility and willingness to do that which is right and necessary.

    Those of you that serve, have served or will serve;

    I salute you as one who will never attain what you have already been through and will never experience the depth of your commitment.

    I do the best to honor the values for which you fight and which I stand.

    May your lives be long and bountiful, your battles be short and sweet and your families be strong and supportive.

    For all that you do and will.

    My love, respect and gratitude.

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