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Are you Remembering our Fallen this Memorial Day Weekend?

By Bryan Black

I’m about to embark on a 20+ hour event that will take me into Monday afternoon on Memorial Day. Carry The Load is that event and  was created to honor the ultimate sacrifice that our country’s Veterans have given, so that we can enjoy our tomorrows.

I’ll be joining fellow Americans that have made a commitment to “carry” our fallen and I personally can’t think of a better way to honor them. While I’m sure each one of the men I knew and will be carrying today, would be the first to tell you that they’d rather see us enjoying our holiday weekend. I’d answer, “I will be, I’ll be carrying your memory and never forgetting the sacrifice you’ve made for each and every one of us.”

To me it seems that many tend to forget what Memorial Day means and think it’s all about backyard barbecues, huge sales, shopping and having the day off of work and school. I’m certainly not going to insinuate that most don’t know what Memorial Day is about, but just listening to the noise of the TV commercials or advertisements up everywhere lead me to believe otherwise.

Memorial Day is about remembrance first and foremost, not the other events this holiday weekend has become synonymous with. Those we’re honoring today aren’t our current Veterans, which you can still thank in person. That’s what Veteran’s Day and Armed Forces Day are for. This also doesn’t even include those that have been injured in the line of duty for this country, as much as we owe them too. Today is about our heroes who have selflessly given their final breath for this nation.

I will say this, those that have given their all so that our way of life can continue, want us to celebrate. They want us to live happy, productive lives. They want us to enjoy our friends, families, barbecues and everything else we want to. But they would also want us to remember why we have the freedoms we have today.

However you decide to enjoy your holiday weekend, please take some time to remember those who don’t get to enjoy it with their loved ones and include their memory in your celebration this weekend. Raise your glass high and remember our fallen.

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