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What Does Independence Day Mean to You and How are You Celebrating?

By Bryan Black

Today I’d like to do something different on ITS Tactical, I’d like to propose the question of independence and liberty to you. What does the 4th of July mean to you and how are you going to celebrate it?

For me, the 4th is a time to remember the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, which gave America its independence from Great Britain.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I’m celebrating it by attending the GORUCK Scavenger in Boston with a few good friends. While the Scavenger is still shrouded in mystery, one thing I’m going to try my best to do is mark something off my bucket list. That’s dumping some tea into Boston harbor like the Sons of Liberty did in the events leading up to the Declaration of Independence.

So what are you doing to celebrate America’s independence this weekend?

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  • My family and I will be celebrating this July 4th in a pretty traditional fashion.

    Spending the afternoon at the grandparents house … decorating the kids bikes for the neighborhood 4th of July parade … watching fireworks after dark.

    In general, enjoying the awesome freedom that we have living in a country that has been free for 236 years!

    Somewhere during the day I’ll be asking my kids about what today means and use it for a little teaching about the Declaration of Independence and why it is so important.

  • John Coulter

    That is pretty awesome. I hope that it works out for you.

  • Spending the Fourth guarding shit with 60 other Defenders. Hell Yea!

  • Troutt

    I spent the day at work, but came home and had several of the teenagers from church over. After food and festivities, we sat down and read the Declaration and I explained the parts they didn’t understand. We then read the names of each of the signers and then talked about the cost that some of them paid.
    This Independence Day I am more aware than ever of those who gave their all to make this a day in world history, and not just a foot-note in a British textbook. I am cognizant of my responsibility, and the heavy burden we face to ensure the continued Independence of this great nation, even when many wish to make us subjects instead of citizens.

  • Winterhart

    I took time to pause and reflect on the growth and spirit of America.

    Independence Day means little to me in the traditional sense, seeing as I’m from the wrong country, but it is something that I see highlighting the American way. Strength, determination and a grit to get the job done and not bow down or shy away from those who wish to take away the overriding principals of a nation.

    It is testament to the heart of the American people that following the declaration of independence, the hostilities and the cold relations that we could grow so differently, but become so close, in such a short blink of time in history. The US is our closest ally and our nations are brothers with far more than a common language to bond us. In the world as it is today, the US and the UK need to strengthen our ties and stand shoulder to shoulder facing the threats to our different, but symbiotic, ways of life.

    I am immensely proud to count America as a friend, and the 4th of July every year reminds me of the Americans who have shed blood to preserve my freedom, when they could so easily have turned away. Yet the American people reached out, refusing to allow other people to be subjugated, extending the hand of friendship and solidarity to transcend our shared and difficult history.

  • Faolan

    Spent it doing what many others cannot do in beautiful free countries like ours.

    Drinking and eating with friends and families of all different backgrounds and having a good ass time watching terrible movies all day followed by more drinking and playing in the flash storm out here in Jacksonville FL

    It was beautiful day. I’m glad I shared it with friends and my little hound dog.

  • Sgt.Goat

    I spent my fantastic day of celebrating our country’s wonderful independence by working in a hot blooded penitentiary! Of course I don’t want to celebrate with my family by flying to Hill AFB to to be with my little brother, drink beer, drive out into the middle of no where and shoot guns all afternoon, and shake hands with veterans and thank them for what they have done and continue to do. I want to fight a bunch of thugs all night because our administration treats thugs with kid gloves and ran off half of my staff, then to top it off I learn one of my buddies offed himself because of his PTSD. Nah, I love my job. Off my soap box now.

    But seriously, those of you that have served and continue to serve our country, you have my sincerest thanks and gratitude, it’s an honor to have you around. It wouldn’t be possible to have what we do with out you.

    R.I.P. R.Morris USMC

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