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A Daily Beat Down for the Death Race

By Bryan Black

We’d like to bring your attention to an endurance race our good friend MGySgt Paul Roarke has recently signed up for called the Death Race. With a web address like youmaydie.com, how can you not love that?

As you may remember, Master Guns is the author of Corps Strength, which we did an initial review on a few months back.

Roarke has recently put up a link on his Website called The Daily Beat Down, where he highlights his daily workouts to get ready for the Death Race, check it out! Please join us in congratulating him for being accepted into the race and wishing him the best of luck!

Give it hell brother!

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  • Jeff Sharp

    Thats awesome man, good luck!! I looked at this event but decided to do the “Tough Mudder” first. Myself and a few others will be doing it in March.

  • A. Nguyen

    Realizing that I need to seriously get to the “working fitness” level, I bought MGySgt’s book last weekend. I’m about half-way through the book. Maybe in a year, I’ll be ready for such as race. 😉 Good luck to all how go!

    • A. Nguyen

      Good luck to all who go! * (Pardon first typo.) Also, congratulations MGySgt! Good luck!

  • Jimmy J.

    There is a good article in this months issue of Outside Magazine on the Death Race.

  • Patrick Skinner

    That’s awesome. I really want to compete this coming year since I’ve been eager to do so for some time. Once I get a solid schedule for June I’ll let y’all know if I’m going to attend as well. I hope to see some of y’all there and good luck MGySgt!

  • Best of luck!! That race looks pretty sick.

  • Richard Lee

    I Won the death race in 2009 amazing event you are going to love it might see you there although I was a bit disappointed by tough mudder though. good Luck.

    • Hey Richard, thanks for the comment! Good info on Tough Mudder… Will you be running Death Race again this year?

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