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Are Your Tires Safe?

By The ITS Crew

One of our readers recently emailed us over the details of something alarming that we feel everyone needs to be aware of.

An ABC News 20/20 investigation set out to expose the hidden danger in what is being referred to as a tire’s shelf life.

Tire rubber dries out after six years, but many American companies, such as Sears and Wal-Mart are allowed to sell expired tires long after they wear out. “New” tires on sale at these retailers can be up to 12 years old!

If you want to know the age of your tires, look for the Department of Transportation number hidden on the inward sidewall. At the end of the number is a four-digit sequence that shows the week and year the tire was made. (Most newer tires now have this number on the outward sidewall)

Tires with the notation 3502 were made in the 35th week of 2002.  If you only see three digits, get new tires immediately; your tires are from the 90’s and are way past their effective lifespan.

Check out the video below for the lump in Rubber Manufacturers Association Member, Dan Zelinski’s throat at the 4:58 mark. He doesn’t seem very confident in saying that there’s no scientific information to support the shelf life.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention Bill!

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