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Army Confirms Multicam Adoption

By The ITS Crew

Rob over at Military Times GearScout has confirmed the initial announcement by Soldier Systems that the Army has approved Multicam for use and will begin issuing ACUs (Army Combat Uniform in Multicam) to deploying Afghanistan troops this Summer.

This is huge news for not only our troops, but for the Tactical Gear Industry as well.

We’re looking forward to reading an article that Mike Rinaldi of Custom Gear Report tweeted about writing, on how the change will effect the custom gear industry and small business.

Multicam is definitely not taking the Army by storm and will be gradually rolled out. The initial push will be to those deploying in July, followed by those currently deployed in OEF.

According to the Army’s test results and GearScout, Multicam was the only camo pattern to rank first in all three categories of their photosimulation test.

One of the initial things that comes to mind are all the Joes that have spent their hard earned paychecks buying the good gear they need in Army UCP, and how irritated they must be right now.

At least the Army has finally admitted that UCP wasn’t effective, that was the first step.

Hi, I’m UCP and I have a problem…

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  • Alex

    Does this set the stage of UCP to go buh-bye Army-wide, stateside and OCONUS?

  • 91B30V

    Thank God it was about time! Truly the UCP pattern was a waste of time and money.

  • Keith

    WOW sweet, so whats next ?
    Washington actually “listening” to the people ? ? Only took the Army Big Wigs dang near 6+years to convert to MC. NOW they should give the Rangers BACK ! the Black Beret and adopt the Tan one for the MC uni’s.

  • I am very happy to hear about this. Thank you ITS for staying informed so I don’t have to 🙂

  • N98

    UCP was effective…in theory. Mathematically, statistically, and in the laboratory it’s the perfect average of any environment. Too bad the average doesn’t work out in the real world.

    If a super-villian ever synthetically creates a place that is the average of all the theaters the US expects to fight in we will have the perfect uniform…until then…

  • Grant

    Great now I have to listen to all the rest of the air force complain when the army wants me to wear these instead of the digi-tigers, cuz all those blend on with are office plants

  • Justin

    Every time I see this camouflage I think back to the kind the marines used during the forty’s. If they tweaked it a bit they would have had the pattern the army is adopting now. Pretty interesting.

  • just sayin

    Thank God,even the army’s published report put multicam,mirage and natgear ahead of ucp on the whole.I can’t imagine what they were smoking when they chose it.

  • infidelNYC

    It’s about time…are they finally waking up? Could it be? These UCP’s SUCK!!!!!!!!!! I guess it’s a start..better late than never!

  • PaulN

    Great! Looking forward to it…also looking forward to an official message to come out from DA and/or PEO Soldier to give guidance on wear-out dates/implementation/standards.

  • ltcomp

    I am glad that big army is jumping on board. We have had multicam for a few years now and the crye uniforms are thousand times better. I am sure big Army will still stick the ACU as the uniform design but at least it will be in multicam.

  • infidelNYC

    I would also like to see the ACU style..the pockets and updated designs are very nice…I gave them alot of credit for adapted the combat shirt…i.e. Massif, TRU-SPEC….so look’s like they are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel…before the light may go out for the soldiers live they base the decision’s on. PROPPER EQUIPMENT HAS PROVEN RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!! AND SAVES LIVES! GOD BLESS THE U.S.!!!!

  • Andy Varley

    Everyone’s gone multicam crazy.

    I like it, and crye must be very happy, what with the US and the UK both going their way.

  • TxSoldier

    Someone mentioned if they’ll stick with the actual design pattern of the ACU or not? Is there actually anything wrong with the design of the clothing itself? I left active duty before that change so I don’t know. I have heard issues with crotch blow out though lol.

  • Keydet

    Having unfortunately limited field time I will say that the current ACU is very comfortable, but has some issues that I think could be better designed. Most pressing in my mind is the lack of button closure on the thigh cargo pockets. After that I’d say the chest pockets open the wrong direction; I’d prefer a pocket that opens to the outboard side so that you could still slip into it under armor/LBE/Chest-Rig.

  • Andrew I.

    This is a great Idea. Having piloted many a medevac mission in Helmand and Kandahar, I can attest to the fact that UCP SUCKS. Our soldiers sitick out like sore thumbs. Marpat D, and multicam on the other hand are nearly invisible in the lowlands. Now I just hope that the Army makes AACU’s in multicam as well. Seeing how they have taken our ablity to wear our wings, and taken away our pickle suits, it is about time that they do something positive for those that come from above.

  • spartan.

    I think its awsome but when can we expect wear out date for acu .

  • spartan.

    Does anybody know when they will actually switch over also instead of waisting money for the acu army should keep it for garrison aswell as for soldiers in the reserves and guard and use multicam for when wedo actual field training and deployments…

  • spartan.

    Just an idea…..

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