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Bulldog Tactical to Produce Gear in MultiCam

By The ITS Crew

Citing the Army’s decision to start issuing MultiCam to deploying troops in Afghanistan, Bulldog Tactical has just issued a press release stating that all their gear will now be available in MultiCam.

The Bulldog Tactical Mirage pattern, which you may remember from our Camouflage Comparison, isn’t going anywhere. We are, however, curious to find out if they’ll offer their unique uniform designs in MultiCam as well.

Check out the Press Release on their Facebook Fan Page here.

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  • Crashonhead

    Bulldog’s Mirage pattern didn’t look bad at all. I would really like to find out more, perhaps pitch in my $.02 worth, but I guess I don’t count. Since I am not an ‘Only One’ with a .gov or .mil email address, I simply am not to be trusted with something as dangerous as looking at their products.

    What are they afraid of, that we’ll find out they’re selling vaporware? Their ideas aren’t original, or their designs are poorly executed?

    We’re not talking about stealth or ECM technology here, it’s uniforms for Pete’s sake.

    Give us access!

  • Alex

    That .mil or .gov e-mail address thing I dont get either. Buuttt….I have one so I checked it out. What they don’t want you to see is their prices. Good lord, the prices. Hopefully their MC gear will be more reasonable than their Mirage.

  • just saying

    Multicam has gotten pretty cheap lately.It all has to do with how much they sell,Mirage may be a great pattern but unless they open it up to everyone it;ll stay in limbo.

  • danny

    why wont bulldog sell Mirage to the public?

    • Not sure, you’ll have to ask them that.

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