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Get Out and Vote!

By The ITS Crew

While we aren’t here to tell you how to vote, we want to make sure you get out and do it. If you don’t exercise your right, you may find yourself without it one day.

Stand for what you believe in and cast your ballot tomorrow. Don’t think that your vote doesn’t count. Everyone needs to listen to their moral compass and vote how they see fit.

If you don’t know your polling place, check out the Politics & Elections page on Google.

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  • xpo172


  • Voting is at least as much a serious responsibility as a right. If you’ve not been following politics carefully enough to know what’s going on and who’s the better candidate, you might be better off not voting at all. Or do what I did when I was younger and ask someone you trust. In my case that was my dad, who personally knew most of the state’s leading politicians. I still skip issues I don’t know enough to vote for well.

    History agrees. Hitler was not only voted into power democratically, in early 1933, his party captured an inordinate share of those who’d never cast a vote before. Nor does education mean much. As Who Voted for Hitler demonstrates, the more educated a neighborhood, the larger the vote for Hitler. The wisest voters were Bavarian Catholic farmers. Many rural communities there had few or no votes for Nazis.

    • Jonathan

      Kinda reminds me of a recent election…..

  • Voting complete!

  • chris monge


  • Sean

    Haha, so that was a great turnout for my first election…..

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