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Third Navy SEAL Found Not Guilty!

By The ITS Crew

A fitting ending to the ridiculous trials of three of our nation’s warriors. SO2 Matthew McCabe was found not guilty on all charges that he punched the terrorist scum Ahmed Hashim Abed.

Whistleblower extraordinaire MA3 Demartino was yet again painted as unstable, unreliable and distraught, according to the Fox News story. The story also mentions that he was worried his career would be ruined because a prisoner claimed abuse on his watch, and that he would no longer have a chance for his dream job with the California Highway Patrol. This, the defense claims, gives Demartino a motive to lie.

As far as his dream job, yeah… sorry buddy. Hopefully some people put in calls to the CHP letting them know to “keep an eye out” for your application.

So what does this prove? Absolutely nothing, other than dragging the warriors we depend on through the mud. This probably won’t set a precedent, and it’s only a matter of time before this happens again.

In fact, there’s talk of a courageous restraint medal now. That’s just what we need… Should we call in the airstrike? Well, if we don’t we could get a medal! Seriously?

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  • Benjamin Fasseel

    SEALs are some amazing guys. They go to great length to defend our country. I am glad to see that all of the SEALs were found not guilty. HOOYAH

  • Mark Silkwood

    So proud that we still have enough dignity to find these great men not guilty. Not too proud that we actually tried this brave soldier. Congrats McCabe! As for Demartino…. I cannot say on this comment page my true feeling for you.

  • MIKE25

    Just when you think the justice system is completely screwed, it actually works.
    Hope Demartino gets to be the test subject for the see-through airport screening devices so everyone can see that he has no balls.

  • agent 000

    Congrats to all the SEALs! Thanks for everything you do for this great country!

    The CHP would be fools to let Demartino in now. He would never stand a chance in court against a criminal. He has already shown that he would lie just to save his skin. Defense lawyers love to pick at things like that! Every law enforcement officer knows that once you are pegged a liar, you might as well quit because you’re never going to be successful in court.

    -Be safe fellas!

  • Justin

    I am happy this man is free.
    I am happy this man was not convicted.
    I weep that this trial ever went to court, it is a tragedy and travesty on many levels.

    One day, we’ll find ourselves in a real war, a total war, a knockdown, drag out, bayonet-and-teeth fight for survival. I only hope our culture is not too neutered and “sensitive” by then to win.

    As I have stated before, I am happy only in the way one is happy when stolen property is returned. This warrior got justice in the end, but he was still violated.

    Demartino is through in several ways, I imagine. The ranks have their ways of dealing with…ehem…”Blue Falcons”. 😉

    These three SEALs should be the first recipients of the “Courageous Restraint” award. The fact that Demartino is not in the hospital is all the proof one needs.


  • Dude

    It’s such a travesty that three Navy SEALs could be tried in a court of law for a crime they committed! When will people realize that our soldiers are ABOVE both the law and common decency?

  • Justin

    Hey, “Dude”!

    They were found…not guilty. Um…that means, at least according to the rest of the country, that they are innocent. They committed no crime. It is people like you who assume them guilty automatically who are guilty of violating common decency.

    Our soldiers are not above the law. They are subjected to more laws than most would ever imagine. They fight with a hand and a leg tied behind their back. I would like to see their most ardent and venomous critics react to the situations they are put in. It would be interesting to see those people beg the “evil” SEALs to save them. You know “Dude”, the same ones you would sentence without, or even regardless of, a trial.


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