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I’m an NRA Member and I’ll Vote Freedom First on November 2nd

By Bryan Black

We try not to get into politics here and save those kind of discussions for our Facebook page, but I’d like to steer off course for a moment and urge everyone to exercise their Constitutional right to vote on or before November 2nd.

I’m an NRA Member and while I feel everyone who cares about their Second Amendment rights should be too, this isn’t a plea to get anyone to join. This is to support candidates in the November election who have received the NRA’s endorsement. This is based solely on a candidate’s support of our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

NRA Resources

As an NRA Member, I receive their American Rifleman magazine free each month and they’ve put together a fantastic pull-out of their endorsed candidates. What’s great about the chart is that they’ve given each candidate from your respective state a letter grade, not just a “hey, vote for this guy.”

The pull-outs are state specific and living in Texas, my issue of AR had the Texas edition which I scanned and have attached for you to download. If the NRA has a problem with us sharing their recommendations, I’m sure they’ll ask us to pull it down, but I feel the more people this can get out to in the great state of Texas the better.

There’s also an excellent resource the NRA-PVF has created which allows anyone, even non-members, to enter your address and pull up a list of the candidates for your respective district. You can then check off who you want to vote for and print out a ballot card to bring to your polling location. It’s that easy! You have no excuse!! Heck, you can even use it to not select the NRA endorsed candidates and bring it with you.

You may or may not agree with the NRA and that’s completely up to you, but just be sure you understand the ramifications of the Second Amendment being restricted in any way and what it potentially means to our country. We need to all support those that oppose the ban on virtually all deer hunting ammo, support the right to make your concealed carry permit valid nationwide, support semi-automatic firearm ownership and support the overturning of local restrictions that deny Second Amendment rights to Americans in cities like Washington, D.C.

Early voting has already begun, so please get out and VOTE FREEDOM FIRST! We’ve created a Twibbon campaign for Vote Freedom First on Twitter and Facebook where you can add our Vote Logo to your Twitter or Facebook profile photo in support. To add the Twibbon for Twitter click here, to add the Twibbon on Facebook click here.

For those of you interested in joining the NRA, here’s a link you can use to sign up for $10 off of either a renewal or initial membership. As a full-disclosure, this is an affiliate link and we get a small percentage. You’ll be supporting ITS Tactical as well as supporting your Second Amendment rights.

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