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SITREP: Amazing Solar Discovery // NRA Urges Suppressor Purchases // Olympic Options Running Out

By The ITS Crew

In a surprise announcement Wednesday, NASA announced that their Spitzer Space Telescope has revealed the first known system of Earth-sized planets rotating around a single star. Three of the seven planets are located in a habitable zone, which is considered the area around the parent star where a rocky planet is most likely to have liquid water; essential for sustaining life.

This discovery is a new record for the greatest number of habitable-zone planets found around a single star outside our solar system. All of the seven could have liquid water, under the right atmospheric conditions, but chances are highest with the three in the habitable zone.

For more on this record breaking discovery, visit NASA.

Iraqi Forces Take Back Mosul Airport

Thursday, Iraqi forces took back control of the Mosul airport, placing the airport fully under Iraqi Federal Police control. The airport, which was mostly destroyed by ISIS forces, was another goal in the months long objective of pushing ISIS militants away from Mosul.

Iraqi forces took the airport in a few hours and appeared to be moving swiftly to also take back control of two villages, Yarmouk and Tal al-Rayan, both near the airport. In addition, a spokesperson for the Iraqi operation reported that they’ve also taken control of an ISIS weapons storage warehouse.

To see more information about current operations in Mosul, visit CNN.

NRA Urges Not Waiting to Purchase Suppressors

In a new video on NRA TV, Grant Stinchfield explains the troubles many suppressor manufacturers are facing because of the Hearing Protection Act. As the act would de-regulate suppressors and remove the $200 tax stamp, many people are waiting to purchase until it’s passed. However, this means that the current market for suppressors has all but dried up, with many manufacturers having to lay off sections of their workforce.

The NRA wants to spread the message that the Hearing Protection Act has a built-in rebate for anyone purchasing a suppressor between the bill’s introduction and its passing. Many experts don’t believe that the HPA will be passed during the new administration’s first 100 days and stress it’s imperative for those planning to purchase suppressors to begin that process.

For more news and information on the Hearing Protection Act, visit the American Suppressor Association. 

Budapest Drops Olympic Bid

On Thursday, bid officials from Budapest announced that they would be abandoning their bid for the 2024 Olympics, citing lack of political support for the project. Most of the dissent comes from citizens of Hungary, worried about the extreme costs of hosting the event. This decision leaves only Los Angeles and Paris as potential host cities for 2024.

In recent years, multiple cities have abandoned hopes of hosting the event, including Rome, Hamburg, Stockholm and Krakow. Billions of dollars are spent by the host countries for the events, including the construction of sporting venues and infrastructure, as well things like security costs and thousands of hotel rooms. Most often, this increased spending doesn’t deliver the countries any sort of noticeable economic benefits.

To read more on the upcoming Olympics and the past economic impacts, visit CNN Money.

SpaceX’s Dragon Capsule Docks with Space Station

After launching Sunday from Kennedy Space Center, SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft arrived at the International Space Station on Thursday. Originally scheduled to arrive Wednesday, the docking was postponed when the Dragon’s computers recognized incorrect location information on the station and delayed the capture.

This recent launch marks the first time a rocket has flown from the Kennedy Space Center launchpad since the space shuttle was retired in 2011. Dragon was carrying 5,500 pounds of supplies, as well as experiments for the astronauts on board.

For more on the arrival of the Dragon spacecraft at the ISS, visit CBS News.

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  • Daniel Robinson

    NASA is all lies. Don’t fall for that deception.

    • Alex Keefe

      You’ve ate way to many crayons. The same observation method used by NASA can also be done by you. You pick a star and monitor the slight changes in light wave length that occurs when an object passes in front of it. After a long period of continuous observation you can map out solar systems like this. Furthermore, if it wasn’t for NASA you wouldn’t be on here claiming they lie U0001f602

    • Daniel Robinson

      You’re a fool.

    • Daniel Robinson

      They know Earth is Flat and it’s a dome that’s why we have not left Earth and will never go to other planet… It’s all computer generated images. Wake up.

    • Daniel Robinson

      Just stick to your tacticool stuff and not false science..

    • Jason Crist

      How did you get so smart guy?

    • Alex Keefe

      You realize the “flat earth theory” was debunked in 300 B.C. right? Yeah, it’s been a conspiracy for thousands of years lmfao! Holy fuck, go back to school window licker U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

    • Daniel Robinson

      Actually it’s Flat and read the Bible fuck this Rockefeller indoctrination school system…slave.

    • Daniel Robinson Please watch this and wake up…only you are in control of how you any of you react to life…

    • Alex Keefe

      U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602 omg you’ve ate way too many paint chips there dumbass

    • Daniel Robinson

      Says the one following NASA…

    • Daniel Robinson

      Blah blah did you even watch it? NASA is fucking Evil and there’s a dome over Earth which they nuked. Disproved? You are a stupid atheist aren’t you… Science says a planet looks like NASA or Simon says…If you look through a telescope you will notice those Planets look nothing like NASA shows with it’s CGI..shit

    • Alex Keefe

      The only thing you’ve managed to prove is that the marines have extremely low intelligence standards. Come back with a legitimate peer reviewed article to back up your claims. These videos you’re posting have no evidence to back them up and the individuals making them are no different from you. I’d also suggest researching how those images are put together because you obviously haven’t. Lay off the paint chip r-tard

    • Alex Keefe

      I’ll also point out that SpaceX is planning on launching humans around the moon. They are a private company and contrary to your belief NASA isn’t government run. It’s a public organization. If your theory is correct then the tourist that will eventually enter into space will uncover it for ya. I wouldn’t hold your breath though. People wouldn’t teach the global populous the math that they do of the world was flat. The craft launched wouldn’t be able to do their job and you wouldn’t have internet to watch your crack pot videos. U0001f602 300BC bro….I think it’s time you got with the times. You are full primitative

    • Daniel Robinson

      Space X sending people to the Moon? haha yea right. Marines have a low inteligence standard? As opposed to the faggot army? You were an MP a stupid cop…stfu. They’ll go low orbit Earth..if they do and never land on the Moon…we never landed on the Moon..NO shit NASA isn’t Government ran who or when the fuck did I ever mention that???? You just make shit up cause you know you’re wrong.

    • Alex Keefe

      Why are you mentioning low earth orbit if it is flat? U0001f602

    • Alex Keefe

      And again with another YouTube video! Use google scholar if you want to find a peer reviewed journal.

    • Daniel Robinson

      Well that’s all NASA and the president and most scientists say…cause they know going any higher isn’t possible. It’s a hoax. The Moon is just a light I just think it’s weird how you can use any telescope or a 900Xr zoom on a phone camera and see water lines like in a pool or shallow part like the shore. IN 1969 we landed on the moon…right Science guy…but now NASA admits we can’t go any fathur than low orbit…between the moon and Earth..hahaha don’t you get it…

    • Daniel Robinson Here some peer review research.

  • Strych9

    The HPA might be bad for the suppressor industry in the immediate term but… ugh. I can’t just plunk down money on that shit right now. 
    It’s not really a money issue. I have a need for a 6 or 6.5mm suppressor, probably the latter for a competition in September. If the HPA passes I can fight over the OTC cans then. If not there’s no fucking point because filling out a Form 4 months ago I still wouldn’t have the can by the date I need it (most likely) and I’d have to significantly alter my trust to buy one anyway, otherwise if the HPA doesn’t pass I have to buy it solo and then transfer it costing yet another $200.
    HPA or no HPA I’m not buying another can right now. Either it passes and gets signed into law or I go without for another year or two. There’s simply no way I can justify starting the process right now.
    I suspect I’m not the only one in this boat.

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