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Magpul Making Plans to Leave Colorado after Governor Signs HB 1224

By The ITS Crew

Earlier today, the Governor of Colorado signed three gun bills into law and Magpul is standing firm on their decision to move out of the state.

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House Bill 1224

  • Bans possession, sale, or transfer of magazines over 15 round capacity.
  • [PDF]

House Bill 1228

  • Law abiding firearm purchasers will pay a background check fee.
  • [PDF]

House Bill 1229

  • Requires background checks on all firearm transactions.
  • [PDF]

While these bills are slated to go into effect on July 1, two ballot measures have been proposed in an attempt to undo these restrictions.


Magpul - Boulder Airlift


Magpul also reaffirms that the Boulder Airlift program will continue to operate as planned. If you aren’t familiar, they’re working to provide standard capacity magazines to responsible Colorado residents who wish to own them before HB1224 goes into effect.

If you’re a resident of Colorado and wish to jump in line to order your PMAGs, visit for more information.

For those outside of Colorado, don’t feel left out:

Customers in the rest of the country should rest assured that the airlift only takes a small portion of our production, and magazines and other products are continuing to ship to the rest of the nation. Our transition to a new home will occur in a phased and orderly a manner to allow us to continue to serve our customers during the move, as well as to allow an orderly transition for affected employees. We are actively working on those plans.


The final verdict is yet to be written but Magpul does consider themselves to be in “occupied territory.” There also is no official word on exactly when Magpul will leave Colorado or where they will go, but they did share their statement on Monday through a Facebook post:

…we will have no choice but to leave [Colorado] if the Governor signs this into law. We will start our transition out of the state almost immediately, and we will prioritize moving magazine manufacturing operations first. We expect the first PMAGs to be made outside CO within 30 days of the signing, with the rest to follow in phases.

As most of you know, ITS Tactical is proudly based in Texas and according to the Denver Post, Texas Governor Rick Perry sent a letter to Magpul saying that no other state “fits the definition of business-friendly like Texas.” We wish the best for Magpul in their transition out of Colorado and stand with them in their decision. We’ll also be here to welcome them to Texas with open arms if they choose to take Governor Perry up on his proposal.

Colorado is being used as a testing ground for national gun legislation and we continue to urge you to contact your local representatives and make yourself heard!

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  • Cervantes

    I would like to move into another field, hope Magpul does hit TX and hey…Tomball TX is a nice place..and darn close for me..

    Maybe they should come check it out this weekend, the German Festival will be in full swing.

  • Kyle H

    Colorado is going to lose a lot of money with the company leaving the state. While I do not agree with 1224 and 1228, I strongly support 1229.

    • Shall not be infringed

      I’m sorry Kyle, but you didn’t go through a background check before exercising your First Amendment right to free speech. Therefore, since the Nanny State didn’t grant you permission to comment on this exact post, you need to be quiet and let the government protect, err, comment for you.

      A Right that requires permission is not a Right. A man that has to ask permission first is not free .

    • Damian

      Just a quick question to you all down voting the guy for agreeing with expanded background checks, and since we’re all jumping to conclusions around here; so convicted felons should have free access to buy firearms? Since background checks are the worst thing that could happen, why don’t we just do away with them instead? Since, you know, they don’t prevent the bad stuff or anything. Expanding the background checks would help to diminish sales to bad people.

      A Right that requires permission is not a Right. A man that has to ask permission first is not free. Which let’s face it, you have to ask permission your entire life due to the kind of people in which you want to protect yourself from by carrying that weapon.

      If you can’t pass a background check, you shouldn’t have a gun. That’s that.

    • Jim Scrummy

      Umm, everytime you buy a firearm from an FFL, you undergo a background check…. The last time I checked the stats, in the neighborhood of 80+% of all criminals that use a gun in a crime, it has been stolen. So, keep dreaming on the new and improved background check is going stop a criminal from using a gun to commit a crime. Criminals don’t GAS about background checks, because they steal their guns for their crimes. That’s why they are criminals. All of these CO laws are flypaper laws, meant to catch law-abiding citizens who own guns or who want to own guns.

  • Jon

    I wonder where Travis Haley stands on this? I have been amazed he has stayed rather quiet on this problem. He is based out of CO after all.

    • Jaime

      I thought the same thing, he was a Recoil boycott-er if I remember correctly. If he doesn’t leave Colorado as far im concerned its Travis who? Haley what??? You cant point fingers at others who you feel don’t represent the Firearms community and then stand by and live in a repressive Commie Hell hole like Colorado…. Just Sayin! Put your money where your mouth is.

    • Jim Scrummy

      I’ll cut Haley some slack for now. If CO doesn’t come to their senses by 2014 election time, and boot out all the gun-grabbers, then I’d say Haley should leave for better bidness environment.

  • EmbraceTheSuck

    Wow, the protester turn out was so low it’s embarrassing to watch. wtf CO?

  • mike

    Ok, I’m going to take some abuse here. Here’s my thought, as gun owners we suck at taking care of ourselves. I know we have the right to own guns, but we don’t have to be confrontational about it. We will never change the minds of people that hate guns, but those who are in the middle, the ones who don’t hate guns, but don’t own them, we just keep getting in their face. Add a few evil people who kill a bunch of kids and we are surprised that gun ownership is under attack?

  • Craig

    So, a deeper background check is preventing what exactly????? If you have nothing to hide, it is not a breach of anything, nor will it impact your ability to own a firearm, but besides an old piece of paper that was written 200+years ago, why do you need to own firearms? I dont comprehend the desire to have military weapons in the house, who is going to invade???? Magazine limits, why would I need anymore than 15 rounds, if I cant get you with the first, I shouldnt be shooting in the first place, as someone from the outside, all you do is make your country look silly, gun control works everywhere else in the world, and you dont need semi auto/auto firearms in the house to protect you from yourselves.

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