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BREAKING NEWS: Osama Bin Laden Confirmed Dead

By The ITS Crew

A CBS News Pentagon Correspondent is reporting that Bin Laden was killed with a Sniper shot to the head in Pakistan, where SOF Forces have recovered the body.

Stay tuned for updates to this story as we’re waiting for the President to make a statement shortly.

UPDATE: President Obama addressed the nation at 23:36 Eastern time, announcing that US Special Operations have conducted an operation tonight deep inside a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan that has left Osama Bin Laden dead after a firefight. The body of Bin Laden has been taken into custody by the US and moved to Afghanistan and there were no American or civilian casualties.

CBS News is reporting that HUMINT (Human Intelligence) was heavily relied on during this operation as would be expected. They also noted that the President did not alert the Pakistani government until after the fact, which is further proof of a strategic operation.

The President recognized the tireless and heroic work of the Military and Counterterrorism professionals that has led to this achievement for the United States, but cautioned that we will remain vigilant.

Hundreds of people have gathered outside the White House in celebration and throughought the country. We can assure you everyone here at ITS Tactical is celebrating as well!

UPDATE II: Here’s a great link that goes into the unclassified details of the DevGru (Navy SEALs) Operation that brought down Bin Laden.

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  • Brad Carvalho

    Whoop Whoop, Doorkickers rejoice!! The Mother F*cker is DEAD!!

  • America,,,,, America,,,,, AMERICA %UCK YEAH!!!

  • Travis Few

    Glad to hear we got the son of a B**ch!!

  • Wayne K.

    Let’s hope it’s authentic.

  • JP

    Boys, brothers, let’s truly hope this is for real… ’cause we’ve hunting for this mothertrucker for too long!!

  • painisprogress

    F**k yeah, Snake! I hope he felt that round pull the back of his skull off.

  • zmtthw

    History has been made! This event has been heard around the world. This wont stop future issues but we can sleep tonight knowing the mastermind behind all those horrific events is DEAD. To everyone that was involved before 9/11 and throughout the years after, thank you for your hard work and patience in tracking this individual down. Let’s celebrate!!!!


  • Blade Stalker

    If this is true, expect the “Threat Level” to be on max and law enforcement officers on “Alert Status.”
    This will NOT be the time to spoke or challenge the police, so be cool and be careful!

    • Agree. Just because OBL is dead, don’t expect his followers to just give up. They will push harder and be more unpredictable. Stay safe and keep your eyes open!

      God Bless the Men and Women who gave everything to hunt down this bastard.

  • brendan murphy

    anybody else surprised by a reporter commenting that he must not have had much security because
    we only sent in 20-30 SEALs? HAHAHA!

  • caribou

    Thank you to the folks that found and finished him!!

  • cmscorch

    Bin Laden was just the “boogie-man” that the government wanted us to be afraid of. Looks like hes been used up but I’m sure they’ll bring in a new one. He was not responsible for 9/11! It was an inside Job! I urge everyone to research this for themselves. I don’t take pride in his death as so many of the mindless sheeple in America do.

    • Thanks for the insight Michael Moore!

  • colin burke

    ISI was not informed of the operation, but was on site during the raid? Peculiar…

    • Patrick

      “Hey. We’ve got a surprise to show you… No, no, we’ll tell you when we get there… Ok, now stand over there, because we’re about to be awesome.”

  • Irishmanlost

    I heard the operation was carried out by DEVGRU and CIA SAD, anyway we’ve woken up today in a safer world.

    • JH1388

      I have to disagree with you on the safer world bit. Just because it’s one big bad guy down doesn’t mean that there aren’t any others willing to take his place or commit terrorist acts in his name/memory. AQ and the Taliban place a huge importance on martyrs and we just gave them their biggest one ever to rally behind and get empowerment from.
      Now, more than ever, is the time to keep your head on a swivel.

  • DevGru Seal Team Six. No support from PIA. Two helo’s, one down mechanical issue destroyed by team, jumped on other helo for extract. Drone on overwatch.
    4 KIA, OBL, OBL’s son, a courier and a female used as a shield.
    Reports say SEALs had a full replica compound built and were training with that (so far unconfirmed).
    Heard confirmed headshot. OBL body extracted and confirmed KIA off-site.

    Hearing late (posted on cnn too) that body is buried at sea already?

    Anyways… TANGO Down mofos… oorah!

  • randypb

    SEALs Rock!!!


    Oh yeah…bt frinds why was his funeral not shown on tv??
    Is he really dead or just some plan to hide him forever??

    • I know right? A mate with Aussie SAS has been saying the last 2 years he’s dead. I want to believe it but I’m weary of some psyops to flush him out or some political BS.

    • Phil

      What funeral? You really think they held a funeral for the bastard? I’d be surprised if they even got so much as the chaplain to say a few words. They probably just tied some weights around his ankle, tossed him overboard, and said good riddance.

    • Brad Carvalho

      I hope they washed him in Pigs Blood, wrapped his body in chiccarones, tossed him in the pond and pumped him full of lead till he sank to the bottom!!

  • Jackel

    It would be nice to have placed his head on a pike on the White House lawn, however that is simply not done in by civilized people anymore. Fed to the sharks works for me.

  • Madnet

    SEAL TEAM 6 ROCKS!!! But I wouldn’t be suprised if OBL is strapped to a board somewhere with an over whelming drowning feeling!!!! Hopefully they are using the battery cables also!!!!

  • Reddog

    I don’t want to piss on the parade, but would it be too much to ask to actually see the body? I don’t know about you all, but I have a hard time trusting anything this group (BO and crew) puts out. Transparency was promised, but has seldom been delivered.

    • Post from @sheepdogsinc “White House worried that releasing pics of OBL corpse will be inflammatory. Watching people jump from the WTC was inflammatory.”

      I concur!

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