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New Breakthrough from Zulu Nylon Gear! SILENT RIP Hook and Loop

By The ITS Crew

Zulu Nylon Gear Silent Rip

Zulu Nylon Gear has done it again! Not only are they the awesome manufacturers of our Discreet Messenger Bag, but they’ve now managed to produce hook and loop (Velcro) with no sound signature!

As you may know, the biggest complaint with hook and loop fastener is it’s inherent sound signature. The sound that’s produced by opening hook and loop can  definitely give away your position in a tactical environment and make it that much easier for the opposition to detect you.

Effective starting today, all new Discreet Messenger Bags shipped will feature Zulu’s SILENT RIP technology! We’ve included a video below that Zulu put together demonstrating this breakthrough product that WILL take the tactical industry by storm! You have to see this to believe it!

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  • Irishmanlost

    Hahaha… Roll’d

    • why can’t I see the video?? it say its private!?

  • Brian M

    You guy’s got me!

  • Ray

    you’re evil. evil. evil. evil. definitely got my 14c worth today, hahhaha

  • James

    Ahahaha that was good. 😛

  • Virius

    Nice, but seriously when am I getting the silent velcro? 😛

  • Matthew Baxter

    Way to go guys.

  • A.J. Steiner

    Ahahaha! You guys are horrible. 😛


    That brings back memories.

  • I didn’t see this until April 2. I hate you guys.

  • Alex B

    Well you even got me on the third

    But i think you are up to something make it happen!!!!!
    Tactical Suppressed Velcro!

  • Bergman

    Heheh. That was awesome. But my favorite Rick Roll has to be this one:

  • old fart

    I”d expect this behavior from one of my boy’s….. it must be a family thing! if yer ever in green bay you’ll have to endure the icy hot civvies prior to heading out to the gun range….I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them!

  • Thomas Widhalm

    rolled… I was just about writing a blog article about this. 🙂

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