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Revision Military Free Swag Kit Offer and Exoshield Initial Impressions

By Bryan Black

Revision Military has an awesome promotion currently running where they’re  giving away a free Revision Swag Kit with every order over $99 placed in their online store!

Not only that, but ITS Tactical members can get 30% off their order by entering their discount code on checkout! This promotion runs through the end of the day on Thursday December 22, 2011. (Limit 1 Swag Kit per order)

The Swag Kit consists of a Revision Velcro-backed patch, Revision hat and 2 Revision bandanas. Here’s one of my favorites that Revision is producing.

Revision Exoshield

[flickr id=”6544632879″ thumbnail=”medium_640″ overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”center”]

I’d highly suggest looking at the Revision Exoshield while you’re browsing the Revision Website. I’m currently putting them through their paces now; they’re extremely low-profile, resist fogging well and excellent for running NODs (Night Observation Device AKA Night Vision) with.

The Exoshield ballistic goggles are also comfortable under EarPro. I’m eager to skydive with them after the first of the year too. I’ll have a full write-up coming to ITS, but those are just a few of my initial notes on the Exoshield.

It was initially developed for Special Operations personnel who wanted a goggle that could be used for the entire mission; from insertion to extraction.


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