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Get a Sneaky Peek at the New Revision Vipertail Ballistic Sunglasses

By Bryan Black

It looks like Revision Military has a new pair of ballistic sunglasses coming out called the Vipertail and the only way to check them out is via a video preview on their Facebook page.

We saw quite a few great products from Revision Military at the SHOT Show this year and appreciated the time they spent showing us their product line. I’ve personally been really impressed with the Revision  Sawflys I use all the time at the range, but these look like what I’ve been looking for.

I wear Gatorz on a regular basis, but they don’t offer any ballistic protection for use on the range. From what I can tell on the Vipertail video, these appear to be a great mashup between style and protection!

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  • Dave J.

    Sweet, a pair of revisions I actually like the style of. I will be having a pair for sure.

  • Very nice! I’m wearing my Sawfly’s right now and have been really impressed with the quality and scratch resistance of the lenses. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy more eye wear from Revision.

  • Lou Diamond

    Bryan if you like Gatorz but want a better aluminum product that also offers ANSI ballistic protection you need to check out Liquid Eyewear’s Hellfire model. Besides being ballistic it is also a transition lens. Most of the guys on the teams/ODAs are wearing them these days.

  • Irishmanlost

    Those look awesome, it’s like if someone took a F-117 Nighthawk and turned it into a pair of glasses. I’m really considering these now…

  • Brad Carvalho

    Purchased and returned!! The quality was poor for the price and they sit on the face weird! I’ll be sticking with my Oakleys for now.

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