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SHOT Show 2010 Best of Day 3

By The ITS Crew

Yesterday (Day 3) we managed to complete our walk-through of the Law Enforcement/Military area of SHOT Show, it took us three days! Of course we stopped and talked with tons of vendors, but this place is massive!

The highlight of today was Crye Precision’s Jumpable Plate Carrier (JPC) that weighs just under 1lb. and features a revolutionary new AirLite Cummerbund attachmet. Basically it’s free-floating MOLLE. Unfortunately, we don’t have a photo to share as Caleb asked us to please not post it on the internet just yet.

We’ve been tweeting updates throughout the day that feature more photos and will continue to do so all week, so if you aren’t following us on Twitter  click here!

These are some of the items that we felt were the best of what we saw today:

  • CRYE Jumpable Plate Carrier (JPC)
  • CRYE StKSS (Structural Kinetic Support System – allows shoulders and spine to be isolated from weight carried)
  • CRYE GunClip (It’s not a holster!)
  • CRYE G3 Clothing and All-Weather Line (Awesome clothing coming from CRYE
  • OPS-CORE Manta Strobe (Awesome IR/White light strobe that vibrates to indicate IR illumination)
  • OPS-CORE FAST Base Jump Helmet (Integrated NVG Shroud with $180 retail price point)
  • OPS-CORE FAST Full Ear Cut Helmet
  • OPS-CORE Side Armor
  • OPS-CORE Gunsight Mandible (Holds an excellent cheek weld – see photo)
  • OPS-CORE Redesigned Chin-Cup Buckle (Much easier to attach and release while wearing gloves)
  • Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Chest Rig, and Mag Pouches
  • Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed DAP Pack Medium and Small
  • Blue Force Gear Packaging (While not gear, BFG launched some awesome new packaging!)
  • Mystery Ranch King Cab Pack (Shown in Multicam)
  • Mystery Ranch Packs in AOR-1 and AOR-2
  • PETZL RIG (Compact Self-Braking Descender)

Thanks for your support and be sure to check back in with us later today for our coverage on the last day of the 2010 SHOT Show!

On a side note… If you happen to pick up the new TAG Catalog, be sure to check out page 51 and 52 for ITS Tactical provided photos of the Advanced Load Out Bag!

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