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SHOT Show 2012: Day 1 Live Coverage

By The ITS Crew

Stay tuned for live coverage coming from the 2012 SHOT Show floor on Day 1.

This post will update throughout the day as our coverage continues, so check back often for all the awesomeness!

If you have specific requests, please leave them in the comments and we’ll do our best to track down the information for you. Thanks for tuning into our coverage!

–1559– Magnum Boots Command 8.0 Side Zip

–1558– The Magnum Boots lineup.

–1555– Always quality from Magpul!

–1542– MagLink from Magpul, $18

–1539– New shotgun forends and stocks from Magpul.

–1537– Strider Knives SJ-75 Retails for $400

–1536– New Strider Knives, Aluminum

–1532– A beautiful (limited edition) M40 rifle just like Chuck Mawhinney’s.

–1529– Battle Mug – One serious made in USA mug

–1527– LFP-9 Pistol from Legion Firearms will be available in 9mm and 40 cal

–1526– Browe Inc optics with Legion Firearms AR rifle

–1525– Great stuff from Legion Firearms out of Temple, Texas! LF-15C Dissipates 30% faster, maintenance free rifle

–1524– New from Kitanica: The Mark V

–1521– Gurkha Bag from I-SHOT. Free standing, stores 6 ammo boxes, bladder/laptop, mag pouches…etc.

–1511– Great rifles from Legion Firearms!

–1448– New stocks from Accuracy International. Thumb hole to pistol grip.

–1440– Accuracy International AW rifle system.

–1438– Mossie Universal Mount from Battle Comp also comes with picatinny mount

–1435– Mossie Universal Mount Battle Comp – If your light fits on a Glock, it fits on this!

–1239– CMMG .22LR Pistol 6.5″ with Wasp treated barrel.

–1231– Desert Tracker Plate Carrier from US Palm made specifically for the sweltering Arizona Desert heat!

–1230– Happiness is a belt-fed weapon.

–1229– Pencott Snow Drift Camo

–1228– US Palm Plate Carrier Backpack.

–1227– Check out this iPad case from US Palm! Get yours in Coyote, Ranger Green, MultiCam or Black

–1226– Breakdown AK from US Palm! Break it down all the way and it fits in a size 12 shoebox!

–1218– 45 round and 30 round AK mags from US Palm!

–1215– US Palm showing off great patches with their gear!

–1213– FirstSpear’s 6/12 Modular Attachment System offers 20-40% reduction in weight than alternative.

–1212– New Drop Leg Panel featuring 6/12 technology from First Spear

–1151– First Spear Strandhogg MBAV Cut Plate Carrier featuring new First Spear ‘Tubes’ quick release.

–1135– Exciting new product line coming from DriFire this year. More to come on RF apparel that feels like cotton!

–1120– SOLKOA’s Ultra-lightweight Multi-purpose Aluminum container : 3.1 oz but sturdy!

–1118– SOLKOA FastFire Fire Starting Kit retails for $18.95.

–1114– SOLKOA Serving America’s Lone Warriors showing their love for America in their booth

–1113– Desert Tactical Arms.

–1112- Eyeball Camera Kit from Mistral Security Inc.

–1101–TEGS Grip Tape available in MultiCam!

–1058– TEGS grip tape and gloves give up to 270% grip improvement. Cool stuff!

–1051– Hey I remember this bag from last year! Though I think it grew… (Sandpiper of California.)

–1046– So new, they don’t even have a name yet! Super light and breathable knee pads from Massif for $40.

–1044– Massif Diamond Peak Field Pant is discreet and fully fits the new ITS EDC Trauma Kit. (Pulled out for demo.)

–1040– New Revision Sawfly Photochromic Eyewear! Adjusts as you move in the field or anywhere. Retails for $149.99

–1028– New Massif Klamath Technical Fleece – Reinforced panels, stretchy, weather resistant. $149

–1027– Durable, stretch, well thought out pants from Massif – Diamond Peak Field Pant

–1025– Massif High Performance Civilian Line – High quality gear direct from their Military line

–1024– Battle Ax Combat pant from Massif with a unique low profile side cargo pocket to minimize bulk.

–1012– Brand new Index Card Wallet from Rite in the Rain!

–1010– Rite in the Rain – It Works!!!

–1004– More Rite in the rain good stuff!

–1002– Rite in the Rain products to help sportsmen and women keep track of the important stuff.

–1000– Fox Fury Nomad – Up to 4,000 lumens – Sets up in 20 seconds. Up to 95 inches tall.

–0957– Fox Fury Rook Checkmate – 600 lumens – $199 – Hi/Low/Strobe.

–0945– Darth Vader mask from Fox Fury.

–0944- TKN (Trauma Kit Now) from Blue Force Gear.

–0943– Blue Force Gear Admin Pouch. Very slick.

–0938– I feel as if I’m being watched… ^MP

–0936– New LMAC (Lightweight Modular Armor Carrier) from Blue Force Gear. (23 oz empty – $259.95)

–0934– Blue Force Gear Helium Whisper Double M4 Pouch. Reducing weight for troops from 115g to 54g for standard double mag pouch.

–0933– Helium Whisper from Blue Force Gear – Strong, lightweight, slim MOLLE attachment.

–0925– Asymmetric Warrior Precision Tactical Rifle System from Ashbury Precision Ordnance

–0920– Helo jacket from Otte Gear, lightweight and easily packable.

–0915– OTTE Gear Sentinel. (Similar to Overwatch but no hood & a few other differences.)

–0913– Sniper Overwatch soft shell from OTTE Gear. (Taking orders & shipping next month.)

–0912– Sentinel Releasable Plate carrier from London Bridge Trading.

–0906– Equipment Sanitizer kills all bacteria in 14 minutes using ozone. New from Rapid Response Concepts & Decon Zone

–0902– Combatives training gear from LBT. Lightweight, flexible, protective, simmunition compliant…

–0857– Great products at London Bridge Trading & a new site launching soon!

–0835– Free DRIFIRE FR T-Shirt from Tactical Distributors – Just drop by their booth and give the password: The Indians are on the Warpath!

0745— The crew is in the Press Room planning the day AKA ‘drinking coffee by the gallon.


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