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US Replacing Terror Alert Color Code Chart with Something Familiar

By Bryan Black

I just read something interesting I wanted to share with everyone, It seems that the Color-Coded Terror Alert system is getting replaced with a simple two-level system.

Instead of the blanket color warnings, we’ll now be presented with either an “Imminent Threat” or “Elevated Threat.” An “elevated” threat will include a credible threat of terrorism, while an “imminent” threat would warn of a credible, specific and impending threat.

It’s awesome to know that the Government has been keeping tabs on what we’re doing here and chosen to name their new system after us! I’m joking of course, but still humorous nonetheless.

It’s great that the old color system is getting replaced though, as it seemed like we consistently sat in an elevated state, which is probably where we’ll stay with the new system too. One of the chief complaints of the old system was that there wasn’t any specific information in regards to the threat.

According to Homeland Security the new alerts will include the potential geographic area and the mode of transportation or critical infrastructure potentially targeted in the threat. Some alerts may only go to law enforcement or those directly affected by the threat, rather than the public.

The alerts that are published will be done so through the media as well as pushed to social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

What do you think of the new system?

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  • Justin White

    Meh… The whole Terror Alert system is a joke. Helping terrorist with #winning since 2001.

  • G.B.

    Yeah, that’s right. Having an elevated threat level at all-times is totally the way to calm people down about the (statistically very unlikely) possibility of a terrorist attack.

    If you just crunch the numbers more people are still killed every year by various household animals, i.e. dogs, horses, cows than by terrorist attacks. of course both these categories fade into insignificance when compared to things such as heart disease, traffic collisions, violent crime and DIY around the house.

    I’m not scared about being killed by terrorists, i’m scared of that guy who’s texting whilst driving and doesnt see me making that left-hand turn, or of that hamburger which i probably shouldn’t eat, or of falling off that ladder and hitting my head on the pavement.

  • Colin

    Two options, neither of which are on the order of “stand down,” or something like it. Perhaps this is not the audience to preach to about having a “non-threat” level, and agreed, there are certain advantages of being always situationally aware. There is also the distraction of second nature, or complacency. It DOES seem like we’ve always been at an ‘elevated’ threat level, …compared to?
    What happened to DEFCON 5, and how informative is it to the public (or given law enforcement, security, etc.) to always be at at state of elevated readiness?

  • Jon

    @GB I would definitely have to agree with you. Although I’ve reported “suspicious” activity before to the local PD, I spend a lot more time looking for kids on skateboards or running into the street after a ball. I’ve grown so tired of the DHS threat level that I’ve stopped paying attention to it. Call it complacency, but to see the condition rarely change, hardly encourages me to be hyper vigilant. Statistics alone are enough to make me feel comfortable and safe for the most part. I’m MUCH more inclined to watch for criminal activity like vandalism, trespassing, burglary, or assault in my neighborhood rather than terrorist threat.

  • MIKE25

    If it cranks up the Google hits to ITS I’m all for it!

    • What happened to comment voting? I went to vote this up, but that function seems to be gone.

    • It’s back now, we had to take it down for a bit.

  • Wayne K.

    We can’t even seal the borders–I wonder what color she will assign to that area. At least Sec. Napolitano can say “terrorist” now.

    • siegrisj

      Can’t or won’t?

  • Mike
  • Wayne K.

    Can’t or won’t—either way, we aren’t.

  • Jimbo

    I think the National Weather Service should take a hint and color the watches and warnings for those of us that can never remember which is which.

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