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Tactical Distributors 20% Off ENO Products This Weekend!

By Bryan Black

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that our sponsor Tactical Distributors is running a 20% off sale this weekend on ENO (Eagles Nest Outfitters) Products.

I just put in my order for an ENO Hammock I’ve been drooling over since Mike brought his with him to Texas at our 2nd Anniversary Party earlier this month. The ITS Crew went out hiking and we were all amazed at the versatility and how easy it was to put up and take down.

I’m planning on camping out in it a few times over the next few months and I’ll write up a review on it when I’m done, I have high expectations though having already seen one in action.

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  • That hammock is amazing! As you can see in the photo we set it across a small creek where the trees were very far apart. Two clicks of the carabiners and your all set. Then take it down and fold it up into itself and off you go.

  • I love the eno double nest. It is very easy to set up, seats two people comfortably, and could sleep two if needed, but not extremely comfortably.

    I now pack it with a poncho and emergency blacket for all day hikes. It is a quick comfy emergency shelter that gets you off the ground.

    I took it backpacking in hawaii for two weeks. Used only a hammock, poncho, emergency bivy and sleeping bag liner. All together it weighed less than my sleeping bag, and kept me warm and dry in the heavy rain on the big island in April.

  • Blade Staker

    Which one do you recommend? The “ProNest” or another?

    • Not sure which one Mike has, but I just ordered the ProNest in Khaki 🙂

    • Blade Staker

      Thanks Bryan!

    • pro nest is nice and light (363 grams). If you like to move around or just like having the extra space for another person get the double nest. It is almost double the weight. (624 grams).

      The slapstrap by ENO weighs more than the Byer Amazonas MicroRope that I already had for another hammock setup. Using the byer micro rope I could remove the heavy carabiner from the eno hammock. It’s a small weight reduction but every ounce counts.

  • Jason Robert

    I bought the singlenest and have used it twice, the most recent this afternoon, as it so happens, at Stephen F. Austin State Park outside of Houston. I haven’t been pleased at all with the singlenest. When I get into it, it is no where near as comfortable as Mike’s was when we went on that hike during the anniversary weekend. The sides tend to curl up on me, and it wasn’t wide enough to enjoy sitting in- it tends to cut into the back of my legs.

    I’ve placed an order for a doublenest (not the deluxe) with high hopes that it was the model that Mike had- I know his was definitely NOT the ProNest- that thing is ubber-small!

  • MQ

    All I can say even with 20% you can’t beet the price of these on Amazon. Same ones 51 bucks instead of roughly 64 (not including shipping and handling for either)

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