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ITS Tactical 2nd Anniversary Party AAR

By Bryan Black

I thought I’d throw up a small After Action Report today from the awesome time we all had Saturday at the 2nd Anniversary Party!

We nearly had the whole ITS Crew here at our HQ in Fort Worth, which was exciting in itself.  Mike flew in from D.C., Eric from Florida, Jason from Houston and Matt took the train down from Oklahoma with a few of his buddies.

Mike, Eric, Jason and I spent Saturday morning hiking around the trails of Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve, checking out Mike’s ENO Hammock and locating a nearby Geocache. It was a great way to spend the morning before we had to start running errands to get everything ready for the party that night.  On a side note, stay tuned for more on Geocaching; we have something pretty cool planned on ITS!

ITS 2nd Anniversary Party 14We were pretty surprised when we picked up the cake we had made up with the ITS Logo and the logo looked pink! After getting it back to my house, we realized it was changing colors and now looked green. We came to the conclusion that while the light was affecting it, it most likely had something to do with the edible print that was used.

Our other errands included loading up the keg of Shiner, grabbing ice and picking up sandwiches from Firehouse Subs on our way to ITS HQ to start setting everything up for all our guests. We wound up having a great turnout with a little over 30 people that came out to help us celebrate!

The highlights of the evening included meeting lots of great people, Mike’s hysterical pronunciation of the word “Bathroom” (see video below) and a few of the after hours partiers checking out the new Ares Armor RAD Pack. Thanks so much to everyone that came out to help us celebrate our first two years at ITS Tactical, none of what we are today would have been possible without your continued support!

Photos and Videos

Here’s a few images and just a taste of the hilarity that ensued!


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