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Can Your Watch Do This? – Gear Tasting Radio 32

By The ITS Crew

An essential part of any good Every Day Carry, wristwatches are the focus of this week’s Gear Tasting Radio. We break down some of the differences you’ll find in the watch market, including why some watches vary in price by thousands of dollars.

We also highlight some of our favorite watches and why they’ll have a place on our wrists forever.

Episode 32 – Can Your Watch Do This?

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In each episode of Gear Tasting Radio, we offer an in-depth look into the usage and philosophy behind the equipment in our lives.

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  • Dave H

    Have you ever considered using the Leatherman Tread as a watch Bracelet? Speaking of keeping things classy, it does a pretty good of blending in some functionality into class. At a distance it looks like a black steel bracelet, but it does increase functionality for high class events or air travel. Here’s a picture below of the final product. It takes some after market parts but a great bracelet option.

  • Dave H

    Also for the watch it’s a Luminox 3059.Set and it has been great. It’s tells the time & date very well and nothing else.

    And personally I’m with Bryan on the apple watch. I’ve grown against wearing smart watches. Just not for me. I won a series two apple watch and promptly sold it. Too annoying. Harder to unplug from alerts.

  • IanBreakspear

    Nice to hear somebody not bagging out quartz movements. I had a little-known Fortis B-42 Cosmonaut – super solid automatic, 200m water resistance, wonderfully simple, clear and readable face. Felt like a tank on your wrist (and weighed about the same!). A little expensive to service, and of course as you stated, nowhere near as accurate as a quartz. Ended up selling it (hard decision), and going with a Wenger Seaforce (actually 2 now, in different colours and bands). Again a very clear and readable face, 200m water resistance, but about a 10th of the price of the Fortis, and quartz movement making it ridiculously accurate. I highly recommend it – inexpensive but tough, not too heavy or large or too utilitarian-looking for daily office wear, but at the same time I’m not concerned about it getting damaged when wearing it hiking or swimming. Various colour bezels available, and both silicon plastic strap or metal bracelet options. The only thing to note is the metal bracelet is a bit thin and flimsy, but the silicon plastic strap is solid, just not as good looking.

    Have been looking recently at the Nite watches. Their tritium illumination looks interesting (have been fascinated by this with other brands like Luminox, but they really aren’t a brand of watch you can wear around the office when wearing a suit!), and they have a variety of models from rough-and-tumble looking types, to more dress watches. Their Alpha series looks good (I like a simple face), and there is a variety of face and bezel colours and band options. Would be interested in hearing if anybody hear has one, and what they think.

    My daily wear at the moment is a Filson Dutch Harbour. Picked in up on a visit to New York a year ago (I’m an Australian ITS reader), and really like it. Relatively expensive for a quartz movement, but solid. 300m water resistance, solid and comfortable steel bracelet, and a simple and clear face. The screw down crown can occasionally come loose (for instance if my wrist gets caught in a backpack strap as I put on/off the pack, it can rub hard against the crown and loosen it), but not in normal activities.

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