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Breach & Clear: A Mobile Game Helping Veterans

By Mike Petrucci

Breach and Clear iOS Android Game

What is Breach & Clear?

Breach & Clear is a mobile game currently available on iOS and Android. In the simplest of terms, the game is exactly what the title says it is. You control a four man squad with the objective of breaching and clearing multiple rooms. There are a number of different countries and layouts to choose from and gameplay will feature three scenarios; Terrorist Hunt, Hostage Rescue and Bomb Defusal.

To complete the missions, you have to rely on using appropriate tactics as well as upgrading and outfitting your squad members loadouts and weapon attachments.

Breach & Clear Gear 01

Breach & Clear Gear 02

They give you the ability to customize just about everything, from your helmet to plate carriers and rifle optics to triggers. Many of these items are modeled after their real world counterparts so you’ll probably recognize names such as Crye Precision and SureFire among others.

The world of Special Operations is a tight knit, closed group populated by incredibly knowledgeable and motivated individuals who answer to a life of service. Breach & Clear allows you to take a peek at the world of Special Operations as well as close quarters battles in this highly engaging and detail-oriented tactical strategy title.

Working with members of this elite community and suppliers to the best of the best, gamers will be able to customize and orient special operations teams from around the world as you take on missions that have been planned out by members of this highly selective community.

Helping Veterans

The folks behind the Breach & Clear mobile game recently reached out us looking for some input on their military strategy game. While most of us here at ITS aren’t world class or even avid gamers at best, there was something else that grabbed our attention more than the tactical strategy aspect of the game.

Breach & Clear Morale Patches

As with most smart phone games, many are enabling in-app sales as a way to give the player an advantage. Breach & Clear has set up something very interesting in this regard. Through an in-game purchase, you can buy a patch for your characters to wear and 100% of the proceeds of that sale will go towards helping veterans and their families. Currently they only have two patches available with the proceeds going to Operation Ward 57 and the Yellow Ribbon Fund but it would be great to see more charities added to this program.

Initial Notes

Right off the bat, the music and menu graphics draw you in. Specifically, the score sounds very “epic” and sets the mood quite well. Swiping through the menus may take a moment to get used to but you’ll quickly find out how to set up your squad and head off for training.

Breach & Clear Kabul 01

Breach & Clear Kabul 02

Right after training, you get started with a mission in Kabul. Some may be looking for a first person or even third person perspective but this game focuses on top down view strategy. You tell your squad where to go and what to do and when you’re ready, hit the “Breach” button. With enemies appearing at random locations, you have to make sure you’re prepared.

We’re going to hold off on providing an in depth analysis of the game until we can play more, but we also need your help.

Want to Win a Free Copy?

While Breach & Clear is already out and anyone can buy it, we have a few copies to give away here on ITS. We have 3 download codes for iOS users and 3 for Android. We’re going to pick 6 people at random (3 iOS users and 3 Android) to get a free copy of Breach & Clear the game.

We are currently selecting the winners and they will be contacted shortly. While the contest is over, you are welcome to share your input on the game if you’ve played it before. Head over to the Forum and add your thoughts!

How to Win

  1. Make sure you have a compatible device. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for details.
  2. Agree to fully test the game and share your thoughts and feedback.
  3. Leave a Comment below with what model device you have and that you’d like to test the game and are willing to send us feedback.

In 1 week, we’ll select and notify the winners. Make sure your comment reflects a good email or social media profile we can use to contact you.

For those of you already have the game, we welcome you to share your thoughts here as well. Good luck everyone!

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  • jdknightjr

    I would love to play/test this game and am ready and willing to give feedback. I run a Samsung Galaxy S3. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • FireFoXz

    I’d like to try this game. I have a Samsung Galaxy ACE II X.

  • FireFoXz

    I’d like to try this game. I have a Samsung Galaxy ACE II X (Android). Thanks for this raffle! You’re awesome ITS Tactical!

  • RomexTratar

    Hi 🙂 I’m romex from slovenia, i would like to test the app for the purpose of cqb airsoft. Just type Airsoft club pirates on youtube and check the videos. I have samsung galaxy tab P1000. Thank you.

  • Mhouston

    I have an Apple Ipad 2 and would love to give my feed back

  • crassostrea

    Would love to test this game out.  I have both an iPad and iPhone.

  • Saint

    Galaxy S3.  I could use some of those patches.

  • Zacdc

    Hey Brian, I saw this game a while back and didn’t know if it was legit. The info above definitely has me interested. I have an iphone and I’d definitely be interested in testing it out and writing something up.

  • TheLivingFeel

    I’d love to test Breach and Clear because I love tactical games and especially one in the style of XCOM and in this case like in Breach and clear.
    I have an iPhone 5 with 16 GB and I’d be ready to start any time.

  • 5upreme7eam

    I would love to test Breach & Clear because not only am I big milsim lolconnoisseur, I love playing strategic games like this.  I have an iPhone 4S 16GB.

  • DeathwatchDoc

    I’ve owned the game for iOS since launch and have played the hell out of it… Don’t need to win one, but I would still provide testing support on my iPhone 5 if you put me in contact with the devs.

  • JoshC.

    I’m right here in Tejas, a vet, and wouldn’t mind testing it out. Using an Iphone 4.

  • Milsim4Hire

    I would love to test Breach & Clear because not only am I big milsim lolconnoisseur, I love playing strategic games like this.  I have an iPhone 4S 16GB.

  • Kyle

    I would be willing to test Breach & Clear for Android and provide full feedback on the game! I have an Android Samsung Galaxy S/3 SGH-I747M

  • RobbyHenrichs

    I am a avid shooter player and would like to give it a run for it money and give my opinion-  iPad/iPhone. Thanks for the chance.

  • bravestirons170

    I Agree to fully test the game and share your thoughts and feedback.  Already checked and my device is compatible a Motorola Droid R2-D2 special edition ESB.

  • RonnieFusco

    I agree to test and report a SitRep on the features and playability of the game, I have an iphone 4s that is compatible with this software
    Thank You
    US Army Ranger (ret.)

  • ChaoticArsonist

    I agree to test this game and report feedback. I use an iPhone 4S that is compatible with this software.

  • BrandonKamp

    This looks like a pretty cool game. I’m an avid gamer as well as an experienced QA analyst.
    It looks like my Moto Droid 3 is compatible, and I would love to share my experience with it.

  • ThomasHenrichs

    im an avid gamer with a galaxy s4 its basically why i bought it so i could game on my phone

    • ThomasHenrichs

      i also would like to test this game and do a full review on it

  • zachmorris01

    I’m a enough of a gamer and I work in digital & design daily that I would like to try this out.  Even though I’ve never entered the “fatal funnel” I think I could still lend a hand in amazing feedback!  Happy to help!

  • GreenUmi

    I’d play on a LG Optimus 4x HD. I already tried the game on a friend’s iOS device and I’d like to play through it myself so I can relay some feedback!

  • Generic42

    I’m a Sys Admin with strong troubleshooting and QA skills, I have an iPhone 4S I would be willing to test and provide feedback on.

  • Looks like a fun game! Love the concept of using the in app purchases to promote a cause, especially helping veterans.

  • Nubs101

    Looks like a fun game. I would like to test and give a review on this game.  I have an Android.
    -Thanks ITS

  • TheDanimal

    Looks fun. I have an ipad I could test it on. I have email, facebook, twitter, etc on my phone as well so feedback is just a few feet away. I’ve played games since I was 5 (now 20). I’m glad to see the military charities backing this since several family members, including myself, have served or are currently.

  • WillAlbert

    Looks like a fun game, and for a great cause!  I’d love to fully test the game and give you some feedback on it.  I have an Apple iPhone.

  • I would love to play and test this game on the iPhone 5.
    If it bumps up my odds I should add that I was an Alpha Tester, Beta Tester and developer with the Americas Army project for almost 7 years…. DOH!  Don’t make me name drop too!

  • KrisVanWagner

    Id love to test it out! I have an Iphone as well.

  • Cameron Melvin

    I’d love to guve it a go.

  • AaronK

    I have an Asus transformer prime and would love to participate!

  • DemonFrost


  • gmalone14

    IPhone 4 and IPad

  • Pooch

    iPhone 5                         [email protected]                 thanks

  • AKARazorback

    Gallaxy S3 (Android), would love to try it!

  • nfugal

    Nexus 7 (1st Gen). I’d love to try it and give feedback.

  • feartheturtle22

    Love to help you out, (iPhone 5)

  • jrwilfing

    running iPhone 4s and as a mobile gamer of sorts, I would gladly assist in feedback.

  • iphone 5 i would enjoy helping,

  • LiionDefense_Cory

    My name is Cory Finley from Liion Defense | Concealment and Tactical. I run an iPhone 5 with IOS 7 – I would love to T&E and give my humble opinion. Thx.

  • Freestyle1138

    Running an iPhone4 and an ipad2. This would give me something fun todo on my downtime underway.

  • Nate G

    Galaxy S3 and I would love to test the game and send you feedback, and if I don’t win I will probably buy the game anyway looks fun and could maybe help keep you up on your room clearing tactics

  • RadTac

    ive got an ipod4 and willing to review the game to help out the vets.

  • iPad 4th Generation willing to give constructive feedback.

  • nvr_srrndr

    I would love to test the game out and share my feedback.
    I’m on a Samsung Galaxy S4.

  • Rorschach

    Willing to test the game out and give constructive feedback
    iPhone 4

  • Minhster

    I am willing to test the game and share my thoughts and feedback if I got a free copy. I have a Samsung S3 mini.
    … now i can’t buy the game until the contest is over…. hah

  • Hi there, I’d like to test the game on my Sony Xperia SP 😀
    I’m used to post reviews about books, video games, and ever beer ^^
    Same as Minhster, I HAVE to wait until the contest is over….

  • nedlog

    loved Rainbow Six on the old Playstation versions and played Jagged Alliance for years. I would love to write you an review maybe even an comparison to these games. Would be the first game on my iPhone ever. So maybe a whole new world to explore!

  • DaronFlowers

    I’d like to try the game out and do a review on it.

  • NoChance

    I have an iphone4. I would like to test game and give you feedback on it

  • dgdimick

    I’ve been waiting for this game since I saw a write up on it a few months back. It’s selling for $1.99 right now on Google Apps. 
    Some people are complaining about in app purchases. I find that these sometimes are worth the extra money; case in point Plague Inc. you can advance up in the game. or you can pony up a small bit of cash and get ahead.
    I’m not associated with either game, just putting in my two cents.

  • Pilot76

    I have an HTC inspire and would like to help test this game. I can be contacted on facebook with the name Zachary Prewitt.

  • Kango

    iOS device. Fully willing to T&E this.

  • Mfarrar

    I’m running an iPhone 4S and would love to test this game. I can also run it on an iPad and see how it does. I’d be glad to be apart of something that helps veterans!

  • DaronFlowers

    Never mind i coundt wait i already bought it and ita aweaome

  • sacRyan

    Galaxy S3 willing and ready to test and evaluate!

  • Tragicview


    I’ll buy it, particularly if it supports our Vets.  I don’t have a ton of time to game, but will play this one and offer what feedback I can anyway.  Thanks for the post!

  • Bluesheepdog911

    Samsung Galaxy S4 here

  • dgdimick

    Where do we offer feedback? I have a few “issues”. I’m willing to bet it just me being stupid. It looks like for less then $15 you can Max out the gear.
    Anyone know where you can buy the “real” patches? The online purchase is cool, but it would be cooler to have them. Sorry for being a nob.

    • dgdimickFeedback would be through an email to [email protected] and we can forward it along to the creators of the game. Unfortunately I don’t have any information on real patches being available. Might want to contact the Breach & Clear guys on that one.

    • dgdimick


      Thanks for the info. I’ll take some time today and send you guys an email.

  • jb373

    This game looks awesome. I’d love to have it on my android tablet. If I don’t win I might still buy it.

  • spyke01

    Galaxy S4, I would love to have a copy

  • Wamprat

    I have an Android Razor Max – I’d love to provide some feedback.

  • MoreLiberty

    Sorry but a four-man team does not equal a squad.

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