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8.6.11 Tribute Patch Honoring Heroes with Proceeds going Directly to the Navy SEAL Foundation

By The ITS Crew

Matt has been working hard this weekend to come up with a tribute patch honoring those who fell on August 6, 2011 in the greatest loss of life in a single day since Operation Red Wings.

Update: Click here to purchase these patches directly from the ITS Store.

We’re starting a pre-order today for these patches and all proceeds will go directly to the Navy SEAL Foundation benefiting the families of the fallen and the SEAL community. Update: All  proceeds will go directly to multiple charities that will support the Army Reserve crew, Army National Guard crew, Air Force Special Operations and the  Navy SEAL Foundation.

These custom 100% embroidery patches measure 3.5″ wide x 3.5″ tall and feature a gold VI and 23 stars for men and lone K-9 of DEVGRU and Naval Special Warfare who fell. The 31 with the black band symbolizes the 31 members of the combined efforts of the Naval Special Warfare Command, Army National Guard and the Air Force Special Operations Command who gave their lives on August 6th. The red star marks the location in Wardak Province, Afghanistan the QRF (Quick Reaction Force) Chinook was struck with an RPG.

These brave men have never asked for anything in return for what they continue to do around the globe to ensure our way of life here. Please help the Navy SEAL Foundation and the families of the fallen in anyway you can, whether it’s by purchasing a patch or donating directly to the Foundation and other charities set up to help our warriors!

Pre-order a 8.6.11 Tribute Patch Here

The pre-order is over but you can purchase the 8.6.11 Tribute Patch here

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  • Jake McCluskey

    I hope lots of money is raised for this cause. What a tragic day for the community. My prayers go out to the families.

    Great job guys on a patch. I just ordered one and I hope to order more.

    • Thank you for supporting the Navy SEAL Foundation Jake!

  • JPR

    Thanks for making these patches to remember our brave heros.


  • Night Wolves T1


  • Jason

    A terrible and tragic loss for our country. Thank you for making these great looking patches available so we can honor these guys. I just placed an order for one.

    • Thank you Jason, we’re glad we can gather everyone to support to such a great cause!

  • Thanks for this. I just placed my order and I know it’s not much but I’m glad to know that 100% of the profits are going directly to the heroes and their families. It’s my little way of giving back for someone who gave so much and doesn’t even know who I am. That’s a hero.

  • brendan murphy

    I really don’t want to cast anything resembling negativity on this – you guys are incredible at remembering and giving honor where it is due. but I’ve been reading that it was 31 Americans. Am I wrong? Thanks for your steadfast support of our soldiers AND their families!

    • brendan murphy

      i’m definitely wrong.. moderator call pull .. geez.

    • No worries Brendan, there have been a lot of mixed reports out there… Thanks for the kind words!

    • brendan murphy

      Well now with the update – I don’t feel as dumb. And I agree an American Hero is an American Hero regardless of how many legs they walk on!

  • Great patch for an honorable (yet sad) cause. Placed my order. Good luck on the fund raising.

    • Thanks for supporting the Navy SEAL Foundation Brian!

  • Jean Voigts

    To Brendan: I don’t want to pull anything negative either!! My heart aches for these Warriors and their families. I believe in my heart there were 31 (thirty-one) killed. There were 22 Navy SEALS; 3 Air Force; 4 Crew Members; 1 Dog Handler; 1 Military dog!!!!! Every animal, and I know for a fact, that a dog is as precious as our military men – is part of the Military! They have their I.D. tags and are considered, absolutely, Military. There were 31 (THIRTY ONE) killed. I will never forget our Warriors and our Warrior Dog!….RIP

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  • Greg Stoklos

    The patch is great. I do believe that the dog KIA, is also important. I suggest adding another “star”, but in a different color “if” needed, to show respect to the dog that gave it’s life also. If I remember correctly, thought I’ve seen pictures of soldier mourning a dog KIA, in the same way a soldier is mourned. Are they not part of the team?? Would they not give up their life for the team? Are they not used to scout out an area to prevent lose of a team member? Can you ask a current dog handler’s what their perspective is on this point?? If they were to die along side their dog, would they feel it right and just to list their dog along side their name as KIA? Their word would/could be a determining fact in this discussion. Honor all the members of the team KIA.

  • Greg Stoklos

    Bryan: Second thought on honoring the dog KIA. I can go with the 22 stars only, if, the dog and the dog handler were not part of the seal team. I can reason that. The patch is only honoring the seal members. Sorry for any headache my first comment might cause.
    Fast rope?? another issue, saw your series on it, Great, got the rope, and braiding is being done. Did find another way to do this, seems to work , will let you know. Going to use it for training, and have also figured out a safety system in the event of grip fatigue, no need for a second person either. It is used when climbing towers.

  • Jake McCluskey

    When it comes to war and the media most of it seems to just roll of every ones back. Its almost that people are getting immune to the tragic news that we see. This is one of the things that I feel most Americans didn’t fully grasp or even care to look at. Which is a shame. I know the little town I live in it didn’t even make the paper until a few of us started screaming about it.

    But then there was this little boy in Kansas. He is a hero in my book for standing up for what he believed in. Reading his story brings tears to my eyes. Not because his father was killed even though that was tragic but because he knew what was right and even at 10 knew he wanted to do something to show people his dad.

    Take a minute and read the story you wont be disappointed that you did:


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  • cry me a river

    when people engage in illegal immoral wars of agression based on lies, causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands if innocent mwn, women and children, do i get all sympathetic when they die?


  • Looking forward to seeing the final version of the patch.
    Thank you jason for putting this together.
    Take Care

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  • Kevin

    I would like to order one of these patches but you are out of stock. Is there a list for back orders I can get on? I am a Patriot Guard Rider and was the ride captain for one of these mens memorials. He left behind 3 little boys… A very sad day indeed. I would really like a patch to place on my PGR vest….

    Thank you,

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