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Harvest Power like Batman with RAPS

By The ITS Crew

Air Force engineers have recently developed a device dubbed RAPS (Remote Auxiliary Power System) for Special Operations troops to harvest power directly from overhead power lines.

RAPS is actually based on a Spec Ops request to create a Batman device for throwing over outdoor power lines to power/recharge batteries in communications equipment.

Much like a grappling hook, the device is thrown over a power line where it makes two connections as it’s pulled into position. One to the exposed wire and one through a razor blade that pierces the insulated wire. Once the device is correctly connected, the custom power supply converts the AC to DC for use.

The video below even mentions that RAPS can be used safely in the rain. Please don’t try to build one of these at home, we don’t need any crispy critters because of this article.

Original Article via LabTV

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