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Hide Sensitive Passwords “Inside” a Floppy Disk

By The ITS Crew

Floppy Disk Hidden Password

Here’s a cool tip we were emailed the other day about storing sensitive information right out in the open.

Floppy Disk Hidden PasswordWhile not a new concept, the idea to store sensitive data on the internal disk of a floppy was something we’d never seen before.

In the article we originally saw on instructables.com, they recommended taking apart the disk, sticking the passwords down with glue, and then putting it back together again.

We’ll, we figured out a simpler way to affix the passwords that doesn’t require taking apart the floppy.

Our Method

If you simply cut some small rectangles of sticky label, they can be placed at various intervals on the disk as you spin it.  Sliding the metal bracket to the side will enable you to reach the internal disk.

Floppy Disk Hidden Password

You can rotate the internal disk by turning the metal spindle on the rear side of the disk. Once you’ve placed the labels down, simply continue turning the disk to a blank part.

Anyone snooping around would never know where your passwords are hidden. Even if they opened the sliding metal bracket, they’d just see a blank area.

Of course this method has its downfalls too, such as anyone that’s actively trying to gather sensitive information from your home would most likely throw this in a bag, along with any other media you might have on your desk.

We did like the tip in the article about labeling the disk with some misinformation, like “School Essay.”

Does anyone else have any cool hiding spots for sensitive information they’d like to share?

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