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Compact Medical Pouches from OSOE

By The ITS Crew

Today we’d like to review a sampling of the compact medical pouches available from OSOE (Original Special Operations Equipment).

The three pouches we’ll be reviewing are the Medical Rifle Mag Insert Tray, Compact Tear-Off VOK (in both horizontal and vertical mounts) and the TK4 Tourniquet Pouch.

For those of you unfamiliar with John Willis and OSOE, they began as a custom manufacturer producing bombproof gear for Naval Special Warfare and have grown into one of the leading custom manufacturers in the industry.

Willis is widely known for his attention to detail and his passion for ensuring that Operators are readily equipped.

OSOE policy makes it clear that incoming orders are triaged, in order to get those going into harms way the gear they need for the fight.


The pouches you’ll see reviewed here today fill a void in traditional medical pouches, a subtle detail, but an important one. Width.

Most medical pouches take up 3 columns (vertical) of PALS webbing, which can present a problem on some of the smaller chest rigs that are run.

So those that want to run a smaller chest rig, or are just limited on available space, have a few options with these new products from OSOE.

Medical Rifle Mag Insert Tray

OSOE Medical Rifle Mag Insert Tray 02The first item we’ll be reviewing is the Medical Rifle Mag Insert Tray, which is a great solution for storing medical supplies in an existing M4 mag pouch.

It can be inserted into a 2-mag M4 pouch as shown in our photos, but will fit into a 3-mag M4 pouch even easier.

Conceptually the insert is designed to be removed quickly via the red pull handle at the top and filleted open to easily access your medical supplies.

The elastic does a great job of holding all your medical supplies securely while the insert is being deployed. There weren’t any issues with flying medical supplies.

We found the insert to easily hold the majority of the contents from our ETA Kit minus the HALO Chest Seal and with a smaller 2″Ace Bandage.


OSOE Medical Rifle Mag Insert Tray 04The insert measures approx. 7″ tall x 3″ wide and a minimum of 1″ deep. The depth can of course expand as more contents are packed in.

Front and back panels of the insert have an internal stiffener integrated, which we suspect is a thin strip of HDPE for added rigidity.

On top of the insert is a 1″ red webbing pull handle that has been sewn together at the apex to give the handle some support.

OSOE Medical Rifle Mag Insert Tray 06Red webbing has become synonymous with medical equipment and makes the handle easy to identify as such.

On the interior of the insert there are six 1″ elastic retention straps to hold your medical equipment.

Two of these are double layered for further organization of NPA’s and Decompression Needles.

Available in ACU, Coyote Tan, Multicam, Olive Drab, Black, Foliage Green and Khaki

Compact Tear-Off VOK

OSOE Compact Tear-Off VOK Pouch 01Next up is the OSOE Compact Tear-Off VOK (Ventilated Operator Kit), which provides a simple, compact and easily-accessible way to organize your medical supplies.

The Compact VOK is available from OSOE in a variety of ways, in this review we’ll cover the vertical and horizontal tear-off options.

It’s also available without the tear-off feature using direct PALS mounting or even a custom option with velcro loops for attaching it to a belt.

OSOE Compact Tear-Off VOK Pouch 02While there is definitely more room in the Compact VOK than the Rifle Mag Insert Tray, it still stays true its compact nomenclature.

With the simple clip of the side-release buckle on the tear-off panel, the Compact VOK can be pulled away from its velcro attachment and easily deployed next to an injured victim.


OSOE Compact Tear-Off VOK Pouch 08As mentioned previously, the tear-off velcro mounting configurations come in either horizontal using 3 columns of PALS, or vertical taking up just two colums of PALS.

The back of the Compact VOK features two strips of hook velcro which mate with the loop velcro field on either of the mounting options.

It’s further secured with 1″ webbing straps affixed with a side-release buckle and easily identifiable 1″ red webbing.


OSOE Compact Tear-Off VOK Pouch 07The aforementioned tear-off panels measure 5″ x 3.5″ depending on the orientation (horizontal / vertical). The pouch itself measures 6″ tall x 4″ wide and 1 3/4″ deep without contents and in its vertical orientation.

Unfolding the pouch requires pulling the 1″ red webbing tab on the vertical opening, followed by pulling another tab horizontally.

This reveals a large pocket to the right, and plenty of elastic to hold your medical supplies.

We were able to fit even more of our ETA kit inside this pouch and could definitely fit everything in, but it would significantly increase the depth.

The great thing about the closure on the Compact VOK is that OSOE has large velcro strips on both the vertical and horizontal flaps, so realistically you could fit a whole lot in here, but that would take away from the compact nature of the pouch.

OSOE Compact Tear-Off VOK Pouch 12One last great feature of the Compact VOK is the single column of PALS running down each side of the pouch to easily mount a Tourniquet. This can be done with Rigger’s Rubber Bands (as shown in our photos) or with the many Tourniquet mounting options that OSOE produces.

Available in ACU, Coyote Tan, Multicam, Olive Drab, Black, Foliage Green and Khaki

TK-4 Tourniquet Pouch

OSOE TK-4 Tourniquet Pouch 01Speaking of Tourniquet mounting options… last but not least is the OSOE TK-4 Tourniquet Pouch.

We’re really impressed with the functionality of this compact Tourniquet Pouch, which enables the TK-4 (or similar sized Tourniquet) to be quickly deployed.

This is done with an ingeniously simple webbing pull-tab. Upon opening the pouch, a simple pull on this tab will pop out your tourniquet.

OSOE TK-4 Tourniquet Pouch 04You’ll also see in our video below how easy it is to re-prime the webbing to use again. While this isn’t necessarily an important point, it does illustrate that the TK-4 pouch is not a one-time use pouch.

We’ve also found another great use for this pouch. It can be used to carry a pair of nitrile gloves in, which can easily be dispensed as quickly as a TK-4 Tourniquet.


OSOE TK-4 Tourniquet Pouch 07The OSOE TK-4 Tourniquet Pouch measures 3.5″ tall x 3″ wide and less than an inch in depth if stored flat.

A single column x three rows of PALS provides the attachment on the rear of the pouch with a small MALICE Clip (not included).

An additional mounting option due to the small footprint of this pouch, is to attach it directly to a sling so you always have a Tourniquet available.

Available in ACU, Coyote Tan, Multicam, Olive Drab, Black, Foliage Green and Khaki


It’s good to have options when it comes to storing medical supplies, and with the array of pouches from OSOE, you’re guaranteed to always have room for your medical equipment.

There’s no excuse for not carrying the essential lifesaving equipment needed on your kit.

These newer medical pouches from OSOE  are not yet reflected on their Web site, but available from the Tactical Response Gear Store online.

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  • Ryan

    another great review, Brian! the mag-tray idea seems like a no-brainer, but I also love the VOK.


    I have one of Tear Off Compact VOK pouch, it holds an amazing amount of gear for the size it is.

    I even ordered a couple of extra panels, so I can move it from rig to rig.

  • Runflat

    I want to order the Medical Mag Insert but I cannot find it on the OSOE website. Is it possible to get a link posted or is the Med Insert not out yet. Thanks

  • john Willis

    Just send an e-mail thru the website

    [email protected]

    We will get you taken care of.

  • Alex

    Great to see some OSOE here. I have plenty of it myself. John has more than enough innovation to sustain a long career in this world. My new OSOE MWRL-8Mag needs a compact vertical tear off VOK.

  • Blake Mims

    I’m just a civie, but wouldn’t it seem like a bad idea to put medical supplies in a mag pouch? If that’s one of the areas your used to going to for a new mag, I would be worried I would go in the pouch and find myself holding bandages and not bullets. Then again, if you’re pressed for space and don’t need as much ammo as you had been carrying, I could see why someone would use and/or like it, I guess…

    • TacZen

      well I’m not a Civie, but I agree with you.

  • Terry

    OSOE seems to make some good gear, but John has refused to sell stuff to me in the past because I work for a defense company that makes tactical nylon products in th US (I myself work in HF surveillance in Australia).

  • nukefaith

    Beware: The following is just a personal opinion based on personal experience and represents just my case.

    Runflat, safe yourself possible hassle and maybe even longer waiting time and order strictly through Tactical Response Gear.
    Only that way you can be really sure to skip a ongoing 3-year wait without any response or comms with the result that you still dont have your gear.
    And the gear was meant to be used by people how go in harms way.
    Yes, Mr Willis still owes me around 500 bucks worth of gear.

    Please take all of this with a grain of salt, because, of course, im dissapointed. But lets be mature enough to keep this on a kindly manner and not let it become an argument.
    I dont want to offend anyone, so if you feel offended, please contact me personally to solve the issue and to keep this place clean

    I really enjoyed the read of the reviews. Thanks for that.

    • nukefaith,

      We’re glad you liked the review, but this is not the place to air your grievances. If you have an issue with OSOE, we advise you to send an email to John who has provided it here for everyone.

  • Victor Mearini

    The Sham Wow would be a good absorber in some emergencies, and could be used for more than cleaning.

  • Victor Mearini

    should be added to a bug out bag or medical kit, just a idea great vid.

  • code24

    You know, just a week ago I was ordering a new medical pouch, and was on the fence between OSOE and Blue Force Gear. I went with Blue Force, only because while OSOE looks like some amazing gear, the pictures on the website aren’t enough. If I can’t hold it in my hands before I buy it, I REALLY need to see it open, shut, and from every angle. Hopefully OSOE can get someone to take some more pictures; their stuff has a fantastic reputation, but I need more than one small picture to seal the deal.


    I noticed in the video that the VOK has MOLLE webbing but not fasteners to attach it to a pack. What would you guys recommend for attaching it to a TAD Gear F.A.S.T. Pack LiteSpeed? (if you are familiar with that pack)

    Thanks ITS awesome video!!

    • Yeah we missed that detail in the article, but MALICE clips are what you’d need.

      Thanks for the kind words and your comment!
      ~ Bryan

  • john Willis

    Addressing the above comments:

    No we don’t provide malice clips. We have made modular gear since 2000 and up untill recently most of our customers already had malice clips from previous gear they had. It was one more expense that we chose to put money from into production.

    Yes we need better pictures. We are about to have a brand new website put together. I have been lucky that we always had guys that wanted to do our website just for the publicity of saying they did it. Unfortunately this is short lived. Again another expense we funneled into production. I do have a forum on where I show all my new stuff with tons of pictures often months before you will see it anywhere else.

    No disputing that we owe some old customers gear still. We are nocking them down one by one. While this doesnt make that situation any better, we don’t owe any new customers gear. We stopped taking individual orders for a year and directed them to our stocking dealers. We have only taken individual orders for the past 6 months now and we no longer take prepayment. So you only pay once your order is ready to ship.

    We do still have some old past orders and unfortunatley they are not something that can be handed over to production and it is still John Willis who makes them one at a time.

    We have stream lined our manufaturing and added 1200 sq feet of work space and get orders out faster than ever before and we are often told we get them out faster than any of our competition. When we receive an order we get back to the custoemr with replacement option if we dont have the desired piece of kit on hand and also offer partial shippping on the items we do have.
    we have a lot of gear on hand. We always run extra when we are doing larger runs.

    We are starting to run more production runs of new items 20 to 50 pieces at a time. We offer these direclty thru us. I post these on my forum on You will see from concept, to prototype, to input from end user to final product and have a chance to get one of them. We take a count and make the 1st run according to how many people say they want them. Again you will see this stuff on my forum months before you will see it anywhere else. I guess we kind of have a family in this sense. You frequent my forum, contribute and give input and you get some say in what we make and have it available beofre the general public.

    John Willis
    [email protected]

    • TacZen

      I like your reply… I’ll be looking at your gear myself of course, but I maybe directing some business your way. Thanks for the work.

  • TacZen

    Great Review. Thanks ITS.
    First, there are goods/bads, strengths/weaknesses in everything. You have to know your gear’s limitations and cababilities then bounce that off with your individual needs. I have yet to see the “meets all needs” equiptment… so I can really appreciate any company that provides custom gear. Thanks OSOE.
    Just some of my personal (opinion) observations on these pouches. I do really like the idea of the rifle mag insert pouch, but I like Mims points out, I would have serious concerns putting anything but ammo mags in my ammo pouches (we have SOPs designed around others being able to access each others ammo etc…). but on an individual basis, I could see it comeing in handy.
    The big issue I have with these pouches are they are no inclosed, dirt/sand/mub has clear openings to get in and realy muck up you medical gear. For a SWAT team member this might not be a propblem, but if you’re in the desert with incoming helos your going to be cleaning sand off of each medical item over and over again. If your patrolling the jungle or rainy area, or fording a stream, then be prepaired to clean clean clean… you’ll be cleaning anyway, but just a whole lot more with open pouches.
    As for medical gear, unless you’re the medic in a very active combat zone (or you’re using these for your EMS needs) then you are not likely using the gear items on a regualr basis… so what you want is to be able to pack your items, forget them for a while and still be able to access and use them months later when the needs arrises. Having open items held in place with single straps (not each inclosed) tends to lead to having to fix you kit on a regular basis. I will also add, that having a NPA (nasal airway) with no packageing as in these photos/video is going to give you a very dirty, discolored and possible dry rot nasal airway… it happens in our street EMS kits, just multiple it because of the environment and abuse yours is going to go through.
    I like the concept of these pouches, they definately have there place and need. Thanks again for the review and for the work.

  • Keith

    JW glad to see your still kicking-a** and taking names. I’m dig’n on the 308 micro kit. I’ve got a single mag pouch Im sure this will work great in, on my Kifaru E&E.

  • Graham Monteith

    Can you post the link for this product on their website. i can’t seem to find it.

  • Oldie but goodie (archives FTW). I ended up pickup up the vertical tear away med pouch and its a great piece of gear.

  • Ryan Edmondson

    Would a SOF_T fit in that TQ pouch? and if not is there a similar pouch made for that size TQ?

    • Ryan, it’s too small of a pouch to fit, check out Tactical Medical Solutions. I’m pretty confident they make a pouch for their SOF-T

  • Austin Kopp

    Some food for thought; The ace wrap could be replaced by a roll of adhesive athletic tape, which in my opinion is some of the best tape out there. It can be used it to wrap a dressing to a wound, to add stability to a sprained wrist/ ankle, and we even use it to mark positions on lacrosse sticks, as well as to keep the butt on the handle. It is kept on carabiners attached to butt packs by ski patrol, and is very versatile. It, in my opinion, could replace the ace wrap, and instead of taking up room in the med pouch, be held on a carabiner somewhere else on the persons gear. that way, the tray could quite possibly be holding a halo chest seal, and some more gauze, instead of holding a roll of ace wrap

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