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Mil-Spec Plastics Cobra Cuff Restraint Testing and Evaluation Video

By The ITS Crew

We’ve just released our testing footage for our Mil-Spec Plastics Cobra Cuff review a few months back and we wanted to give everyone a heads up.

Cobra Cuffs and Mil-Spec Plastics’ Zip-Style Restraints are the first Mil/LE style restraint we’re proud to endorse after thoroughly testing them in each of the methods we’ve shown that will defeat standard store bought Zip Ties.

Please refer to our review article for more information on Cobra Cuffs and the video below for our testing. While the video below shows just a few of the many tests we put these restraints through, it will give you a general idea of our testing procedures.


These restraints were thoroughly tested here at ITS by multiple individuals on our own accord. While they were sent to us free of charge to test, it was not a paid endorsement, nor implied that they’d be given a favorable review. Our goal in this was to work with a company that stands behind their products and truly wanted to put them to the test, despite the chance that they could fail.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the inherent dangers of the techniques we demonstrate, please do NOT attempt this testing on your own.

For more information on Cobra Cuffs and other products offered by Mil-Spec Plastics please visit them on the Web at

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  • Eric Lien

    Dang! That’s some tough stuff!

  • Patrick

    I can’t stop laughing from the expressions on your face when you tried to break them.

    • I know, I laugh myself going back and watching my expressions. I know just how much that hurt and how bad I was trying not to cuss on camera LOL

  • Daniel Garcia

    Very good demo! Most departments leave a finger or pinky size gap between wrists and cuffs/ties to avoid the wrist marking and cutting. Suspects will self inflect wounds only to claim they were abused later.

    • Jwhite

      Sometimes LEOs put the cuffs on to tight to, only later do they claim they didnt do it intentionally. That road goes both ways my friend.

  • Wow! That looked super painful! Awesome test!

  • Keith

    SO how many miles did you peddel ?

    • LOL I have no idea Keith, but it was exhausting!

  • That loose end it huge, I wonder why they made them that big?
    That looked like a fun test though!

  • I don’t think you tried enough. You need to make another video. Hahaha jk. That looked painful. But I laughed so hard at the friction saw part. It looked as if you were trying to ride a tiny tricycle lol. But I liked the video over all. Keep it up!

  • Benjamin Fasseel

    Good review and video. We use these in my unit and I did my own test with them. Was unable to get out by breaking them. So I know the pain you were in.

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