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An Important Announcement from ITS Tactical

By Bryan Black

The purpose of this announcement today is to clear the air on not only what we stand for, but what ITS Tactical was created for.

We’d like to ask that you please take a few minutes and watch the following video first before continuing…

As the video mentions, we’ve been accused in the past of creating videos and content so that people can evade Law Enforcement. Our primary purpose behind these videos is to ensure people are not illegally detained by amateurs and Law Enforcement Officers are not using inferior products.

Our Escaping Zip Tie videos, which you can review here again, not only shows the different methods of restraint, but notes the hand positions where people are most likely to escape from.

We firmly believe that plastic zip ties have NO business being used in a potentially dangerous situation where lives are on the line. Use handcuffs, in fact, for dangerous situations use two pairs. Why? because that antiquated crap design for handcuff locks you’re using is left over from 1862! Please don’t trust your life to this either, as we showed here that these can be defeated with a simple bobby pin (single and double lock).

So we’re stating the obvious, right? Every Officer Safety Bulletin across the country already talks about how to get out of these, and how unsafe they are. Great, so we can organize a Space Flight to Mars, but can’t invent a pair of handcuffs that are unpickable? Have you seen what a handcuff key looks like?

Jersey Cuffs

2ndGen1.JPGAs I mentioned in the video, I went to SHOT Show this year where I met up with the owner of Jersey Tactical, who manufacturers Jersey Cuffs. This is a description from their Web site:

“Almost every flexible restraint on the market is currently being defeated by criminals. They are being “slipped”, broken or picked. The Jersey cuff was designed to prevent most of these issues!”

2ndGen6.JPGJersey Tactical had been in contact with us about a month prior to the SHOT Show inquiring about sending us some for T&E. We’d agreed to meet up at the show so they could pass us some product. At the show, the owner gave me a personal demo of the second generation cuffs by placing them on me with my hands in front of my body, wrists together. These are the new model that features the small metal bar that acts as a “double lock.”

He then challenged me to try and get out of them. Now mind you this is in front of a crowd of people in the path of SHOT Show traffic, which if you know the show, it’s busy!  I then asked him twice if he was sure he wanted me to do that right in public like this, and answered with a resounding, yes. I raised my arms above my head, just like the in the first video we show. SNAP! the product immediately broke apart at what we feel is the weakest link of restraints like these, (the locking mechanism) and fell to the floor.

NTOA Approved

ntoa-logoSo let me say this, if you’re a Law Enforcement Officer and you’re reading this you should be  concerned that Jersey Cuffs are now being marketed as “NTOA Member Tested and Approved.” From what we can tell these are only available to Law Enforcement and Military.

In this video on YouTube, which the company had as a promotional video on their site before the SHOT Show, shows the common misconception that everyone is a complete moron when it comes to plastic restraints. I know I had a good laugh at this video, its ridiculous.

To Jersey Tactical’s credit, after the demonstration that I broke, the owner asked if I’d come out into the hallway away from the crowd and try breaking out of them behind my back. He affixed a new pair and I attempted it twice with no success. I feel that these have the potential of being defeated behind the back as well, even though I was unsuccessful at my attempt. In our videos another member of ITS is demonstrating the behind the back method because the truth of it is I suck at that technique. I haven’t perfected it yet, so we went with him in the video.

Jersey Tactical has this disclaimer in small type at the bottom of their site:

“Warning: Wrist and Ankle restraints are considered temporary restraining devices. This also applies to the Jersey Cuff. Restrained subjects must be under constant supervision for both officer safety and the safety of the subject. The subjects wrists are to be secured behind his or her back when using the Jersey Cuff. If applicable use more then one Jersey Cuff in order to secure the subject due to an injury or physical deformity.”

Negative Reviews

We don’t normally waste your time reviewing any inferior products on ITS Tactical, but in this circumstance using Zip-Tie like products could potentially get someone killed.

If your department is staking their lives on disposable zip-tie like restraints, you should implore them to think twice.

If you’re a sleaze bag down on the border of Mexico attempting to take people hostage, please use these, because some day you’ll restrain someone like me who will get out and break your neck.

Are all Law Enforcement grade disposable restraints bad? I don’t know, we haven’t tested all of them, but the one being marketed as superior doesn’t work.  If you think there’s a product we can’t get out of, send them to us and let people who truly don’t have a motive other than saving lives test them. When we actually find some that can protect the Law Enforcement Community, we’ll endorse them.

Imminent Threat Solutions

ITSheaderLogoWe put our Zip Tie videos and content out so that people who are accosted, or become the victims of a home invasion, have the ability to fight back. Also, so that Law Enforcement Officers know about inferior products and don’t trust their lives to them.

We’re a lot like hackers in the 80s, who pointed out the holes in operating systems not so someone could steal money from a bank, but so the operating system’s manufacturer could make it better.

Today, we’re drawing a line in the sand and you either support what we do here on ITS, or we don’t want you as a reader plain and simple. If you’re a Plank Owner reading this article and don’t feel like you can continue to support what we do at ITS Tactical any longer, please contact us and we’ll give you a refund.

Thank you for your time and support,
Bryan Black, Editor-in-Chief

Please take the time to share this article and get this information out to those that need it!

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  • alden wilkins

    Keep Up The Good Work!!!

  • Ed

    Coming from a FF/Medic & part-time LEO (11 yrs exp. Local & Federal)…………thank you, I have your six!!
    Semper Fi

  • Ed Fleshman

    I have been following you guys almost from the beginning and I find your information, across topics, useful and interesting.

    I was a Soldier, I am an LEO/LEO Trainer, and I teach defense minded Law Abiding Civilians applicable skill sets. I not only approve of your information sharing, I use some of the information and products I have come across through this source.

    The bad guys already have this knowledge, they are as professional in their way as we are in ours. We need to use knowledge like this to build solid tactics and train for its use.

    Good job guys, keep the channel open.

  • Right on! Keep “slaying the sacred cows” and pushing the envelope of mind-set, tactics, and gear. I imagine that those that have a problem with this information are guilty of using sub-standard TTP’s. I believe it’s Rob Pincus that calls it “Respectful Irreverance.” Thanks for what you do.

  • I was going to come up with some fancy comment but you know what, Ed Fleshman (above) put it the best:
    “The bad guys already have this knowledge, they are as professional in their way as we are in ours. We need to use knowledge like this to build solid tactics and train for its use. ”

    Well said.

  • Your sight on things is absolutely the right one for my understanding. There should be a lot more awareness that break-in (or break out in your case 🙂 ) attempts can be used to prove security. Not everyone trying to circumvent security measures is a bad guy. There are lots of reasons for doing so that are very well able to serve us all.
    So please keep up the good work!

  • Keep up the good work Brother!

  • Always impressed Bryan :0)

  • L. Lueck


    I wouldn’t give you my money if I wasn’t 100% sure of your intentions and convictions.

    I’ve never met you but your wealth of practical knowledge and handy “tips” more than prove ITS Tactical’s worth.

    There is a reason you chose to pursue this endeavor and I fully support that.

    And I get free knot training to boot!

  • TASurvivalism

    “Keep Up The Good Work!!!”

  • Charles

    I have been a Crew member for a very short time, but have been watching and reading your stuff for about a year and I have found you reviews and videos very help full. I wish ITS the best of luck for the years to come. ITS will be one of my go to for practical knowledge and the helpful tips..

    OIF 1-3-5

  • Graham Monteith

    ITS Tactical is THE BEST website I have found. Honestly I have looked for a website that does what you do better, just straight to the point there isn’t any…period.

    Keep up the awesome work!!!


  • JPate

    I posted a reply on when some idot bashed you guys for outting this info out there. No on edirectly responded to my post, F*@K them. I also got your ziptie video forwarded to me by a freind at ICE with no explaination in the e-mail, just a forward. So I let him know what the deal was. Keep doing what your doing, we are all big boys and girls and we should take responsibility for our own safety, at least that was what I got from your videos.

  • Bryan, I am so happy to see you finally come out swinging on this issue. I know the negative responses have been a concern for you. Yet those with principles such as your staff at ITS stick to them despite the way the wind is blowing at a moment in time. I will mention this in tomorrow’s edition of TSP and ask my visitors to watch, rate and comment on the Youtube video.

  • Hurray for you. What doofus would think otherwise? Your site is very good and unique.

  • JLS

    Keep up the great work guys!

  • Full-time cop here. I’ve had flex-cuffs fail on me. Now that I’ve seen your videos, I understand why and have changed my practices. Keep up the good work, there will always be nay-sayers. Someone else said this, but I’ll repeat it: I wouldn’t give you my money if I thought your intentions weren’t true.

  • Rob

    Fleshman said it the best “The bad guys already have this knowledge”. You guys in the community that disagree with ITS posts need to reconsider your train of thought. These posts were meant to save your lives, not endanger them. I personally want to know if my gear is going to put out, and if ITS can prove otherwise than I value you that information, especially while in the field. It is imperative that our gear does not fail when shit hits the fan and I know ITS does a great job testing that for all LEO and Military personnel. Gents, we train Hadjis everyday overseas, you know this, and we are still able to maintain a sharp edge and do the deed. Stop the all the BS complaints and use the intel to your advantage.

  • So glad to see so much support for the truth! Way to go… and keep it up!

  • I’m relatively new to following you guys but I completely support your perspective here. Your analogy to exposing security flaws in computer networks is right on: in the long term, no one is helped by sweeping such things under the rug. Keep up the great work.

  • Benjamin Fasseel

    Hey you guys are doing a great job. I have learned A lot of good stuff about everything. I fully support all the info on this sight.

  • Knowledge is power. That’s all there is to it.

    I have a very close friend who is a Michigan State Trooper with undercover drug enforcement experience and has spent time in Lansing teaching combat tactics to other troopers. As well as, another friend who recently graduated from the academy. I want them to know as much as possible about what they’re dealing with out there and what their equipment is capable (or incapable) of doing. Videos like these help them out.

    I say again, knowledge is power, without this knowledge you’d have no (or little) power. That goes for everyone, not just Military or LE, but myself and my family.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for your service to our country and people!

  • Brock

    I’m a Veteran and one of the moderators on the forum. If I didn’t believe ITS was putting out good information or have quality values, I wouldn’t have applied to help out. Keep up the good work!

  • flyahawk

    There will always be knuckleheads to complain about everything.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your site and form my perspective you most certainty come across as PRO Law Enforcement. Keep up the good work gentlemen!

  • Pyro

    Me and my wife vacation in Mexico and have every year since we been married. I Do not feel Unsafe there, But I do stay alert to my surroundings.

    we do not go out to the clubs, or go there to party. our trips into town are during the daylight.

    Not to say something can not happen, in fact a friend of the family had there daughter kidnapped last summer.

    So when you did the videos on how to escape from zipties. I was very grateful since it may one day save my life or my wifes.

  • TICK


  • Knowledge is power, the more people who know the better the chance that they won’t fall victim.

    Keep up the good work ITS!

  • Justin

    Great work here Bryan,
    I’m not an LEO or military personnel, but anybody that is naive enough to think that A) the bad guys don’t already know this, and B) that pointing out deficiencies in something is “anti-law enforcement” or whatever, is endangering their own, and their teammates lives. All I am is average joe citizen, but information like this is important to me in home invasion situation, or wherever it may be relevant. From an LEO/Military standpoint, they won’t know what works or doesn’t work if somebody doesn’t find the deficiencies, make them known, and push people to fix them.
    Love the blog, keep up the good work, and thank you for your service Bryan, and all those commenting here in the LEO and Military communities.

  • rockik

    Brian I would have bought another plank membership just to see a video of you getting out of those restraints at the shot show, and to get a good look at that vendors face.

  • julio delahuerta

    I could give 2 sh!ts what your accused of.
    An accusation doesn’t equal reality.
    I don’t care if your anti-LE, pro-LE, anti-sodium, pro-sodium, anti-anti, pro-anti……..
    As long as you pro-truth, I have you back bro.


  • madwest

    you’ll never make everyone happy. stick to your guns and keep up the good work.

  • Nothing wrong with outing the truth. Thank you for doing so.

  • Madnet

    Bryan~ it’s beyond me why you would even have to justify your training info shared with operators (LE or Millies). I have over 20 years in LE, and am a veteran. This type of info should be shared. I work undercover narcotics and this training my potentially save me or my famalies lives. Keep up the good work!!! If I didn’t believe in you guys…I wouldn’t be a plank owner!

    • Hahn

      I have to say it’s pretty sad that an announcement like this even had to be made. I found ITS late last week and have been delving into the many articles since; and I must say I was utterly shocked to see this post this afternoon.

      Please continue doing what you do, and know that there are many that appreciate your hard work.

  • fuspar

    you go man!

  • MIKE25

    I find it hard to believe that the zip ties posts could possibly be construed as anti law enforcement.
    In rural areas most of the LEOs carry them because of the possibility of having multiple suspects to detain for long periods of time while waiting for backup and/or transport.
    I still carry them, (for lack of a cheap alternative) but after the posts and videos I will adapt my techniques and keep a better eye on the suspects.
    If anything, that knowledge is pro-law enforcement.
    Keep it up…good stuff.

  • Lasse

    Keep up the great work!

  • Mark Silkwood

    Right with you guys! Keep on giving us the information we need! Good job out there.

  • jbull

    Plank owner and proud to support ITS.

  • HOOYAH ITS….. I’m in… 🙂

  • Goarmy327

    It’s ridiculous that someone would start problems over this. You guys have been doing a great job showing plenty of “what-if” situations.

    There are all sorts of websites detailing illegal activities and this is NOT one of them. Keep it up.

  • randypb

    Your unwavering neutrality in your product reviews and your truthfulness, regardless of whether it’s politically correct!, is what makes me feel confident about everything that you recommend!

    There’s a saying, “Those that ignore reality of truck, get hit.”

  • Wheelhouse

    The main reason I continue to use this site is because of my belief in the quality of the information, the people behind the site, and the members who frequent it.

    Thanks for all of the hard work that goes into making this a great site and not trying to provide “watered down” information to be acceptable to every person who may stumble upon the site.

  • “pychofish”

    As an instuctor for LEO I have started doing a small presentation during our mechanical restraint classes I teach covering the “flex cuffs” (home depot special zipties) that we like to use so much on raids and during large disturbances. Following your lead I break out of them showing how easily they are broken. I found this as a great tool that may end up keeping one of my own safe. I also carry different kind of zipties on my gear both on and off duty because of their multipurpose uses. I still think that if I am ever car jacked, they will use them on me if given the chance. But will they be succesful? I think not. The info you provide is really nothing new or that isn’t out there already. The true criminals are taught all kind of disarming, and fighting skills either by their own, or while locked up. You guys just present it a lot better than most.

    Keep up the great work, you have me as a fan

  • runnningdog8

    You guys are doing a Great job! Keep it UP!

  • spenceman

    three cheers man, some folks are just scared of honesty.

  • Virius

    You guys can keep up the great work you have been doing and I will be a contributor for as long as this site is around, I love the gear, info, and reviews. Great stuff.

    I am just glad that when we were using regular zip-ties in Iraq to restrain EPWs that none of them saw your site and tried to escape and do us harm.

    Again I don’t want to keep beating a complemented horse but Great Work and I love the site.

  • Bobby

    You guys do a great job at getting important information across to your readers. Someone will always have a negative opinion of what you say or do because they don’t like to think like we do…that you have to be knowledgable and prepared for any situation. Keep up the great work!

  • march7898

    That is hilarious that someone would construe and twist that information as anti-le, but with the way things are being twisted these days in all subjects/information and or statements it somehow does not suprise me. Been an LEO for 9 years in one of the largest cities in our great country and believe nothing on your site is anti-le, and judging by all the supportive comments who ever is making those negtive assumptions is probably of the minority of readers (members or non). Drive on with what you guys are doing because it supports us on the front lines (on the street) making us a stronger/safer and more knowledgeable force. Once again thank you.

  • Ken Bass II

    You know I totally forgot to add this in my post above as “PsychoFish” but I only found your site last night, in less than 24 hours, I’ve become a huge fan, and now a Plank Owner. That should speak for you work alone, and how I forsee this being a great asset for myself and those I work with.

  • Well put! Keep up the good work.

  • Bravo! Well said.
    Bryan we have had this conversation, it’s information. Just as the Pistol is neither good nor bad, it’s how it is used, and what is it’s intended purpose. Your intended purpose has been plain from the start. I support it and applaud it.
    RSKTKR Consulting

    • By the way you are fuzzier than I thought you would be. ;-P

  • Im so pissed that you even had to make this video & post. Ill stop there before I go off anymore.
    & Well said Detective Fleshman (now we have more material to discuss at our next coffee meeting)
    Im a proud Plank Owner & Promote you guys all the time. You have more support out there than anything else

  • You guys are doing an amazing job and I’m glad to support you. Keep up the excellent work. I didn’t watch the video because I didn’t need to, although I read the entire article. I applaud you guys for helping out those of us that will willingly stand in harms way, myself included and ask for more. Thanks again.


    I’m proud of MIAC’s stance and thanks for reading that.

    As an LEO, I’ve never thought you all were putting us in harms way. I love the mindset of ITS; the holistic approach to a warrior’s well being.

  • SOAP

    Like some of your other viewers stated, you feeling that you have to make this video is B.S. But watching it motivated me to encourage you to do even more of these videos. I would even go as far as showing improvised weapons from prison and other improvised street techniques. Your critics fail to realize that criminals already know this stuff, they think about defeating law enforcement 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. It is law enforcement that gets complacent because they are distracted with other aspects of their life. These videos assist law enforcement by letting them know the strengths, limitations, and weaknesses of the tools or tactics that they use in the field. I would rather find out about “The zip tie break” technique from watching you on the computer, rather than in the field. Please keep doing what you do, and I will keep watching. Thank you for your service to our great nation.

  • Justin

    Keep on keepin’ on.

    Your content is great. Anything can be misused or misconstrued. That’s the strength and weakness inherent in freedom.


  • Ryan Allen

    I don’t know who exactly provided such negative feedback regarding your work here but it obviously struck a chord. I wouldn’t worry about anything. I, being a LEO, have never thought twice about anything I’ve seen on this site. It is all good stuff and I hope you keep up the good work.

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  • Cory

    As with anything people will always have opinions. It is unfortunate that anyone would believe that you and the members at ITS are anti LEO, anti government or anything of a sort.

    I am a Plank Owner, I support you all, promote you to my friends, coworkers, those I have been ‘in the shit’ with. You and everyone at ITS are stand up people, don’t what is right. Sharing valuable life saving information and reviews on what works and not the crap that is out there.
    Keep up the fantastic work,
    and to hell with those naysayers and disbelievers out there, maybe they will get ‘in the shit’ sometime and realize what team they should be on.

  • HUghes

    Great job and great reviews as always. While not being a LEO or a Military Officer, I live in Mexico city and I am sure that what I read here might (I really hope not) come in handy at the worst moment.
    Keep it up and do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

  • JohnyD

    Excellent response to the Negatives (always) barking up the wrong tree- I’ll keep supporting those that are looking out for me….. Taking care of our own….
    Federal Law Enforcement Officer
    US Navy Communications

  • 5Solas

    I’ve already spoken about this on the forum so won’t say more here but thank you for continuing to post information as just that-information. Our motives are our own and would venture to say that those involved with you are on the honorable side of things; we need to know what the baddies do to counter it!

  • Cpt Fkn Vicious

    This is a great website and I’m very glad to have found it. I believe the information presented here, especially in regards to personal safety, is something that every person should know… except for the scum bags. Screw them.

  • Greg Whited

    You guys do outstanding work. As an LEO, I never felt you were anti-govt/military/law enforcement. All I got was an increased sense of awareness of how to stay safe. Thank you!

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  • Noone Important

    Just as there are sheep in society, some sheep are in LEO community. Every LEO I’ve ever worked with realizes the dangers in any restraint system. Your work is welcome, wanted and worth while! Hooaah.

  • Deanna Rebelo

    I only wish more women could understand videos such as these, could save their lives. Bring more to the table guys, Thank you!

    • Thanks for your support Deanna!

    • Dawn

      I’m sorta late to the game here but I believe that all women should know about how to get out of zip ties. I have worked with victims of rape and violent crime and know of at least one case where the woman was bound with zip ties and did not know how easy it is to get out of. It is sad to me that we have to know how to protect ourselves from violent men, but we do. Super valuable and frankly coming from a site where men are the ones giving this info is really affirming. Good work!

  • John Cook

    As a child, my Filipino uncle showed me how to restrain a person with a three foot piece of string. I thought it rather incredible and although I am in my late sixties, have remembered it all these years. It ties the hands, and the remaining two feet of string secure the feet to the hands, behind the back. Any motion to escape only secures them tighter. It is easily tied and a practiced person can bind a willing subject in 3 to 5 seconds. The ideal string is the tightly woven 150lb test polyester fishing line. to make it even better, the line is waxed by drawing it through candle wax about ten times. If the subject is resisting, a second method, which only requires that a small loop be tied in the end of the string before binding the person, makes binding someone who is resisting easier, and can cause so much pain at the wrists, once the initial loop is around them, that the desire to fight is stopped or reduced. I suppose if the string were pulled extremely tight, it might even cut the skin.

    My uncle claims that soldiers in his WWII unit would each carry five of these lines ready to secure prisoners and that he actually used it on many occasions. He never lost a prisoner. He did have one prisoner lose his hands because he was bound several days. The prisoner attempted to escape after being bound by concealing himself in the brush.

    I have been challenged by many, but no person has escaped–even when provided several hours time. Obviously the string can be abraded, and one can escape that way, but the method places the ankle in the right proximity to the wrists to make motion difficult and extremely tiring.
    I asked my uncle how to escape from it, and as you, he knew many escapes as well as many methods to bind a person, but he said he was unable to get out of the string wrist to ankle tie even with repeated attempts and different methods.

    I’m not attempting to make any claims of a super securing method here, just relating information. Perhaps it is easily escaped from. I have just not seen anyone do it.

  • Marty Black

    I agree with the positive. This video is positive proof that obvious ignorance exist. Every industry has antagonist so know that this person that gave y’all grief is likely on every band-wagon that’s protesting these days. I call them the nut sack society and they’re the type of people that revel in others misery. Good, level headed response and keep up the good work!

  • Chris

    I am new to the site and being a crew memeber, I reviewed the entire quick cuff series and as a police officer for 15 yrs and swat operator for 10yrs my initial thought was “Holy Crap! my department needs to get rid of this POS we are using now!” and not whether the episode was ant-law enforcement. In fact, I think it is just the opposite, law enforcement friendly and I have sent up a recommendation to our swat commander requesting the immediate discontinuation of the quick cuffs we utilize now and to switch to the cobra cuff. Thank you ITS for making this information available. Just one of the many reasons why I joined this site!

    • Thanks for the kind words and support Chris, be safe and let us know if we can help you with anything!

  • Scott Troiano

    Thank you Bryan, Thank you ITS Tactical.

    I have not been in the military, I am not in LE, I am not a survivalist nut out in the woods with a basement full of rifles. I have had martial arts training (I am two steps from black belt.) I married a black belt and I feel that practice doesn’t make perfect — PERFECT PRACTICE makes perfect.

    That being said, what I AM is a father of two and a dedicated husband. I have a 3 year old girl and a 6 year old boy. It is my duty to make sure that I am able to protect them from any and all threats (immanent or not). It is my duty to teach my son and daughter how to be prepared. It is my duty to make sure that if my son, daughter or wife find them in a situation where some jackhole slaps a Home Depot(tm) zip tie on their wrist that they know what to do.

    It is my duty to train my son and daughter on how to tie a knot, which ones to tie, how to carve, whittle and use a knife properly and safely. (My son and daughter already answer with “Safety First, Daddy!”) It is my duty to know what to do, how to do it, and how to keep my head while I do.

    That means that I need sources of credible information that knows what is going on, isn’t trying to sell me something and isn’t going to bullshit me. I want to read reviews about products I want to INVEST in, and not read reviews about products that suck. ITS Tactical gives me that.

    I have friends in LE. I have friends and relatives in the military. We discuss defending our families and how the economy has caused everyone to become more stressed. To this end I will likely be purchasing two Remington 870 Police Magnums.

    But with that purchase I want to know how to dress a wound, how to tie a rope, how to make a hydration pack, how to better my EDC, park for egress and less exposure…I want to learn tools that I can internalize to keep me and mine safe. THAT is why I read the articles here. THAT is why I had ~NO~ problem becoming a Crew Leader and handing over my hard earned dollars in not so easy times to this crew. Their knowledge is large, their message is good, their content is helpful and their delivery is TIGHT! (Bryan not shouting curse words like a sailor while trying to break the Cobra Cuffs is proof enough. I thought it would at least be bleeped!)

    I want to know these things. I will pay for the knowledge. And I have found a group who are focused on safety, good information and helping those who want to learn.

    Bryan and all the folks at ITS Tactical: you need anything that I can help with, let me know.

    Bottom line is: If you have a problem with ITS Tactical then more likely than not YOU have a PROBLEM. Not THEY have a problem. I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

    Thank you Gentlemen. Continue to do what you do with the quality you have been doing it and all will continue to be well.

    I know I come to the party late, but I wanted to throw in my $.02.

    Thank you for indulging me.

    Scott ‘Big Daddy T’ Troiano

  • Rene Moreno


    All I have to say is that it’s Brothers looking out for Brothers. ITS was formed by LEO, Military, and Veterans. This should be a forum where each individual can learn from one another. These comments come from closed minded individuals that have a one way point of view. Read about the logo. That section explains it all… Actually I am copying and pasting to make it easy to find.

    About our Logo

    The skull in our logo represents the individual and the notch represents the information, knowledge and solutions being acquired. The shield symbolizes the defense against imminent threats, both foreign and domestic.

    Essentially you keep your eyes and ears open to absorb the information at ITS, hence the mouthless skull. Not that we don’t advocate expressing your opinion here, we always have. That’s why we value your comments so much, it helps us learn too.

    Our philosophy is that no one is above learning new things, or different ways of getting the job done. If you’re not learning something new everyday, then you’re doing it wrong.

    The information, knowledge and solutions you soak up at ITS enable you to better defend against imminent threats, so the logo comes full circle in that regard.

    Have a great day!

  • Brian Roberts

    You guys have an amazing staff and I am hooked. I catch myself reading these informative articles for hours on end, and knowing you provide all of this knowledge free to whoever will take the time to read is absolutely commendable. As others have said, the criminals already have a lot of this knowledge. All you are doing is providing a positive, friendly atmosphere for LE and any good citizen to acquire this information and potentially put it to good use. If this website stops just one burglary, one homicide, one aggressive act against the righteous and honorable citizens of this great nation, then I can not understand why people would be against it. Keep up the good work you do for all of us, and know that for every supporter that speaks up and leaves a comment, there are probably ten more supporters who have stayed silent. The supporters outweigh the haters, and I am one of the many. Thank you.


  • Kevin Harden

    Well said. Too bad it had to be said but there will always be these situations where what seems like common sense to most is completely misinterpeted by others. Keep up the good work and Thanks.

  • redhead

    I think I’m in love, thank you for your vidoes! I ran across this on pinterest and never thought of teaching my three year old daughter to escape. We all need reminders like this! I’m not a LEO or Military but you have my support.

  • Cory

    Clearly whoever is giving you a hard time about posting this information does not have a mother, sister, daughter, etc. This information is something that women especially should know because I think we are most likely to be in a situation where we are ziptied for someone’s ill intent. Law enforcement should know this information too. Don’t let the ignorance of some discourage you. Thanks for this great info! I will store it away in my brain and hope to God I never need it.

  • Cory

    Oh, and p.s., I’m a flight attendant. Another group that should really be taught this information. In fact, I may forward these videos on to my trainers to see if it can be added to the annual flight attendant and pilot training.

  • Katie Shorer

    Hi guys!
    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed watching the videos and reading your articles. I consider myself a smart and resourceful woman, but I do have a (some would said paranoid) fear of something like being restrained against my will. I found these as extremely educational. I absolutely did not see these as detrimental to law enforcement but rather for people like me, who just want to be prepared for anything.

  • Martha

    Hi! I just wanted to say that I thought the zip tie videos were very educational and informative. I didn’t see them as directed at criminals but rather at ordinary citizens who might one day need to know how to break away from a kidnapper. Consider this: knowledge is power, right? Why hate on someone who is giving you knowledge that could someday save your life, or the life of someone you love?

  • Thank you for the videos on escaping from zip-ties. I feel that in the event I was illegally restrained, I now could avoid panicking and be able to free myself and possibly escape with my life. As a woman that often has to walk alone at night from work to my car, this new knowledge is at least one more step in ensuring my personal safety. Again, thank you. I hope I’ll never need to use this information though!

  • Donna

    Hey guys, I’m a mom of a daughter. For one I am grateful for any information like this I can learn and teach my daughter!!!! My daughter is a black belt, she could use it against law enforcement but she won’t. This is no different!! It is better to put this in the hands of those who may need it and let the law enforcement deal with those few that use it against them than to wind up with unnecessary victims!! To those critics, I say, give our law enforcement some credit!!! They are trained to deal with such things!!!
    Thanks for the information
    From a grateful mom!!!

  • Melodie Jones

    I agree with all the positive comments. Yes when I viewed the first video, I thought “Oh no. People are going to use this info to escape from the police.” Then I realized that criminals, being criminals, probably already know this. But who doesn’t t? Teenage girls and young women. They are the ones who need to be able to escape zip ties. God forbid my daughter is ever in that situation, but I want her to have this knowledge. So I thank you. I thank you in advance for any mother who’s daughter is saved because of you videos!!!! Thank you and keep them coming.

  • Samantha

    Just to let y’all know. This is coming from someone whose father and stepfather are both in SWAT and in law enforcement ( one is a polic officer the other is a deputy). Police do use zip ties to detain people sometimes, but the zip ties they use are so rediculously huge and thick, that any of the things y’all show will not be able to get a person out of them. They are also only available to law enforcement officers and are not available to the public.

  • Annie

    Hi, thanks for the informative videos on how to get out of zipties. As a small woman with slight build, I’m always on the look out for ways to protect myself if I ever, heaven forbid, get attacked.

    I’ve got one question though – are these techniques effective for women with really small wrists? The video shows male wrists and arms, which are obviously much bigger and stronger. My wrists are maybe two inches wide, 1.5 inches across. Very slight bones. I’m having a hard time imagining being able to break out of the ties. Would the same techniques really work?


  • J.L

    Thanks for the info, I know i will likely use it if I ever find myself in a situation described.

    @Annie I think that these methods will work for any sized wrists, and the most effective for smaller wrists would be the passive methods shown in the last two videos.

  • kiljoy616

    Keep up the great work. Tell it like it is.

  • moriyah

    I have always liked magic tricks, especially the ones that I can do. These ones are priceless.
    You go guys!

  • Sean

    @Annie Give it a shot! Just make sure someone’s around to cut the ties off if it doesn’t work, though, ’cause it’d suck to be stuck like that. Zip-ties like the ones they were using are very inexpensive, and if it’s a technique you want to look into, practice can only help.

    Have you put these sorts of techniques to the test against those ties? A
    person in duress can exert a LOT of force if they need to, and as you
    saw the guys in the video (under no real threat) easily broke 170lb

  • JamieSmedley

    i think it is vitally important that this info be shared with the public sector – specifically women and children (I know you intended it to be for safety for police ce officers but I feel like this is perhaps an overlooked venue for education) Self defense can only do so much. Stranger danger can only do so much.
     I am seeing a kidknapped victim other would be violation being thwarted by these simple solutions. It never occurred to me to apply them to escape a police custody situation. But a life threatening situation where my person was restrained with the intent to harm, that is invaluable.  Thanks you ITS for educating me! Now go share it from the mountain tops in schools across the country!

    • JamieSmedley Thanks for your comment Jamie, this information is certainly for everyone, parents, teachers and children. While many children could have issues breaking zip ties, some of the other methods are realistically achievable by them.

  • arohk

    very good info for a what if situation because no mater what training you have we can be over powered and knowing what to do after the fact is just as vital for an escape. Thank you for showing this info.

  • JennieMortarotti

    Great video’s thanks for so much well planned information. The world has become increasingly violent and seems we are always at risk with bombings as in Boston, or daily things like going to eat or the movies. Well heck, I’ve even read about beauty parlors being attacked. I’m still searching and reading your site but would like information about what to do if someone did start shooting in a mall  or public place. Maybe I haven’t run across it yet so if I haven’t and you have posted, great. I do believe in self protection and most crimes go unpunished or uncaught. Police arrive 99% of the time too late, and just to make reports and ask questions. My husband was shot to death in a robbery his hand restraints were not any of the ones listed on your site. I doubt even if he knew how to get out of them he would have not had time or opportunity. I am not telling what restraints were used but if you email me or FB me I will tell you if you provide proper identification that you are from this site. I don’t say what it was because its one of the unknown clues and I wouldn’t want to give any criminal types ideas. 
    Great site thanks for the valuable information.

  • Tarra

    Thank you Brian for the very informative video!! It’s unfortunate that public safety & awareness by our former military (thank you from the bottom of my heart) which is meant to to aid & help not only average citizen like myself but law enforcement as well, comes under scrutiny for it. Shame on whomever or whatever group that penalized your organization for making ME, the average citizen, a mother aware. More importantly, I find it disturbing that law enforcement (on a local level) hasn’t provided the same valuable, life saving information? Thank you once again!

  • Earnest

    People should see these

  • will martin

    I support your work. What’s your subscriber fee for disabled vets?
    [email protected]

  • Rello

    First, let me say Thank You for your service and thank you for what you are doing now. As a LEO, I wish more people would practice situational awareness. Unfortunately, we live in a world where violence does exist. Too many people stick their heads in the sand and think it can’t happen to them. Though we do our best to protect society, the reality is that law enforcement is usually reactive. The average police response time is four minutes. For those who have criticized your for putting these videos out there, let me point out that criminals already know how to do things like break zip ties and flexi-cuffs. I have seen it happen…multiple times.

    • Rello

      P.S. the ties that LEOs use are much thicker and stronger than the ones shown here….. and they can still be broken

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