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SnowPeak Titanium Mini-Solo Cook Set

By Bryan Black

I’ve owned my SnowPeak Titanium Mini-Solo Cook Set for the better part of four years now, and while it hasn’t been in continuous use, it’s gotten me through many multi-day adventures.

The set works best for one person, as the name implies, and a great option for lightweight backpacking or to complement a larger cooking set.

I found that while the titanium doesn’t conduct heat like aluminum will, it still stays hot when used to boil water. The handles on both pieces stay fairly cool to the touch as well, but not made for people with large hands. You’ll wind up singing your fingers on the hot surface if you’re not careful.


SnowPeak Ti Mini Solo Cook SetIncluded in the Ti Mini-Solo Cook Set is the main pot, which holds up to 27 oz. of liquid and perfect for a man-sized cup of coffee in the mornings.

Also included is the smaller cup which is a bit wimpy in my book for a cup, but its size helps keep the overall weight of the entire set down to 5.5 oz. The interior of the cup has markings in 4, 6, 8 and 10 oz. increments, which is great for measuring the amount of water to boil in the main pot.

I think they should have marked the interior of the main pot as well, at least in 8 oz. increments. The lid fits well into the beveled lip of the main pot, but the small triangle to lift the lid can be difficult to grab when hot, so be sure to push it up before boiling water.

The lid doesn’t fit on the smaller cup, in case you were wondering. It kind of does when flipped upside down, but is still not a good fit.

To round out the set, a mesh bag with a drawstring and cord lock is included to keep the kit together. There’s enough room leftover in the top of the bag to secure an extra 110g fuel canister if needed


SnowPeak Ti Mini Solo Cook SetThe Mini-Solo Cook Set is originally designed to hold one inverted small 110g fuel canister and a Snow Peak GigaPower Stove. While this setup works just fine, there’s still plenty of room for more.

It will fit many different configurations, and I find I’m usually running between one and two canisters with a SnowPeak LiteMax GigaPower stove, Titanium Spork and lighter. It’s also the perfect size to swap the fuel canisters and LiteMax stove out for a few fuel bottles of Denatured Alcohol, a windscreen and a DIY Alcohol Stove.

I’ve also found the main pot to be perfect for boiling two cups of water and preparing a package of Ramen Noodles on the trail. Be careful when packing this set, because while the Titanium walls aren’t super thin, they can still be crushed if things are loaded down around the cook set.


SnowPeak Ti Mini Solo Cook SetAs you can see in the photos I’ve wrapped the handles of my cook set with gutted paracord, secured with superglue. While this is more of an aesthetic detail to see if I could do it, I do find the handles are more comfortable to grab with the wrapping. The Titanium doesn’t conduct heat well so the wrapping isn’t really needed.

The main pot measures 4 3/4″ tall by 3 6/8″ in diameter and the small cup measures 1 7/8″ tall by 3 7/8″ in diameter. One thing I really like about the main pot is that its the perfect size to use as a cup for a Nalgene bottle. It fits perfectly in the main pot and takes up no additional room when packing, much like the old canteen cups that fit around the GI canteens.

I wound up paying about $50 for my set, but I’ve seen them for around $40 before too. This is a great all-around cook set to pick up for your next lightweight backpacking or camping adventure.

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