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Carry Concealed with the MSM MegaPatch Book

By The ITS Crew

Hopefully you’re already familiar with our good friend Mil-Spec Monkey who produced our awesome ITS Tactical Patches. Today we’re going to be reviewing a few of his products called the MSM MegaPatch Book and the MSM Loop Panels.

The MegaPatch Book can serve double duty as not only a place to display your patch collection, but also a discreet case for a concealed weapon using the MSM Loop Panels. Similar in function to a gun rug, but with removable panels to truly customize the layout.

MegaPatch Book

MSM MegaPatch Book 04The Monkey now has what looks to be over 100 morale patch designs available in his store, and you’ve probably collected quite a few of them already. So how do you store morale patches? If you stack them on top of each other the hook velcro can stick to others below them and start roughing up the thread as you pull them apart.

Of course, you could always stick them back to back, but don’t you want to be able to see everything you have all at once? Well now you can with the MSM/Tactical Tailor Collaboration MegaPatch Book.


MSM MegaPatch Book 03The MegaPatch Book features sewn 1.5″ webbing carry handles that run the length of the exterior surface on both the front and back, with a 5.5″ x 3″ loop velcro field on the front surface. A large heavy duty YKK zipper facilitates the clamshell opening to the plethora of velcro real estate inside.

Opening the MegaPatch Book reveals an 8.5″ x 11″ interior front surface with four removable  7.5″ x 11″  double-sided loop velcro pages. The rear surface is also covered in the same amount of loop velcro and the front interior surface. The front, back and interior pages all seem to be reinforced with HDPE sheets for added rigidity.

All interior seams are bound nicely, with each removable page being wrapped in cordura underneath the loop velcro. The exterior material all looks to be 1000d Cordura having the typical bombproof quality we’ve come to expect from the material.

Loop Panels

MSM MegaPatch Book 06Whether you choose to remove the pages from the MegaPatch Book or not, combined with the MSM Loop Panels, it truly becomes a versatile solution to either concealed carry or another way to carry weapons to and from the range.  The loop panels enable you to truly customize how it can be used and fielded.

The Loop Panels are not limited to the MegaPatch Book though, and are good for any loop velcro surface you might want to use to hold anything from a gun, mags, multi-tool, folding knife, pens, medical supplies, you name it. Heck, with enough loop panels you could even use the MegaPatch Book to house a folding knife collection if you’re in to safe queens. Also, two of these spaced apart can facilitate holding an AR-15 magazine.


MSM MegaPatch Book 05Loop Panels come in a set of two and measure 5″ x 2″ with two 2″ wide interior elastic loops and one exterior 4″ wide elastic loop. These loops are sewn onto a 5″ long section of scuba webbing wrapped in rubber-impregnated webbing to help keep the interior looped items secure. All of this is backed with hook velcro to stick wherever you find the need.

What’s remarkable is the machine that sewed these together, as the outer stitching had to go through four layers of elastic, two layers of rubber-impregnated webbing and the thick scuba webbing layer. Impressive!


MSM MegaPatch Book 02The MegaPatch Book and the Loop Panels are available through the MSM Store, and the Monkey is throwing in any two in-stock morale patches for free with every MegaPatch Book purchase. The MegaPatch Book is available for $45 in Tan, ACU, Black, OD and MultiCam. The Loop Panels are $9 for a set of two and only come in the black/grey scheme shown.

We’ve got even more details about these products in the YouTube video embedded below, and a special addition at the very end if you have the patience to stick around until the end of the video.

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  • that Zulu patch is looking sharp 🙂

  • jon

    interesting little bag. the modularity is certainly an appealing idea, I can see many uses for tools, or even as a small EDC bag with a few ajustments (I.e. adding a shoulder strap), although I suspect that it may well be a little small for that purpose.

    I seem to remember the smaller version had hidden slip pockets behind the front and back panels. has this feature been removed for some reason?

    oh, and:
    I’m in!

  • Tactical Tailor(the original) has outdone themselves by this collaberation. MSM did the right thing buy getting with the best gear maker in the industry. The coolest product I’ve seen in a long time!!!
    Kudos TT

  • David Smith

    IM IN!!! 🙂 been looking at these for awhile, seem like a good investment. Nice patch collection Bryan!

  • Steve Faris

    Nice SA1 patch… not many of those around…

  • Ryan

    I’m In! I’ve enjoyed the morale patches for some time but have them spread over a duty bag, body armor and entry armor. This bag is perfect!

  • Reddog

    The loop panels are impressive in their simplicity and versatility. I was thinking about whipping out a couple on my own until I read what all the needle has to go through. My Pfaff 130 is a hoss, but that looks like a job for a Clydesdale! I think I’ll buy a set out of respect.

    And while I didn’t see where this was a giveaway, given that others have opted in, why take a chance- I’m in!

  • I always have dug MSM’s stuff!
    I think you’re suppose to post
    “Im in” on the youtube page but Ill do it here also just in case,…Im In!!

  • clovesy

    what is that red patch that says “the bastards” from?

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