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The World’s Strongest Coat Hanger for Your Body Armor and Gear

By Bryan Black

Touting their coat hanger as the “world’s strongest” isn’t much different from world’s best burger, but in this case, the World’s Strongest Coat Hanger from VK Plastics has certainly lived up to all my expectations.

These hangers were designed and manufactured in the USA (by American workers) for first responders, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, hunters and all outdoor enthusiasts who require a strong hanger to protect their investments. I’ve found them to be perfect for hanging plate carriers with body armor and for heavy scuba diving wetsuits or anything with substantial weight.

The World’s Strongest Coat Hanger

As mentioned in the video below, I’ve been using these coat hangers for may years and have recently found out where to source more of them. The Website is what I stumbled onto after calling the phone number printed on one of the hangers. It’s very hard to spot if you’re not looking for it.

I’ve seen other “strong” coat hangers on the market, but I’m partial to these because of the features. Primarily my favorite feature other than the overall mass and strength are the strap notches on each shoulder. These are great for locking in the straps on a plate carrier and not allowing them to slide off. I also have utilized the “J” hooks many times for anything from backpacks to accessories.

One caveat to mention is that body armor manufacturers typically state to store their soft armor flat and to never hang it. I very much understand these instructions and am certainly not telling you to ignore their directions. Personally, if I know I won’t be using my soft armor for a long period of time, I’ll store it flat in a cool, dry area. Their are certainly times when you’ll just be wearing it again quickly and it’s not necessary to remove it from a carrier. That’s where a strong hanger comes in handy.


  • Hanger Width: 18 1/2″ Across
  • Extra Large 3 1/4″ Strap Notches
  • A Large 1 1/2″ Hanger Hook
  • Interior 3 1/2″ Slot for Blankets or Pants
  • Double “J” Hook for Backpacks or Accessories
  • “I” Beam Technology
  • Holds over 112 lbs.

The World’s Strongest Coat Hanger is available in Coyote, OD, Black and even Red, White and Blue (along with many other colors). Check them out here and tell them ITS sent you!

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