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A-TACS Releases Fabric, Webbing and Velcro to Consumers

By The ITS Crew

In other Camouflage news today, an A-TACS press release recently went out with the announcement that after many months of stage two development, their berry compliant Nylon Cordura fabric, webbing and hook and loop is now available for purchase.

A fantastic release, and something we’d never seen first hand with any camo pattern until SHOT Show this year, is printed loop velcro. A-TACS recently sent us over an exclusive uniform to use in our upcoming Camouflage Comparison that features the printed loop.

Be sure to click on the photos below and get a good view of how great the loop matches. It’s even better in person, as the photos don’t do it justice.


A-TACS Camouflage w/ Printed Loop VelcroThe A-TACS Nylon Cordura fabric is available in 330D, 500D and 1000D weights (with urethane backing and DWR treated face) through LC Industries in quantities as small as 5 yards. This is excellent news for small gear manufacturers as this will enable them to not have to carry large quantities in their inventory.

For additional information, pricing or to place an order, please call Julie Kammerer or Susan Fields with LCI / TAG at 1-888-890-1199.

Webbing and Bindings

A-TACS CamouflageA-TACS nylon webbing and bindings are now exclusively available through Texcel, Inc. in a variety of specifications ranging from three-quarter inch to three inch widths.

For ordering information and pricing, please contact John Pinkos at 401-727-2113.

Hook and Loop

A-TACS Camouflage w/ ITS Tan/Grey PatchTo complete the A-TACS total concealment system, DCS in conjunction with Aplix, Inc. is proud to announce the release of A-TACS hook and printed loop. For ordering information and pricing, please contact James Bishop at 800-438-0424.

For all other inquiries regarding A-TACS Nylons, please contact Steve Hanks with Digital Concealment Systems at 334-448-5442.

Make sure you don’t miss the ITS Exclusive Live Ustream interview with A-TACS this Monday, June 7th at 8 p.m. Central Time!

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