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Propper Introducing A-TACS ACUs for Spring 2011 – ITS Exclusive Photos

By The ITS Crew

Propper International and Digital Concealment Systems have recently issued a press release on the details of the upcoming A-TACS ACUs and we’d like to share some exclusive photos with you guys.

During our last Camo Comparison, in Big Bend National Park, we were able to test out the Propper A-TACS ACUs and see for ourselves how effective they were in that environment.

We’ll let the photos below speak for themselves, but we feel A-TACS did very well and is definitely a solid option for arid environments.


Propper A-TACS ACUs 23We’ve had one of the only six test samples of the Propper A-TACS ACUs now for about six months and are pleased to say they’ve been holding up extremely well. They’re sewn to military specifications and made from 65/35 poly/cotton ripstop fabric.

While our photos show an A-TACS boonie hat, these and combat shirts will be released as Propper advances the A-TACS product line.

A-TACS has done a great job integrating their pattern with well known manufacturers to produce a true head-to-toe concealment system. Along with the uniforms from Propper, they have boots from Danner, packs and nylon kit from Tactical Assault Gear, slings from Blue Force Gear and weapons and optics systems from Remington, Bushmaster and Bushnell.

Look for the Propper A-TACS ACUs to be unveiled at the 2011 SHOT Shot, January 18 – 21st in Las Vegas, NV.

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  • Daniel Garcia

    Very cool photos. Great camo, blends it well.

  • Davy Jenkins

    I am all over these. I just got the TAG Mountain Ruck in A-TACS, and I already had the Marine Gladiator chest rig, so I will be stoked to get the matching duds, especially since EOTAC has not seemed to move forward.

    • Blake

      EOTAC is releasing their uniforms for sale at the same time Propper will be. Got email confirmation they will be available for March 2011.

  • I’d be interested to see how that pattern would do here in Florida. So far Multicam is the winner,

  • Lesane

    That is excellent stuff! If your pics weren’t centered on you, I’m not sure if I would have seen you at all!

  • What awesome photos! And the A-TACS blends in incredibly well. I’m excited to test the ACUs out myself.

  • JohnnyB

    Hey guys,
    Did you get my comments in the Camo Comaprison II article? Any thoughts? Sorry to belabor the issue, just thought it might fun.

    • JohnnyB, just replied in that post. Thanks for your suggestions and support!

  • john

    I like the direction they are going with this. Looks like a good pattern, however I would not consider this a universal pattern by any means.

  • SkuzzyG

    I really like the pattern that they have come up with.
    – I dont mind multicam; I just dont favor how “green” multicam is in natural settings.
    — I really like the way this looks, it has more “mat” colors to it… to me the green is perfect because it looks like a natural “moss” green used, to where you could lay at a small creek bed and blend into the natural setting, yet still maintains the perfect blending for harsh desert settings where water is limited.

    Love the pictures guys, love the hard work you’ve done, keep it up!

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