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Danner Releases All-Over Camo Boots in A-TACS

By Bryan Black

This is truly a first in the Tactical Industry and something everyone should stand up and take notice of. Danner has partnered with A-TACS to release the first all-over camouflage boot designed to complement the “Total Camouflage Solution” that A-TACS is bringing to the market.

Danner has two versions of the all-over camo boots in their Desert TFX (TERRA FORCE X) line. One pair with a waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX Liner they’ve dubbed the Uniform Boots and one with a non-waterproof moisture-wicking mesh interior called the Hot Uniform Boots.

I’ve been hands-on with these boots and offer up my opinions below.

All-Over Camouflage

Danner All-Over Camo A-TACS Boots 04Cordura boot uppers are nothing new by any means, but this Danner/A-TACS combo is truly a home run. The colorway match when compared with the Propper A-TACS uniform we have is remarkable. We also have a large swatch of A-TACS heavyweight uniform fabric that you’ll see in the photo and the colorway looks seamless. That’s not even mentioning the industry-first feature on the boots, the soles.

Danner All-Over Camo A-TACS Boots 03The camouflage sole on these boots is out-of-the-box thinking at its finest. While a relatively small surface area compared to an overall camouflage uniform, it’s important nonetheless. In talking with A-TACS on their reasoning behind developing the camouflage sole, they said that something that had always stuck out in their mind was a statement from a Sniper Instructor who said that despite how good his students were cammied up he could always pick them out by their boots.

Danner All-Over Camo A-TACS Boots 02This small surface area of a boot sole becomes increasingly larger when you’re in the prone position and isn’t something that’s typically accounted for in the grand scheme of camouflage. I say every little bit helps and what’s at work here is more a pattern break up to the typical single-color sole that creates a familiar pattern that’s easily identifiable.  The coloration of the rubber isn’t an exact match as you can see, but it’s certainly close and effective.

I haven’t had much time in the boots yet as they only recently arrived, but Danner comfort doesn’t disappoint. While I’ve been wearing them I haven’t noticed my feet sweating like they do in other boots I have with GORE-TEX lining. I attribute this to great construction as well as the breathability of the Cordura upper.

I’m also loving the lugs on the soles which are beveled to prevent mud build-up. I’m sure most of you can agree that while large lugs can be good in some situations, they lose their value when you have mud caked in-between them. As this is only an initial review, time will tell how well they’ll hold up and I’ll definitely be writing a follow-up article.

Danner lists the release date on both the Uniform Boots and Hot Uniform Boots as July  2011, which will be close to the Spring 2011 timeframe that Propper is releasing their A-TACS uniforms we’ve covered here.

Here are the details on the Desert TFX A-TACS GTX Uniform Boots:

  • 100% waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX ® liner is engineered to keep your feet dry and comfortable – even in extreme conditions
  • 1000 Denier nylon upper material is extremely resistant to abrasions, tears, and scuffs, improves breathability, and dries quickly
  • A-TACS ® unique “pattern within a pattern” technology and range of inter-mingled natural colors and shapes offer superior camouflaging for military and law enforcement concealment needs
  • TERRA FORCE ® X platform provides lightweight, durable traction, heel-to-toe energy transfer, side support to enhance maneuverability, and protection from arch overwork and fatigue
  • Sleek, low volume profile with ample toe room provides serious support and comfort
  • Speed lace system for a quick, secure fit
  • Approach TFX lightweight outsole provides improved acceleration, downhill braking, and side hill traction. Beveled lugs prevent debris build-up
  • Nylon shank
  • 8″ height
  • 58 oz
  • Imported


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