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Help Get These Tactical Chucks Made!

By The ITS Crew

Ok Guys and Girls, it’s time for our collective tactical voice to be heard.

Chuck Taylor All-Stars are arguably one of the most popular shoes to ever be produced, and have been unofficially adopted by the tactical community and military for a long time.

There are thousands of color schemes Converse has produced over the years, but none that are truly tactical!

Yes, there are black canvas on black sole Chucks, which are awesome, but none in true tactical colors.

The Tactical Chucks pictured here (The bag says Vintage 1946) were seen at the 2010 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, and if we didn’t grab a photo of them, would have slipped into oblivion.

We contacted Converse and eventually got routed to their eStore email address, who needed visual confirmation to give us any information about the elusive Tactical Chucks. Luckily we had a photo…

Just to provide a full disclosure, we’ve attached the email correspondence from Converse so you can see just why we’ve created a petition to get these Tactical Chucks made!


Sent: Wed 1/27/2010 12:12 PM

To: Estore

Subject: ID on a pair of Chucks


I spoke with someone on the phone yesterday to inquire about a pair of

Chuck Taylor 1946 Converse All Stars that I saw while I was attending

the Las Vegas SHOT Show last week.

I’ve attached a photo of the shoes and would like to see if there’s

any information on availability and when they’ll be released.

Thank you,



On Jan 28, 2010, at 9:51 AM, Estore wrote:

Hi Bryan,

Unfortunately this shoe was never produced and will not be available

for purchase. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Have a great day,


Customer Service


Sent: Thu 1/28/2010 10:08 AM

To: Estore

Subject: Re: ID on a pair of Chucks


Can you please explain why it was being showcased at SHOT Show if

there was not an intent to produce it and it wouldn’t be available for


Thank you for following up,



On Jan 29, 2010, at 9:51 AM, Estore wrote:

Hi Bryan,

We apologize for any confusion. Often times our Merchandising team will take old models or prototypes to shows like SHOT to get a gauge on whether or not there is interest in the shoe. They usually let people know that the shoes are not available for sale, we apologize that you were not told this.

Thank you.

Have a great day,


Customer Service


Ok.. so you read it, right? “Often times our Merchandising team will take old models or prototypes to shows like SHOT to get a gauge on whether or not there is interest in the shoe.”

Converse needs to see that there’s an interest in getting these Tactical Chucks made, and the Tactical Community needs to speak up!

Sign this petition and show Converse that you want to see these get made!

The goal for this petition is 1,000 signatures and will automatically be sent to Converse once we hit that goal.

Send this to friends, family, shooters and anyone you know that could use a pair of Tactical Chucks!

Sign the Tactical Chucks Petition!

Tactical Chucks

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  • AndrewxAnarchy

    I’m wearing my High-Tops right now. Been wearing Chucks for around 3 years now.

    I’ll sign it.

  • ABSOLUTELY there’s an interest. Must have…

  • Done. I have those Black On Black Chucks…sweet.

  • steve

    i would love to own a pair of these! im gonna send the petition around to some friends to get more signatures

  • shane

    I would be all over a pair of these.

  • Done and done. We need to get these made!

  • Failure Drill


  • Heck yes! I’ll pass this info on to as many Chuck-lovin’ people that I can think of!

  • Sweet, I have always wished that they made chucks in a color you could wear in the desert. Chucks are my favorite hiking boots, I hiked completely across Qatar wearing a pair 6 years ago.

    Consider my signature signed

  • Jesse

    Signed and waiting for a pair.

  • horsefighting


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  • Devrick Barnett


  • ltcomp

    Just Signed it can’t wait. I have been rocking the black on blacks for a well and they are great.

  • Matthew Arrell

    Signed, but, how exactly have Chucks been adapted by the tactical and military community? I am a National Guard Soldier and also a Tactical Operator in the private industry, and I haven’t heard about us using Chucks in any way shape or form. I’ve seen the Converse tactical boots but they are generally of shoddy workmanship and I try to stay away from them.

    • Austin

      theyre for fun “national guard operator matt” HAHAHAHA. wow…….

  • Clint Steele


  • JeePerz


  • Robert Morrison


  • Brockb

    Yeah yeah!

  • TG_CT

    I was looking for these on the Internet and it appears they were made and sold in 2004. Check the link for buyers comments/reviews on the sneakers and check out the dates.

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  • ZGhostRex9


  • Nice Find TG_CT!

  • In one day we got half of the petitions. That’s so awesome!

  • Rocco

    I’ve heard of guys wearing the monochrome black chucks saying they’re good for flippers to shore.

    Anyways, I found a sick pair of Avirex all star type brown hi tops that I wear.

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  • I tell you what would be very cool, a pair of tactical Adidas Superstars, like the old GSG9 boots, but low cut.

  • Tigerpoacher

    Sorry,for the previos mistake.

    Make it looks as good as or better than Palladium Pampa or set up a new standard for “modern tactical patauga”, will be sold. With this look and feel I will stay away too.

  • Bob

    Honestly… I’ve never seen anything such in any “tactical” setting whatsoever.

    The only places I’ve seen All-Stars was with hobos, hippies and other “I want to be special, fuck society” anticonformist people.

    IMHO they look like shit.

    That being said, I must say it’s great to see that such a collective agreement leads to a company listing to customers. That is good news!

    • Bob,

      I think it’s that you just haven’t been around the right “tactical” setting yet. There are plenty of operators sporting Chucks for water operations and such.

      Thanks for the comment,

  • Reddog245

    Where do I send the check?

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  • Rocco

    Righto admin,

    Alot of dudes in Virginia Beach were buying them when they came out at the NEX.


    Most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. Walked across Europe in them in 2007.

  • Just checked and the petition is up to 589. Not bad but I know it can do better.

    Bryan, I didn’t know a lot of operators used them. That’s interesting!

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  • I signed the petition and I posted some other interesting Chucks designs here

  • Those are hot!

  • TacoRocco

    Did you see the outsider boot Converse has?

    Looks similar:

  • Matt

    These were available at the Gap. Same color layout but a slightly different sole; more sport than waffle iron. I got mine for $19.

  • John

    1005! Hope converse listens.

  • Joe

    I have 2 pairs of even more tactical 1946 Chucks for sale: size 10 and 10.5.
    You can get a first glimpse at them on the german amazon site:
    If there is enough interest, I’ll post them on Ebay.
    I love these shoes but this economy…

  • Steven Martin Cohen

    I’ve been a product developer for over 40 years, and if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that there is NO connection between external product demand and what many companies will allow themselves to make to serve that external demand. If an idea doesn’t come from the right people or groups within a company, it’s not only as if the product should NOT EXIST, but forces within the company tend to materialize to deliberately PREVENT the product from existing because an ego and being right is more important than money and economic survival, and there is no way to prove an unmade product would have been successful regardless of external (or internal) pressure, therefore NOT making something can always be considered the right thing to have done; conversely (pun purely incidental), the failure of the most obviously stupid product made by a company will always be blamed on other internal departments or the consumer himself. So get your thousand signatures–you could get a million and it probably would make no difference. It is the VERY rare company that listens to its customers, and, truth be told, most companies and management “teams” sit in the isolated stratosphere, arrogantly looking down upon the little customers they so detest–how odd, considering a company’s income comes from, well, guess who? And the same holds true for publishers and toy companies, among others. There ARE always exceptions though, and hope springs eternal.

    — Steven Martin Cohen

  • Jesse

    Just happened across this. Those are great! I may be a little biased though

    Is there any word on them making it to production? The petition has over 1000 now

  • daybreak1199

    The create your own option is pretty cool…..I tried using what colors they had available for a somewhat tactical look.,,,235881305,,,235581288

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  • Dean Wells

    only thing they could do to make it better would be one in cordora fabric, multicam with a coyote soles. THAT WOULD BE SWEET!!

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