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Converse Tactical Chucks Update

By Bryan Black

So if you’ve been waiting with baited breath for an update on our Tactical Chucks call to action we put together after the SHOT Show this year, I feel that we’ve waited on a response from Converse long enough.

On February 10th we received an email from Jason Thome, Media Relations Manager for Converse. That was right before we’d received the last of our 1,000 signatures on the “Help Get These Tactical Chucks Made” petition.

The full email dialogue is pasted in its entirety below, to provide our readers with some answers straight from Converse.


February 10, 2010

Hi, I saw your petition on your site. Converse appreciates your enthusiasm for our brand and product! Contrary to a previous statement from Converse customer service, we don’t have plans to commercialize the specific Chuck Taylor All Stars you are referencing. However, we have produced very similar models and currently offer product based on archive models. Some that were originally made for the military. Sorry for any confusion.

Also, can you please send me your email?

Thank you,


February 10, 2010


Thank you for contacting us, however I’m disappointed to hear Converse has no plans to produce this shoe despite the huge interest the tactical community (Military, Law Enforcement, etc.) has expressed.

What are Converse’s reasons for not considering this model for production?

When you mention that you’ve produced similar models and offer product based on archive models, what does this mean? Can you provide me with images of these aforementioned models?

Thank you for your time,
Bryan Black
Editor-in-Chief, ITS Tactical


February 10, 2010

Hi Bryan,

The shoe from your site appears to be a vintage Chuck Taylor. What I mean is that we literally have hundreds of Chuck Taylor models that we have produced throughout the years. During our 100th anniversary year we re produced some archival items and we continue to do so. If you are specifically interested in those colors, we have some upcoming models that have similar colors, but they may not be an exact replica of those shoes. Some examples of some products we have done recently are below and you can see this boot that is currently available on this link:

photos attached to email:



March 4, 2010


As per your dialogue about upcoming models having similar colors, is there any more information about those? I’m not sure if you’re aware, but we’ve hit the 1,000 signature mark we were shooting for on the petition

Does this kind of interest from your customers not have any effect on what Converse will consider for production? We’re going to be writing a follow up article on ITS Tactical and we were hoping it would be good news in terms of actually seeing the shoe in the petition produced.

I’m not sure what it will take for Converse to take notice of the interest and produce the shoe. There will be some very disappointed customers if our update to the petition is truly one of Converse ignoring the voice of its customers.

Could you please state the reasons for this shoe not being produced, if in fact that is Converse’s decision? Also is there a magical number of customers that need to speak up on a petition to get this shoe made? 5,000? 10,000? Is there a possibility of seeing this shoe as an option in the Converse Custom Store?

Thank you for your time,
Bryan Black
Editor-in-Chief, ITS Tactical



So now that you guys all know the backstory, let me fill in a couple of details. The couple of weeks that went by between the last email Jason sent on February 10th, and when I responded on March 4th was to ensure we had the 1,000 signatures before I contacted him again.

I’ve waited and waited, but there’s been zero correspondence since March 4th from Converse, and nothing from the eStore email address that the petition was sent to after the 1,000 signature were reached.

So what’s  the deal Converse? Does our voice not count? Are you seriously going to ignore over 1,000 potential buyers, many who expressed a genuine interest in buying more than one pair?


I hate to disappoint everyone with this news, and believe me, I would have bought two pairs of Tactical Chucks myself. Between this and the availablity of the recent Vans TNT II shoes we posted about yesterday, I’m irritated that these major shoe companies aren’t taking the tactical community seriously, and thinking it’s just some fad that doesn’t warrant a full production.

So what do you guys think? It’s discouraging to say the least, but I’d love to hear your suggestions on what to do now.

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  • Eric Lien

    That’s ridiculous! I would have thought that 1000 people would have been enough to say something for the shoe. What really gets me is that there wasn’t even a good explanation for why they won’t produce the shoe, even though you asked each time!

  • I say we tac up and raid their facilities!

  • Graham Monteith

    Come on Converse!!! All we want is some Tacti-cool shoes!

  • Jesse Krembs

    Actually a 1000 customers is not a lot in the grand scheme of things. Consider math.
    Let’s say that they sell these shoes..for $200 (this is the top end of their product line). That’s $200,000 from there you have to cut out all the expenses for design, testing, production, transports, sales, marketing and operating costs. There isn’t a lot of profit at the end of that chain. Also remember that of that 1,000 (or 5K, or 10K) who’s actually going to pony up.
    That being said maybe you should just make your own over at

    • Jesse,

      Understand what you’re saying, but at the same time, that was over 1,000 people from just a simple promotion that cost us exactly 0 dollars. The petition was meant to at least show Converse that there is a considerable interest. I don’t know about you, but it’s not every day that I see a consumer petition to get a product made that’s already been through the design process, testing and production phase. While I’m sure the logistics are nothing simple, making a shoe you’ve previously made should be considerably easier.

      I too agree about who will actually pony up, but that’s above my pay grade.

      Thanks for the comment!

  • bismark03

    You might want to look into Palladium Boots if you want something like the Chuck Taylors.

    • Bismark03, those are nice, but look similar to the photo converse sent me as what they have available now. That boot sole defeats the purpose of one of the many things Chucks can be used for, and that’s water operations. You’re not going to get that sole into a fin to save your life.

      The thin sole is a welcome change to some, as most people understand the almost disposable nature of Chucks.

      Thanks for the link and the comment

  • Mark Silkwood

    Cool find Bismark03! But I would still love some legit tactical chucks…

  • bismark03

    Thanks me too. I was these a while back and was going to get a pair until I was the chucks but I might go ahead and order a pair now.

  • Jesse

    I have a pair of the aforementioned Palladium boots. They look good with jeans, just about any pants and are just as comfy as chucks. I’ve had mine for over a year and they have held up very well. Chucks seem to fall apart if you aren’t careful. I say give Palladium a try.

  • Jesse

    Don’t get me wrong, I still love chucks and would buy a tac pair.

  • Ratfink

    whats even more upsetting is i cant find any of the vans in my size

  • Kevin

    I was looking forward to grabbing a pair….

  • George

    I’ve never really been a fan of Converse, but the Tactical Chucks get my attention. Those boots in the link are pretty cool also, too bad they’re only offered in three very small sizes (right now).

  • lol

    i would buy a pair

  • Reddog245

    I have to agree with Bryan. The only change from stock is the color of the fabric and sole, and it is something they’ve done before. Seems like a sure sell of at least 600-800 in a special run, and probably more if one website can generate 1000 signatures. But we may not know the whole story. Maybe they didn’t sell well before and they got stuck with a bunch on clearance. I sure didn’t know about them then, though.
    But this is the thing about a capitalist system (while we have it). They can chose not to make them, and we can chose to buy something else. And we might want to buy whatever now before tactical colors are illegal, and the only color available is SIEU purple. (Sorry for the political dig, but since i am now a homegrown terrorist threat, I figure I might as well say it while I can.) I’ll spend my money with people who make things I want.

  • Chris

    I love Chucks but I can’t wear them because the toe area is too narrow. If they would make them with a toe area similar to Keens I would buy them all the time.

  • Bill – Jackel

    I bought a pair of the all black Chucks, they are a pretty good substitute for the tactical Chucks.

  • Jerry Guerrero

    Sucks we won’t get those as that color scheme is killer. Second Palladiums, as the Israeli made version I have has served me well. Might also want check out

  • ryan

    hello all,

    firstly i’d like to say, great site with great info. keep it up. in regard to the chucks situation, i’d say it’s a lost cause. the converse of old might have taken our interest into consideration but ever since the company was sold in the early 2000s the quality and customer service have hit rock bottom. to me they are only converse by name and everything i loved about the shoe and the company died when ownership changed hands and manufacturing moved to china. it’s a shame that classic and historic companies like converse and levis tout their American heritage but ship jobs overseas and saddle us with inferior products. we all love our country so i think it’s time we support our countrymen as well. forget converse because they have forgotten us. converse customer count: -1
    all the best to you all. check your labels!

  • How many signatures would it take?! They are really missing out!

  • Cervantes

    Well, I was really looking forward to getting a couple of tactical Chucks.
    I really don’t want to doctor up a pair of civvie Chucks, so I Chucks for me..

  • Steve Lee

    Why not tactical wingtips for protection duty?

  • Cpt.HardDerps

    where is the petition… ill sign it. same for those vans also, the SK8-Hi would be awesome in Multicam or A-TACS 😀

  • Ziggy

    FYI there are two auctions on ebay right now for Camouflage Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars customized with Vibram hiking boot soles, size 10 and size 11.
    Item number: 320822339596
    Item number: 320822340218
    both auctions come to an end 1/07/2011

  • Ryan


    I wore converse shoes for years from elem. school, high school and after. 3-4 years ago i heard new balance bought the rights to PF Flyers and began manufacturing them again in 2003. I initially bought a pair of black on black because they were the EXACT shoes worn in “The Sandlot”, one of my favorite movies growing up. Guaranteed to make a kid run faster and jump higher. I have been a PF Flyers fan ever since. They seem to be more comfortable and last longer than the converse i grew up with. Here is a link to a pair of Tan canvas Flyers i would highly recommend . There are lot of different colors available and they have leather versions also. And i think we can agree that there are times in a tactical situation that we could all run faster and jump higher!

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