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215 Gear Ultimate Riggers Belt

By The ITS Crew

215 Gear Ultimate Riggers Belt 01215 Gear has just released their take on the classic riggers belt with the Ultimate Riggers Belt.

The revolutionary design of the belt is certainly game changing compared to anything we’ve seen. They have replaced the traditional riggers belt v-ring with a unique sewn loop for emergency rappelling.

Riggers belts are commonly available with or without v-rings for the simple reason that some people want the strength and durability of a riggers belt, but have no use for the added bulk and weight of a metal v-ring.

We’ve always felt that why buy a riggers belt if your purpose is not to use what the belt was designed for, but can understand the reasoning. Now with 215’s sewn loop, you don’t have to sacrifice the lifesaving capability of the belt to drop bulk and weight.


215 Gear Ultimate Riggers Belt 07215 Gear chose to go with the Austrialpin Cobra Buckle on the Ultimate Riggers Belt, which has become quite popular lately for a couple of good reasons.

  1. They’re made of Aluminum so they don’t rust. Anyone that’s worked around the ocean can attest to how rusty metal buckles and v-rings can get.
  2. They’re strong! a 2000 lb. load capacity is what paragear.com quotes.
  3. They can not be opened under tension. One side will disengage if under tension, but will not release. When the tension is released the side will then re-lock.
  4. From #3, if one side of the two clasp system is disengaged the buckle will not open, both clasps have to be depressed to release.

215 Gear hired an independent company to run the Cobra Buckle, and other popular riggers belt buckles, through a salt fog test. They witnessed first hand how impervious to rusting the Cobra is, and how badly the other buckles rusted.


215 Gear Ultimate Riggers Belt 09The Ultimate Riggers Belt is constructed with double layered Type 13  parachute webbing and features 7 Class sewing (lock stitch) throughout the entire belt with 207 thread. Just to let  you know how tough 7 Class is, it’s commonly used on ship sails.

Six rows of 7 Class sewing run down the entire length of the belt adding to the stiffness and rigidity. This helps trememdously with the usual “roll” that drop leg holsters and subloads are notorious for.

The URB is made with only Mil-Spec materials and is Berry Amendment Compliant (U.S. Made)


215 Gear Ultimate Riggers Belt 10The belts are available in Medium (30-35” waist),  Large (35-40” waist) and  X-Large (40-45” waist). With between four and five inches of adjustment in each of the sizes there can be some resistance in the adjustment of the belt when the loop velcro on the bitter end works its way through the Cobra Buckle.

Rather than attempt to illustrate this in words, we’ve added this explanation in the video review below.

With most tactical pants being cut for wider belts the adjustment shouldn’t be an issue, as most likely you’ll be setting your size and just taking it on and off without removing the buckle.


Other than adjustment resistance, this belt is fantastic and the perfect solution to the weight and bulk issue that’s been plaguing riggers belts.

Suggest retail is $74.99 and is available in black and khaki from 215gearstore.com

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  • Great review… very thorough!

  • haloblue

    Excellent review as always.

    Questions though: Where did you get the cool 5.56 ammo can t-shirt in the vid?

    • Thanks! We’ll get back to you on that 🙂

  • littleninja71

    Love the aluminum and lack of D-ring. Worked in ocean rigging for years and can vouch for the shear JOY of having equipment that won’t rust out! Sizing is good too, a little sheister like me can use the medium but the big dogs have good fits in the larger sizes. Great products and excellent review!

    Thanks guys!

    • Glad you can relate LN. We’re big fans of not having rusty metal buckles either, and glad there’s one that will fit a “little sheister” LOL. Thanks for the compliment!


  • trebec

    Awesome spendy but awesome

  • These reviews are killer! Great pics, video, written (and sectioned) thoughts/comments… Keep ’em coming!

    Are you hiring?

    • Mike, thanks for your support! We’re glad you like what we’re doing. Check your email.

  • Ray Mendoza

    You know, i’ve always heard of using the rigger’s belt to rappel with, but i’ve never seen it done or even set up to be done. If at all possible, could you do a demo on how it looks set up and well how you would rappel with a rigger’s belt?
    ok, my question is done, but i do want to say that the belt is awesome and i’m in the market for a new one so once it is up on 215’s website, i’m snatching one up.

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  • I got this belt last week and I’m very impressed. It has just enough stiffness so it doesn’t roll with a thigh rig on, but not so much that it digs into you. It’s also 25% lighter than my old Eagle rigger’s belt. Because of the buckle, the weight is more evenly distributed when undone – which is a big deal when you drop trow… The only things I’d like to see in an updated version is a rounded strap, like their Enhanced belt has, and availability in black and ranger green.

  • Blake Mims

    God I don’t know who you are but I love your videos. You really seem to know what you’re talking about (cause i’ll admit I don’t), AND you’re delivery is fantastic! Not perfect, but when you do have a little stutter or something it’s not very noticeable or distracting, unlike other guys that put together vids like these…

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