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The Liger Gun Belt: It’s Like a Lion and a Tiger Got Together To Hold Up Your Pants

By Bryan Black

Maxpedition Liger Gun Belt

The Liger Gun Belt has been a part of my EDC for the past few months and today I’d like to share my thoughts on it thus far. Manufactured by Edgy Gear and sold by Maxpedition, it’s one of the few products available there that’s 100% made in the USA and that was a big selling point for me.

I purchased the Liger Gun Belt to evaluate as an option for wear with every day clothing, more formal attire and especially for use in conjunction with concealed carry.

Liger Gun Belt

For starters, the Liger Gun Belt is available in 1.25″ tall and 1.5″ tall configurations. You can also order it in an OD/grey configuration as seen in this review or brown/grey, black/grey and even a blackout version that features a black belt with a black buckle.

When I initially purchased the Liger Gun Belt, I ordered a 1.25″ tall version and quickly found I didn’t care for the shorter version and wanted to try the 1.5″ out. Maxpedition was very helpful in allowing me to exchange the original belt for a taller variation, which I greatly appreciated.

I feel that the 1.5″ is more accommodating to the various holsters I run, as I feel like I’m always trying out new offerings from companies. A few holsters that I’m currently evaluating and want to mention here are the Orion Concepts MOD-1 (OTW) and the Off The Grid Concepts Sidewinder (IWB.) The Liger Gun Belt is accommodating both of these very well right now.

Something that most reading this may be familiar with, is the sag that can develop in leather and even some nylon belts. While this isn’t an issue, per se, it is worth noting that in nearly four months of wearing the Liger Gun Belt, there haven’t been any issues of sagging or deformation. This is largely in part to the “Ligerthane” material that each belt is made of.

Maxpedition Liger Gun Belt

Maxpedition Liger Gun Belt


Ligerthane is a proprietary material developed by Edgy Gear, which utilizes a high-strength resin-embedded polyester fabric core and boasts a 2,000+ lb. tensile strength. It’s also rated to over 300 lbs. of pull strength at the belt holes. Coated with a highly abrasion-resistant polyurethane coating, the Liger Gun Belt nearly looks brand new after the months of wear I’ve put it through.

Maxpedition Liger Gun Belt

The Ligerthane material is also noted as being impervious to salt water, blood, mildew, bacteria, mold, rot and resistant to common solvents. I haven’t tested this out yet beyond sweating profusely while wearing it and not yet cleaning it. With the salt that’s deposited on it thus far, I haven’t noticed any rusting, rotting or mildew. Ligerthane is marketed as being soft and flexible down do -20F, but being in Texas, haven’t tested that one out either.

Maxpedition Liger Gun Belt

Maxpedition Liger Gun Belt

When it comes to the buckle and further construction on the Liger Gun Belt, I really love the solid billet of T6-6061 aluminum used in the buckle. The fact that stainless steel rivets were also used is a big plus. The “LigerTooth” hook design on the buckle is also formed from the single billet of aluminum and seems as equally strong as the overall buckle. The buckle is type-III hard-anodized (MILSPEC-A-8625) in either Grey or Black for increased wear resistance. I’ll also note here that the belt is incredibly light, with the 1.5″ x 36″ long version shown in this review weighing in at just 7.2 ounces.


This brings us to sizing. Maxpedition states that sizing is based on actual waist circumference and recommends using a tailor’s tape measure (the flexible kind) to thread through the belt loops of your favorite pair of pants (as you’d normally wear them.) I’ll also note that I didn’t take into account any type of concealed carry when I made my measurement during my purchase. As Maxpedition states that based on the measurement, they provide two holes smaller and three holes larger in 1″ increments, I felt like this would accommodate the range I’d need. It turned out that it certainly did.


So in all, the Liger is pretty much my favorite animal and the Liger Gun Belt ranks right up there with the best belts I’ve ever owned. I’m anxious to even pick up another in brown or black for more formal occasions, as wearing a traditional leather dress belt now just seems wrong.

Maxpedition Liger Gun Belt

It took me awhile to get mine, so be patient if the size you want is out of stock. I’d recommend signing up for their notification list so you’ll know when they get their next batch in. You could also give them a call to inquire about when more will be in stock. They list their number in the item description as a resource for sizing questions or to place an order.

As tempted as I am to use the Liger Gun Belt as an emergency zip line like Indiana Jones, I still can’t bring myself to try it out. Maybe one day…

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  • That looks like a really awesome belt! It’s cool because it seems like one that will support the weight of a gun and holster but is still easy to put on quickly. I also like the unique look and material.

  • This is great timing since I’m in the market for a good carry belt.

    “It’s Like a Lion and a Tiger Got Together To Hold Up Your Pants” < Ha, great catchphrase!

    Being an old machinist I always love seeing tooling marks on products!

  • It looks amazing…

  • spenceman

    I’ve been considering getting one of these for sometime, looks like I’m no longer on the fence.

  • Misha

    I’ve been considering one of these for a while now, but I don’t have any complaints about my Wilderness Tactical Instructor’s Belts. Have you used the Wilderness belts, and if so how do they stack up against this Liger?

  • John

    I’ve been wearing these belts since before Maxpedition sold them (they were first made by Kevin McClung of Mad Dog Knives). I’ve used various belts over the years(Wilderness, Jones Tactical, SOE, Kramer, Milt Sparks, etc, etc) and I while I still use other belts for certain purposes, I always keep coming back to this belt as a general purchase, nice looking, wifey-approved, everyday belt. The material these belts are made of do not soak up sweat, are quiet, super long-lasting, and are the perfect “stickiness” to keep any belt carried items in place. I’ve worn them in conditions from -35F in Montana to 115F + temps here in Texas. If I was going to make a list of non-gimmick no BS gear that works these belts would be on it…right beside my
    G-shock watches, Spyderco knives, Red Wing boots, and my Glocks and Sigs.

  • Justin

    Great review! Been looking for a good carry belt. Any issues when tension on the belt is lowered (like when going from standing to sitting) with that single hook losing grip in the belt holes and coming loose?

    • John

      I’ve never had a problem with it coming out of the belt. The hook is generous in size and has a good hook-shape to it that holds it in the belt very well.

  • chris monge

    A little off topic, but does the ,”Off The Grid Concepts Sidewinder Holster” work for appendix carry?!

  • Amy

    I’m so going to get these for myself and my husband for Christmas! Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Jason

    Have you tested it going through a metal detector? Wondering if the small amount of stainless would set one off.

    • Haven’t yet Jason, I’ve just always removed it at the airport. I hate being in security for any longer than necessary. Plus with the new scanners, (if I remember correctly) they make you take off belts and remove anything from your pockets. Everytime I go through those with TAD Shorts/Pants on that have the Ranger Eye Patch, they always pat that area down afterwards because it shows up on the scanner. I’m guessing they’d flip over a belt…

    • Vic

      The belt is airport friendly. I am a pilot for one of the airlines. I’ve worn the belt for over three years. It has performed like a champ.

  • JohnD

    What is the OWB multi-cam holster that covers the end of the barrel? I have wanted to wear an OWB, but haven’t seen any that adequately covered the end of the muzzle if I were to wear a shirt that wasn’t quite long enough to the cover the muzzle itself. Thanks for the belt review; I will be picking one (or two) of these up!

    • JohnD

      Sorry, I think you have mentioned them already in your review. If it is a different holster, please let me know….otherwise cheers.

    • John, no worries, it’s the holster from Orion Concepts I mentioned in the article. Thanks!

  • dsr1811

    I’ve been wearing a black/gray one with a suit for work for about 4 years. Still no real signs of sagging or wear. Very pleased with it. I did poke an extra hole between two others to get just the right fit. The hook has never come out by accident. It actually takes some effort to undo. Re walk-thru mags at the airport, it has enough metal that it should set them off. Re the Wilderness Tactical belt, I wear the Frequent Flyer model when not in a suit. Also a great belt and it will not set off the mags as there are no metal parts. I have worn it when flying without any issues. The velcro will eventually wear out tho.

  • Eric

    I run a Crossbreed Holster with velcro-tab “V-Clips”. So my belt needs to have velcro backing stitched to the inside. I’ve never handled a belt made of this material. Would you say it’s possible to have a local leather shop stitch loop backing to the inside? I’d love to give one of these a try, but I need to be able to wear a tuckable IWB that doesn’t wrap over the top of my belt.

  • Tom

    Great article. Looks intriguing. Awesome to see a P226 (?) getting CC’d.

  • Darin

    I’ve had one for three or four years and it’s been the great. No warping. Jason, I’ve gone threw metal detectors at concerts, and DC buildings without issues (no promises that you won’t) but since the bulk of it is aluminum it agitates the scanners less than a normal dress belt. Justin, I’ve never had the hook pop out. It takes a little while to get used to how to buckle it, but it holds well. Misha, I’m with John, if I’m going somewhere and I’m bringing more rope and gear than paracord and a carabiner I go for the wilderness belt. But it is way more appropriate with a polo or a tie (unless you’re police or military).

  • George

    I’ve been wanting one of these since back in 2000 or so. When I finally decided to pull the trigger on it, it’s never in stock. I’m going to email them for availability. Thanks for the writeup!

  • Michael Honeycutt

    Big disappointment is that NO other colors but BLACK. I just talked to Maxpedtion. They will NO loner offer ANYTHING but black. I have one and wanted a brown but they NO longer carry them, and they used to do OD and foliage…Think that will hurt their sales. Great article though..

  • Michael Honeycutt

    LONGER, not Loner..oops

  • Hieu

    Liger Gun Belt best

  • Ash

    Has Maxpedition discontinued these Liger belts? They’ve had none in stock on their website for months now. I love the one I got in early 2011 so I tried ordering a new black one via Optics Planet in November last year and again in October this year, and both orders come back cancelled after a month marked ‘Cancel Reason: Technical Problem’

  • Tom Exceptional

    May be a good product, but I’m not buying anything from Maxpedition. Does no one remember the faeces-storm that erupted over a Liger Gun Belt here? Tim Tang (Maxpedition’s owner) VS EDC Forums, fun reading!

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