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GORUCK Scars: Repairing Gear that’s Been Burned, Shot, Slashed or Sawed

By Jon Gaffney

Goruck SCARS

Chances are that if you’re a regular ITS reader, you’ve probably heard of GORUCK. But in the unlikely event you haven’t, GORUCK is a bag (and event) company started by former Green Berets who make products that are made to withstand the rigors of that job and yours.

All of their gear is made in the USA to the highest standards and their product testing involves taking new gear, filling it with sand, bricks, or some other heavy items and having people ruck (carry) it around for hours on end. If you’re interested in doing some product testing for GORUCK, head on over to their events page and sign up for a GORUCK Challenge.

Goruck SCARS

Goruck SCARS

Regardless of how ruggedly you build a backpack, Murphy’s Law dictates that people will wear it out, rip it up, or let their dog get after it. In light of that and the staunch opinion that if you built it, you should stand solidly behind it, GORUCK has always offered a lifetime guarantee on all the products they manufacture. Appropriately, this guarantee is named SCARS.

If any of their gear needs repair because of a defect or falls under the “normal repair guidelines,” the repair is free. For those on the extreme side, GORUCK is equally open minded. “We’re happy to stitch up any GORUCK gear that’s been burned, shot, slashed or sawed for a reasonable repair charge.” So pretty much no matter what you do to your bag, GORUCK has your six. Sounds fair to us.


GORUCK SCARS is run out of their Bozeman, Montana Research & Development (R&D) office. This is done for a few reasons, but the primary one is because SCARS is a valuable part of R&D. Defects and weak points are meticulously documented during repair and integrated into constantly improving the already stellar quality of the bags. The time it can take to do these repairs doesn’t always add up, but GORUCK wants to know where things went wrong. They also staunchly believe that gear gets better with age and experience;   realizing it’s easy to get attached to gear you’ve beat the hell out of.

Goruck SCARS


When a bag comes in it goes into the capable hands of Clay Tempel, the resident repair specialist, who personally evaluates and documents each piece. Always keeping in mind that many of the owners are pretty sentimental about their bags, he makes a decision on the feasibility of repair. If for instance the bag has gone through a motorcycle crash, (this isn’t uncommon for GORUCK to see) it might be time for retirement and a replacement. But most things can and will be repaired.

Goruck SCARS

Goruck SCARS

Goruck SCARS

After confirming a repair is needed, it’s time to get cutting and sewing. Once completed, the bag is boxed up (sometimes with a few goodies that may or may not exist) and shipped back to the eagerly awaiting owner. The repairs range far and wide, as do the stories behind them, but each one is a testament to a company doing business in an inspiring way. GORUCK cares about their customers and the experience(s) they have using their products. Buy a GORUCK bag and you’re part of a community.

Goruck SCARS

Editor-in-Chief’s Note: Jon currently lives a semi-nomadic life with his girlfriend traveling North America in a camper van of their own design. If he’s not hiking, climbing, waterskiing, or attempting to surf you’ll probably find him playing with a camera. You can follow along with his antics on Instagram.

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  • redraven88

    I have a GR2 and an SD25 in multicam and these bags have never let me down. I use the SD25 for work as it is smaller and the GR2 is a beast and let’s me weight train like a Viking. These bags are of epic design and quality and my only regret is that I don’t own more. Anyone needing a pack to put in work should look at the rucks available from GORUCK because their company is 100% American and they stand behind their products.
    Some of my friends say their bags are too expensive and they aren’t budget prices but let’s look at it this way: I make minimum wage and I bought 2 bags about 4 months apart AND I never have to buy another one unless I just want to. So ask yourself what that is worth and then go get a GORUCK pack. As you can see in the article, these bags are meant for heavy use and they’re ready repair yours when you beat the shit out of it. I cant recommend them enough. Pay attention to the specs to make sure to get the right size pack for your frame or usage and look at the events they have on their website: there’s something for everyone there. Have a great weekend everyone!

  • gw812

    EDC’d a GORUCK SD15 for a year now. Most solid bag I’ve owned. I WISH they’d set up a custom service – I’ve got the design of my ideal travel duffle but want their workmanship and that guarantee.

  • moosemudder

    I use a GR1 everyday and have the brick bag, 80lb sandbag, and civy kit bag and love every single one of them.  They are on the high side but its made here in the states and the quality is the best I have seen.  So far after 2 tough mudder events and one goruck light challenge my gr1 still looks new.  For how well they are built one has to go to extreme measures to use the scars service.  If you need to justify the purchase, the average purse costs more plus it comes with a lifetime warranty when nothing else does.

  • Michael

    I have several GORUCK products.  Have the GR1, GR2, civi kit, and their duffels.  Having had more bags in my life than I should ever admit to, I wish these bags had been on the market 20 plus years ago.  I could have saved myself thousands of dollars over that time span.  These bags are simple, work well, and will last me at least the next 20 years.  My only problem now is that I keep finding reasons to need yet another for specific jobs.  I would love to pick up an ECHO next but they are never seem to be in stock.

  • GargoylesUS

    sentenced1979 Awesome! Which style do you have in there?

    • sentenced1979

      GargoylesUS The Classics U0001f60a Black/Black Ice. I just had to get a pair.

    • GargoylesUS

      sentenced1979 Good choice! Just seen them in your profile pic – keep your eyes out later this year, we’re bringing them back!

    • sentenced1979

      GargoylesUS I love these glasses! U0001f44d Classics and Novus in particular.
      Should get the 85’s for my son. U0001f601

    • GargoylesUS

      sentenced1979 Thanks for the compliment! 85’s will also be part or the relaunch so you could buy a pair for yourself and your son!

    • sentenced1979

      GargoylesUS I might just do that. U0001f44d When is the launch? U0001f60a

    • GargoylesUS

      sentenced1979 No definitive date yet, this summer is our target. DM us your email to be added to the Classics & 85’s email list for updates

    • sentenced1979

      GargoylesUS Thank you for the retweet. U0001f44d DM sent.

  • patrickj1962

    The sewing machine he uses, what is it please? I am looking to do some sewing for a product I am developing and having issues with regular ones like Brother and such.

    [email protected]

  • ChristopherTonstad

    Got my GR2 as a Christmas gift, and motivation to do GRC class 1075 (I told my wife if you get this for me, I’ll do the event). I was Med Dropped due to re-aggravating a previous knee injury, but the GR2 is my EDC pack for my laptop. I have a bunch of the field pockets, 40 lb. sand bag, brick bag, and a bunch of other stuff from GORUCK. I love the product. I respect all of the people behind the product. GORUCK gear is top notch and can not be beat.

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