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DIY Inexpensive Gun Magnet Mount: Conceal Your Firearm Within Arm’s Reach

By The ITS Crew

DIY Gun Magnet Project

Recently, a Reddit user created a simple DIY tutorial to make an inexpensive gun magnet mount using a few easily obtainable parts. In the process of building our own, we decided to make a few upgrades on the materials and wanted to share our results. The materials required for this DIY project ran us around $12, provided that you have a few common materials and pieces of equipment laying around.

Before we get into the construction process, here’s the upgrades we made in detail. In the original DIY, a free paint stir stick was used as the base to screw down the mount. Based on how thin these are and how prone they are to warping, we chose to purchase a wooden yardstick from Lowe’s for less than a dollar to use as the base.

DIY Gun Magnet Project

Also, the heat shrink tubing used in the original DIY was relatively thin and we found some thicker 1.1″ heat shrink tubing at a local O’Reilly Auto Parts store. A tip here is that you’ll need to ask for it at the counter, as most places don’t carry heat shrink tubing any larger than 1/2″ and this goes for Lowe’s too. There is some heat shrink tubing in 1″ diameter on Amazon, but it’s the thinner tubing. As you’ll read later in the article, the thinner tubing might be a better choice depending on what you’ll be mounting.

Materials and Tools

DIY Gun Magnet Project


Step One:

If you’re using a yard stick, an optional first step is to sand down the numbers before rounding the sharp edges. Rounding the edges is just to ensure your base doesn’t break through the heat shrink tubing. Cut your yardstick piece to 5.5″ long and test the placement of the magnets.

DIY Gun Magnet Project

Step Two:

Once your magnets are in position, centered top to bottom and left to right, glue them down with super glue. This is just to ensure they don’t shift around on the base while you’re putting them into the heat shrink tubing sleeve. Drill your mounting holes around 1/2 inch from each side with the 1/8″ drill bit and countersink the holes if you want to. While most projects look cleaner with a countersink, the purpose here is to do as much as possible to keep the heat shrink tubing from tearing when screwing the mount down.

DIY Gun Magnet Project

Step Three:

Slide the mounted magnet block into the heat shrink tubing, ensuring there’s an even amount of clearance on each side. Start the heat gun and sweep over the tubing evenly to shrink it up. A tip here is that we tried to pull the ends over the wooden board with pliers as it became pliable and while it did seem to help, it didn’t completely cover the ends as we hoped it would. Check out the video below for more details about this.

DIY Gun Magnet Project

DIY Gun Magnet Project

Step Four:

With the thicker heat shrink tubing it took some probing to find the screw holes that were drilled. Insert your screws through the heat shrink tubing so that the tip of each screw is just barely protruding, this will help you mark your mounting location. Once the mounting location is marked, use the 1/8″ drill bit again to make pilot holes for the screws. Screw down your new Magnetic Gun Mount while being careful not to over tighten the screws and rip through the heat shrink tubing. Enjoy!

DIY Gun Magnet Project

DIY Gun Magnet Project

DIY Gun Magnet Project

Video and Photo Gallery

Editor-in-Chief’s Note: We’d like to thank reddit user patrat21589 for sharing this idea.

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  • You’d have to experiment with the size of the wood strip, but an old bike inner tube should serve as well as that heat-shrink tubing and might last longer.

  • rahlquist

    Great article, one suggestion though. Use smaller magnets. 😉  Keep up the awesome work!

  • NicholasPratt1

    At Lowe’s, ask for the paint stir sticks for 5 gal buckets of paint.  They are still free, but much more substantial than the 1 gal stir sticks

  • sacRyan

    Magnets out of old hard drives could replace the others as a free alternative.  You do fully destroy your old drives right?

  • Nash

    Hey, that porcelain pistol shouldn´t stick to a magnet 😉

    Just make sure the keys in your pocket won’t stick to the holder as you pass by (and won’t destroy your magnetic garage keys, learnt from motorbike tank bags)

  • sogent843

    Hacks to a great DIY project!

    1. Maybe if you leave the heat shrink longer to extend a ways (.75 – 1 inch?) past the end then heat it you’ll end up with a sealed end to cut.

    2. If you want to go ‘all out,’ use some “plasti dip” instead of heat shrink. You can get it in different colors and have some left over to redo the handles on your tools. LOL

  • Well, that’s a great idea
    for creative minds. The real advantage for whoever wants to try this is easy
    availability of all the items that are required. Also, the picture tutorial has
    made it easier to follow the procedure flawlessly. A great guide to how one can
    make an economical gun mount without having to invest too much time, money and

  • Grover6

    Nice article.

    I see what appears to be a Gunbox rfid wrist band! Any chance of a review?

  • coastemac

    Made two today using your guide. Just wanted to thank you. I opted for a yard stick, and finding the heat shrink tubing in that size (at least in my area) was practically impossible. Finally found some 1″ at Harbor Freight. Once I trimmed down the yard stick it worked great. I even made a much heavier duty one and mounted it in my closet to hold my shotgun upright. It’s fantastic.

  • Jeff
    • MattTyrrell

      @Jeff Agreed, just ordered these today.

    • krkline33

      Magnets at Harbor freight for $2.99 a pair.

  • F1FireKing

    Doesn’t work well for larger guns. My S&W Sigma 40 barely hung on. Worked great for the dagger I keep with my gun next to the bed. The concept is sound though, just need stronger magnets or a better gun.

    Side note: bike tubes don’t shrink, just melt.

  • DesertMarine

    Love this idea!going to try plasti-dip instead of heat shrink. Anybody else try that?

  • shrkfud

    What also works great and free. Are Computer Hard drive magnets, their are stronger, slimmer and the mount its on is already per-drilled and just needs to be heat shrunk. Works great in low profile areas.

  • caad3_xtr

    Just something to think about.  The magnet will attract all ferrous material which will oxidize eventually.  It won’t cause a Glock to rust but the oxidation can discolor the metal if left for long periods of time. I love the idea of having a “ready” gun available like this.  Great idea.

  • miketinlv

    You can buy very small seriously strong magnets at sites like apex magnets inexspensively.

  • garber2007

    How strong is the retention? Thinking about putting this on the back of a door. Thoughts?

  • JoeTactical

    Tried this for my XDM and installed in my truck but it kept falling off when I drove. I bought the one below and it grips like a Mother!

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