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Sugru Self-Setting Rubber for Your Next DIY Project: The Future Needs Fixing

By Bryan Black

Sugru is an interesting product that I’ve known about for a few years now, but it wasn’t until recently that I picked some up during a past offering on Huckberry and started putting it to use.

Sugru 03

Since purchasing an 8-pack of Sugru, which contains 4 individually wrapped packs of black Sugru and 4 white, I’ve rigged up a hook on my monitor to hold my headphones, fixed a coffee cup handle that broke when I dropped it and experimented with using it for grip improvement on medical shears and even hiking poles.


Sugru is a self-setting rubber that will bond to aluminum, steel, ceramics, glass, wood and even some fabrics and plastics. Think of it as silly putty that you can hand-form into anything you want; permanently. It will cure fully in about 24 hours at room temperature and leave you with a tough (but still flexible) silicone-rubber that’s UV resistant, electrically insulating, waterproof, dishwasher safe and can withstand temperature up to 356F and down to -58F.

Sugru 01

Sugru 02

Sugru suggests that surfaces are clean, dry and free of dust/grease before applying. They also mention in the fine print that they don’t recommend hanging heavy objects with it and to pay attention to the use by date printed on each individual package.

So far, I’ve been using the coffee cup you see above with a full cup of coffee and it’s holding up perfectly. So is the hook on my monitor that holds my headphones. I’ve yet to have a failure with the ways I’ve used Sugru, but I also haven’t used it in as many applications as Sugru mentions it can be used in.

Suggested usage ideas from Sugru:

  • Add protective bumpers to your phone
  • Improve a saucepan handle
  • Add custom grips to ski poles
  • Cover fraying cables
  • Replace buttons on car key fob for an increase in tactile feel
  • Make your shoes more comfy
  • Patch holes in walking boots

The possibilities are truly endless for what Sugru might be able to do for you and your next project. Additionally, I also put together a video showing Sugru in use and how I’ve been able to use it.

If you’ve had experience with Sugru, how have you used it? If not, what are the ways that you could envision using it? I’d love to hear from you in a comment below.

Also, if you can spare a few minutes, the story and timeline of Sugru as a company is an amazing tale and one I really loved reading about. While you’re there, you can also purchase Sugru directly in a variety of offerings.

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  • Edward Taylor

    Looks like a newer form of JB Weld (

    • It’s fairly different from JB Weld, Edward. The big take home of Sugru is that it can remain flexible and stay removable. My experience with JB Weld is contrary to these properties, but there are certainly some resemblances. Thanks for the comment!

  • Rick Agostin

    Can you elaborate on “removable?” The coffee cup seems like a pretty permanent fixture, and not the kind of thing I would use as “bumpers form my iphone.”

    • Rick, as long as it’s not adhered to a porous surface it’s removable. Since the ceramic from the cup is porous, it’s been holding well. You’d be fine with using it as bumpers for your iPhone if you wanted. I did test some out on my phone and it stayed on, yet peeled off easily without leaving any residue. Hope that helps!

    • Rick Agostin

      That makes sense, thanks.

  • burntfingers

    I molded some handle covers for a gsi mug that I have ( It has worked great so far, it has withstood boiling (over my cook stove) and the dishwasher. It doesn’t seem to like fire and some parts of it are singed (some over vigorous stirring caused it to be exposed to the burner), though not too bad.

    From the picture, I put sugru on very top metal wire and the very bottom. It was a tight fit between the two handles, but is working out and the sugru has not worked loose.

    I also used it to fix a sprinkler. It’s clean out plug disappeared, so i just stuffed some sugru in there. It was a sprinkler, so the pressure was fair and it is wet. I left the sprinkler out during the winter, so I’ll see how it handled the weather. I really liked it for this application, glue of some sort might have worked, but I think I would have and to build it up over time – it may not have been stiff enough to plug the entire hole (about dime sized) in one go.

    That is great it worked on the mug, i was wondering how sticky it was – in other words how much surface area has to be stuck to create a positive lock.

  • D. Hide

    Sugru is awesome! I picked some up a year ago and the first thing I did was mold grips for my carry gun. Nice and comfy for a littler kicker now. I’ve also used it to repair vulcanized rubber, various handles, what have you. Kinda sucks that when you open a packet you gotta use the whole thing since it’s tough to store the rest. They’re always tweaking the formula though and I’m a fan, too.


  • johnyD

    Build up cheek weld on a rifle stock

  • I’ve been a long time time user of Sugru – was part of the initial pre-order shipments to the US – and love it. They only 2 failures I have had is a replacement knob on an old dryer (it stripped out from the ongoing torque but so did 2 part epoxy putty) and by trying it after the expiration date. It loses it’s pliability and adhesiveness in the package over time.
    They have improved the formula, and added additional colors, and altered the package somewhat – so it has just gotten better.
    That reminds me, I need to order some to throw in my BOB.

  • John

    Do you think Sugru could be used to mold a custom handle for a knife blade? Like a whole Sugru handle around a full tang blade?

  • Kevin Theis

    Planning to order some and try it on the grippers of our Bomb Squad Robot. The factory ones fell off and spray on rubber tool grip stuff isn’t much better. Looks like it will fit the bill.

  • Lambing

    Once it is set, can it be removed easily?

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